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Going Upmarket with Caviar

No not the food (eeuuggh!) but of course the altogether more delightful Caviar nail craze…

If you are anything like me you have probably been DYING to try the new Ciate Caviar Nail Pots for ages right??

I discovered them about a month back after seeing many a magazine and blog rave about them and thought it was just about the coolest thing I’d ever seen… 3D nails! 3D nails that look like little tiny pearls… Fabulous! I had to try it…

But of course like all good things in life they were already a total sell out and there was even a waiting list attached! You can of course buy Ciate nail polishes all over and to be honest I had never heard of the brand before this but am now more than impressed, but these caviar paint pot sets as they are called are exclusive to Selfridges London and come in three exclusive colours… black on black, white on white and rainbow on pink! (there is also a special Jubilee red, white and blue available)

I’m sure you don’t even need to ask… Of course I was going for the pink! Which in my mind was also the most fun of the three in terms of showing off the 3Dness to it’s full!

So I waited and almost forgot about them again until I found myself suddenly having a lot more time for shopping while GB was away (coincidental right?) and on a rather impulsive night of online splurging I happened upon the Selfridges site and my memory cells clinked back into order…. To my delight the holy grail was back in stock and even the £4 additional postage charge didn’t stop me bagging the pink set as quickly as my hands could fumble over the slightly overused credit card.

They arrived last weekend and immediately the £4 extra was proved entirely worth it as the packaging was FAB! The box wouldn’t fit through the letter box so I came home on the Friday night to one of those annoying yet joyful little red cards that mean you have both received an exciting package but yet can’t quite get your hands on it until the post office opens… I ashamedly mistook this red card for the arrival of my new Aldo Rise shoes (more on that later) so was initially a little disappointed when I was handed a box that was most definitely too small to contain two pairs of shoes… But the disappointment only lasted as far as opening the box and then the experience began.

Wrapped in yellow polkadot tissue and bright friendly stickers that said FAB Selfridges certainly know how to make you happy before you even get to your purchase, some clever subliminal stuff happening there I’m sure. Anyway I got to the nail set and it was just too cute… Heres what you get inside: your two nail pots, one colour, one a pot of teeny tiny little iridescent pearls (I mean really teeny tiny) a small funnel (to pour the stray ones back in when you are done) instructions on how to do it and a little tub to create the magic over- amazing!

I was so excited I couldn’t wait even a second and wanted to try them straight away, as GB was still in France for work I had a boy free weekend and I was heading out for the evening later with some friends for a girly night of dancing and drinking and could already see the oohs and ahs these nails were going to get – perfect!

Of course like anything, the first attempt is trial and error and I made a few key mistakes along the way, the main one being getting too excited and doing the nails before I was dressed, which then made it practically impossible to get dressed… Faux pah!

So I have decided to impart my wisdom with you so that when you try yours for the first time you will be able to learn from my mistakes…

So aside from the main instructions here are BB’s Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Caviar Nail (never thought I’d be saying that)…

1. First up the setting for your prep has to be right. I started off attempting it over my lap (complete no no) then ended up crouching over a small coffee table in my living room (still not ideal). I would suggest sitting upright at a table or desk, preferably white or with some white paper underneath you so that you can see the stray pearls when they go AWOL (because despite the tub there are still a few flyways!)

2. Prep your nails as best you can. I had a bright orange OPI colour on which I’d only done the day before so it was a nightmare to get off and I only had one nail varnish remover pad left (not good) so my nails still had a bit of an orange tinge when I began. Get them clean, dry, buffed and filed or whatever your regime may be but you need to have a clean slate for this.

3. Pick your timing well. The one thing I would say about this, because in grand scheme of nail art it isn’t really that difficult and doesn’t take that long, but what does take time is allowing them to fully set and just like after a manicure, you can’t really do anything practical for a good many hours… So plan it around a time when you literally can sit and not do anything strenuous for a while. I did mine in the afternoon before starting to get ready for a night out which meant I still had to make and eat dinner, shower, get my outfit on, do hair, make up etc etc all without ruining the nails which was erm… Difficult. Especially when I chose to wear tight leather leggings out which need a substantial amount of pulling on! I would suggest doing it first thing in the morning when you don’t have much on so that you can easily sit and not move for a few hours, or an hour or so before you go to bed so that it can properly set over night.

4. Ok so on to the main event. Begin by painting one coat of the pink pot over all of your nails and wait to dry. (no extra tips needed for that bit it’s fairly easy)

5. Once the first coat is dry do one nail at a time! Don’t try and rush it, it will only end in tears.

6. Paint another thicker coat of the pink pot on and then while still wet hold your nail over the little plastic tub and gently sprinkle the pearls over the nail until covered. Shake off the excess into your tub like you would a cupcake with hundreds and thousands. Don’t be afraid to shake on quite a bit to cover the nail because only enough will stick and the rest just goes into the tub to be poured back in later.

7. Gently press the pearls down slightly to set them into the polish. The key word here is gently… I had a few eek moments when I pressed too hard and took the pearls back with me when I unpressed. It’s more of a dab than a press but if a few do come off just shake a bit more on from the pot and it should still stick.

8. Wait! If you are an impatient person like me this step might be difficult but it is essential…

9. Begin the process again for the next nail and repeat until all are coated. Then wait again for it to completely dry. As always your left hand is much more difficult than your right, I would wholeheartedly suggest roping in a friend to help with this as it’s not your average manicure but you can do it on your own if you have a steady hand!

10. Once finished place your funnel over the caviar paint pot and pour the excess pearls from the tub back into your pot. I was worried that these wouldn’t last long but surprisingly I had hardly used anything after the first go!

But do beware… You think you have scooped them all up but you do still find them everywhere, on your clothes, on the carpet, in your mouth (they ain’t edible FYI) but they are tiny so it’s not a massive problem!

And here is my finished result! I absolutely LOVED it! Not only did it look totally scrumptious, like having cake decorated nails, it was also absolutely 3D and the different colours of the rainbow pearls reflected the light wherever I went.

It did indeed receive lots of oohs and ahs on the night out from strangers as well as friends, despite the slight smudging of a few after trying to pull the leather trews on, and the temptation to pose like the girl in the picture after a few drinks was just too much!

I now want to buy the sets in every colour and start experimenting with them. I am thinking the black caviar on top of a metallic nail could look great and mixing the black and white beads over a bright colour for a monochrome look would be fab (if a little more difficult to do).

Having never tried Ciate nail polish before I am now a complete convert and these will be coming out again and again but only for special occasions so that I can keep it for as long as possible. It doesn’t come cheap at £18 but you would easily pay that for a manicure and effectively this is what you are getting only much much cooler!

The only tiny downside is that it doesn’t last long, but this is mainly because it’s just too fun to start picking the beads off and once you start you really can’t stop!

I loved it and it was actually much easier to do than I originally thought it would be… So if you want to try it you can buy the sets here, it’s back in stock people but probably not for long so get in there quick!

If you have tried the caviar nail I’d love to see how it turned out!




They look fantastic! Remind me a bit of dinkie cakes – with the frosting on top! I really want to try this now I’ve seen your post, how long do they stay on really, without picking them off 😉

Bumpkin Betty

They last about 48 hours I’d say completely intact and then the beads start to fall off a bit but you could probably keep them on a few days and it would still look good! It’s also a good excuse not to do any housework because you literally can’t do anything with them on haha!


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