Going Goth at 26

On Sunday night I dyed my hair jet black and took the kitchen scissors to my fringe… As I stood peering at myself in the dye splattered mirror in my dimly lit bathroom wondering how the hell you are supposed to avoid getting bits of hair stuck to your eyeballs without closing your eyes and trimming with some sort of imaginary precision, I did feel as if I had been transported back in time about 12yrs to relive my rebel/ goth phase.

So why you may ask was I in such a situation in the first place? What sort of horrific events had led me to this exact spot where I was forced to revert to my former teenage self? Perhaps I witnessed a murder and needed to disguise myself so as not to be embroiled further into the saga by the evil killers? Perhaps I am playing a dark character in a new hit play? Perhaps I looked so good as a redhead that the official redhead police ordered me to change it for fear of natural redheads being unable to live up to such high standards… Perhaps perhaps perhaps… OR… Perhaps I had a shitty day at work and decided on a bit of whim that I needed a ‘new look’.

Sadly it is the latter and I have now depressed myself at how un – interesting my life actually is… So dying my hair jet black on a whim? Am I crazy? Well yes…  two days down the line it would appear that I am in fact crazy as I now have gothic hair and an uneven fringe to contend with… Meetings this week have been interesting to say the least.

The problem with a ‘new look’ is that usually the look we had in the first place was our look because it suited us the most and however much we try to be something or someone else, we usually end up right back where we started… I know this because I have tried every look under the sun, whether it suits me or not! Despite my above statement I’m all for experimentation… In fact I champion it… I don’t envy people who have managed to maintain a perfect yet boring glossy hairstyle for 20yrs and look fabulously sophisticated in a simple black pencil dress but have never even tried on a pair of crazy printed palazzo pants. I may look back and think I looked ridiculous in those crazy pants but at the time they rocked… 

Now you may think I am contradicting myself here- but trust me I am not! I DO believe that everyone has their own style and even though we may try to recreate a Rihanna undercut or a Gaga bubble dress – ultimately if its not really us – its not really going to work! HOWEVER and it is a big however… I DON’T believe that such knowledge means we shouldn’t try! In fact the opposite – as that is where the fun comes in! Wouldn’t life be dull if we never had to turn up to a meeting with goth hair or arrive on the beach with streaky fake tan or proudly flaunt our new feather trend at the supermarket? Fashion is there to be experimented with, otherwise we would all shop in M&S and be done with it!

So only two nights after the goth look was instigated I have found myself staring into the same dye splattered mirror (this time with choc brown spots instead of black) attempting to bring my hair one shade closer to normality… But do I regret it? No… Because I have now learned that I do not suit black hair – something to do with warm tones and cool tones – I have pale skin so need warm hair tones to lift my skintone, cool tones only make me look paler (and more goth like) I’m pretty sure I already knew that, in fact I’m sure I did… But at the precise moment that I stood scanning the many different shades in Boots when it was closing in five mins and I was desperate for a wee, I had had a shitty day at work and somehow my vision of me as Dita von Teese was the perfect remedy to all my problems… As it turns out I look nothing like Dita von Teese and do not have her flair for sultry fashion so after two days of painting on excess amounts of black gel eyeliner and ruby red lipstick and fighting against my floral playsuits and vintage blouses (isn’t it funny how a change of hair style or colour requires a complete wardrobe overhaul) I have decided my ‘new look’… Just isn’t me.

Although it might have to be for a bit longer if only for the fact that black isn’t the easiest colour to get rid of! Well at least it’s an excuse to shop for new clothes… Dita as my inspiration!


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