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Going Blonde with Sassoon Salons… Part II

How to go from Red to Blonde Hair, Bumpkin Betty
If you caught my last few outfit posts you’ll probably have noticed by now that I have indeed been back for more highlighting fun and have gone another step closer to my blonde ambitions.

Back at the start of June (yup it’s taken me that long to get this post up – bad blogger alert) I found myself once again in the salon chair under the trustworthy and ever talented hands of my colourist Ben and the folks at Sassoon Salons.
Unlike my first visit and first foray into the blonde world, this time I wasn’t at all nervous – if anything excited! Ben had done such a good job of tackling my faded Florence locks first time around, that I had no doubt my second session would be no different and only see me even happier with the colour results. Although I’d started to get used to my- in between colours- auburn shade, after two and a half months of being- not quite a redhead, not quite a blondie- I was more than ready to take the next step and up the (bleach) ante.
While my first visit to Sassoon was more focused on toning down the red tones subtly and blending them in to an all over lighter base which could put me on the right track to go blonder, this visit had one and only one objective – to banish the red entirely and make me blonde!
How to go from Red to Blonde Hair, Bumpkin Betty


With my first attempt I really had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know how light I could go or whether it would even suit me, but this time I felt like I’d done the hard part and all that was left was to take it to the next level. I didn’t bat an eyelid when Ben mentioned swapping the reddish brown colour for a dark blonde and adding a white blonde element in, I was super chilled throughout the whole process and didn’t even worry when the foils started being removed (usually my point of panic when I can’t see what’s going on). I threw in a few mentions of lighter, lighter, lighter and I finally want to see a blondie looking back at me, and then sat back, had a cuppa, read Vogue and generally chilled as the sunshine shone through the windows around me.

How to go from Red to Blonde Hair, Bumpkin BettyHow to go from Red to Blonde Hair, Bumpkin Betty

Despite my chilled demeanour however, I really couldn’t have predicted just how subtle, natural and soft a colour I would leave the salon with. Although after my very first consultation, I was a little unsure as to whether I’d made the right decision going for a gradual build up of highlights rather than a quick fix all over bleach, I’m now so glad I made the more sensible decision. It’s not at all like me if I’m honest – I’m generally impulsive and impatient when it comes to things such as this and once I’ve decided on something, want it to happen right that very second – so this decision is very out of character (maybe this is what happens when you reach your late twenties?) and probably all but aided by the resounding and genuine advice from the Sassoon team. It was sound advice too, as I don’t think I had realised just what bad condition my hair was in following the year long red abuse and more bleach just wouldn’t have done it any favours. Even though I’ve had to change my haircare routine significantly to combat the damage of the highlights (you can read about my current favourite products and routine here), on the whole it’s still soft and manageable most days and I know much muchbetter than it would have been had I opted for the hardcore bleach route.

If you’re thinking of a colour change yourself, I’d definitely recommend getting a consultation and advice from experts such as the folks at Sassoon before you go ahead with anything as they’ll be able to honestly advise you on the issues you might come up against. As much as I loved my flame red hair, I think if someone had told me how much work it would be to get rid of beforehand, I might never have gone ahead.

How to go from Red to Blonde Hair, Bumpkin BettyHow to go from Red to Blonde Hair, Bumpkin BettyHow to go from Red to Blonde Hair, Bumpkin Betty

I’m really pleased with my current shade, it feels summery and light, yet natural and non brassy at the same time, which was always a worry for me going such a stark contrast from my natural colour. I also got a lovely cut from Mario at the Covent Garden salon after my colour, who managed to take my jumble of Pinterest pics and nonsensical words and create exactly the kind of choppy layered style I was aiming for. Not quite graduated but not all one length, choppy and textured to add movement but still enough length to be able to create different looks day to day.

How to go from Red to Blonde Hair, Bumpkin Betty

I’m still not sure whether I’ll stay on the light side forever, lately I’ve been looking at old photographs and hankering for my natural colour once again (typical me!!) but for now I’m enjoying the summer in my lighter locks and experimenting with new styles, colours and fashions to boot. 

When the finished result was revealed to me in the mirror, I just smiled and said ‘Finally I feel like a blondie’ – mission accomplished!
Sassoon are currently running a summer competition on their Facebook page for one person to win a cut, colour, luxury treatment and bunch of products, it’s really easy to enter check it out here and get involved.

Sassoon Salon
45A Monmouth Street

For appointments call: +4420 7240 6635


*I was given a complimentary visit to Sassoon Salons in order to write this review, but as always the opinions are all my own.*


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