Girl Crushes and Design Dilemma’s

So with yesterday’s announcement that Emma Watson is to design for People Tree and today’s confirmation that Alexa Chung is creating a range for Wellmade… I got to thinking about this recent trend for Celebrity ‘Designers’…

Personally I think it’s rather cheeky when celebs take the label ‘Fashion Icon’ and run with it when the reality is they have an army of stylists taking charge of their every move AND they get given freebies left, right and centre from all the best design houses. It doesn’t require much fashion knowledge or flair to put on a Chanel dress now does it…yes Emma Watson I’m talking to you…
But when they start to call themselves designers just because they happen to enjoy clothes… well that’s just plain rude!!
So given my stance on this matter I am as surprised as you that I am currently salivating over many of Victoria Beckham’s recent dress designs. On the whole I don’t really have a problem with VB as a Fashion Icon… she takes risks, clearly has a bit of fashion blood running through her veins and I think we can all admit that she definitely does set trends, being the first to wear wet look leggings last year, making everyone cut all their hair off not so long ago and single handedly bringing back the trench coat of late.
But as a designer? I’ll admit I was dubious. When it was only jeans and sunglasses, it kind of made sense from the point of view of the ex chav spice girl WAG we all knew and loved… but sophisticated figure flattering evening dresses? Well that had even my open to anything fashion head swimming… BUT it seems 3 seasons in our Vic has well and truly stolen the heart of the fashion world and now everyone from Carol Vorderman to Drew Barrymore has been seen sporting her designs… could she now finally be credible?
What secured it for me however was the whisper that a certain Gossip Girl would be fronting her latest campaign! And seeing Blake Lively in her designs both on and off the show has made me finally openly admit my VB lust… I have a huge girl crush on Blake, she somehow manages the impossible of showing off acres of skin while still remaining subtle and sophisticated… and she really can wear anything! I’d like to throw in at this point that on the facebook quiz ‘which gossip girl are you’ I came out as Serena Van Der Woodsen… oh yes! (thank you very much)
Anyway back to VB…What seems to be the most appealing factor about her dresses are that stick thin Victoria has actually created pieces that are flattering to all figures. When Carol Vorderman and Victoria both wore the same grey peplum dress, it produced an abundance of comparison columns, but they both looked great… in completely different ways.
In a similar trend both curvaceous Jennifer Hudson and the Tall slim Blake Lively have worn the same Black 3/4 Sleeve Mini recently… Who wore it best? Well I’m still with Blake on this one but Jennifer is rockin’ it too…
Gosh I really want that dress….
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