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Happy Christmas!

This Christmas has been a year of firsts… it’s not BB and GB’s first Christmas as such but it is the first year we have been in our little flat and therefore the first year we have had our very own Christmas tree! It’s also the first year we have spent the Christmas holidays together from start to finish… GB has joined the Bumpkin family for the first half of the holiday and then tomorrow we head back ‘dan souf’ to see his folks and spend Hogmanay in England.
I don’t know what it is about coming home at Christmas that seems different from any other time of the year but there is something really special about making that final trip of the year… especially if like me you have a long journey and a final destination that is as far away from London city life as you can get. Luckily this year has been one of the mildest in history so our journey was not affected by any treacherous snow or ice as can so often be the case. I have already succeeded in my traditional Christmas baking marathon and have made mince pies, choc truffles and toffee tarts…. mmm…
This year BB and GB also offered up their cooking services and made the Christmas dinner, again both for the first time… I opted to do starters and desserts which involved some ciabatta with smoked salmon and chive pate for appetiser, an Italian tomato and mozarrella salad to start and then for dessert an array of choices – forest fruits pavlova, chocolate pots, Christmas pudding and trifle. GB was on mains duty and did a superb job of the turkey and trimmings… all round it was an epic meal, I’m still full from the leftovers.
Of course every family has their own Christmas traditions and as this was our first Christmas together we have had to merge our ways of doing things and find a compromise. In Bumpkin land we do most of our celebrating on Christmas Eve as Ma Bumpkin comes from a Dutch family… this means a bit of a party of Christmas Eve and shock horror opening presents the night before… at first GB was horrified at this idea but I think I might just have converted him with the feast of food, constant supply of alcohol and sending him into stitches when I named Purgatory as a famous landmark in a game of Scattegories… as a compromise we opened our presents from eachother on Christmas morning meaning I really got the best of both worlds with present opening both days!
The best gift of the year had to be the awesome Christmas jumper I bought GB… a festive red knitted number with snowmen all over the front… he then got me a panda shaped onesie which provided much entertainment… thanks to GB the fabulous silver shoes I haven’t been able to stop thinking about are now back in my life, which was a lovely surprise, as is The Lion King on DVD, Just Dance 3 for the Wii, the full Harry Potter collection on Blu ray, and a professional cake icing kit!
I’m now relaxing on the sofa, glass of wine in hand, watching Shrek 2 with a full tummy… boy I love Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone, hope you have all had a great day!
I shall leave you with some pics of BB and GB’s first Christmas tree (it’s a real one!) complete with cupcake bauble for me and a gingerbread man for GB! Tomorrow we will be heading off for Christmas number 2 at the Ginger household…
Merry Christmas!

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