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Jing The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time, Jing Tea, Bumpkin BettyIf someone could wrap up time and give it to me as a gift this Christmas I would be grabbing it with both hands and clutching on for dear life. Time has been going far faster than I would ideally like in the last little while and before I’ve even truly understood what’s happening I’ve found myself at the 9th of Dec – approaching Christmas and the start of a new year, a year which could possibly include my wedding – without being in the least bit prepared for the events that lie ahead of me.

With that in mind, I don’t know why I’m jumping straight to thoughts of people buying me Christmas presents because really it’s the other side of the coin I should be worrying about, having not yet bought a single item for any of my friends or family. Time is therefore a gift that’s been in my thoughts a lot, both with regards to how I can get more of the stuff myself, and also how I can give more of mine to others, without compromising on my sanity completely.

Time to think, time to talk, time to read, time to catch up, time to drink a good cup of tea that isn’t rushed on route to a meeting or swallowed mid work deadline. That my friends, is a gift. When you add a beautiful glass mug and make the tea a tasty infusion of Assam Earl Grey and Natural Rose Bud, you’re talking a five star gift.

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Jing Solo Tea Set

This is the concept that the wonderful people behind Jing Tea have come up this Christmas, with their Christmas tea set (all beautifully wrapped in luxe gold paper and boxed in swish packaging) being about so much more than just a teabag and a kettle. Working from home for the majority of my week, has taught me one vital lesson. Without my slight addiction to tea forcing me to, I might otherwise never take a break. For me, the making of a cuppa has in itself come to signify a break in my day. A chance to stop, take five and step away from the computer screen. Of course my usual form of break is me pacing around the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil, then swishing a teabag around the cup in a hurried fashion, before scuttling back to my desk and answering that email, cup in hand.

jing teas, Bumpkin bettyRose bud Tea, Bumpkin BettyBest Tea Varieties, Bumpkin BettyJing Tea Christmas Gifts, Bumpkin BettyJing Tea, Bumpkin Betty Food and Lifestyle BlogBut when it comes to the making of a Jing cup of tea, hurrying, pacing and scuttling are simply not words used to describe this process. With Jing, time is needed and time is rewarded. Their endless arrays of tea varieties, everything from black to green to scented, are lovingly sourced, collected and edited into luxury gold re-sealable packets which not only make you feel like a tea connoisseur when you bring them out in front of friends, but also make your regular cardboard box of teabags seem ridiculously boring. The brewing of the tea invokes the same quality – their tea set comes complete with a beautiful continental glass mug, glass holder for the tea leaves which sits inside, tiny slats around the edge releasing just the right amount of the flavour, and a lid to keep the steam in for your chosen brew time. What really sets this kit apart though, and makes it a gift to remember, is the glass egg timer – ensuring you really do take two minutes (or longer depending on how strong you like your tea) out of your busy schedule to enjoy this tea at its best. I love herbal teas, but have a habit of only ever drinking them when I’m out at a restaurant or hotel. At home I get terribly impatient and faffing around with tea leaves, strainers and pots just seems like more hassle than the cup at the end is worth. The Jing set however, reduced that whole process to a simple and most enjoyable activity. Everything was dealt with in one cup (no teapots or strainers in sight), watching the tea transform before your eyes in the glass mug is exhilirating and the enjoyment of the drink at the end of it? Well let’s just say you can’t help but stop, take five and simply relax, so intoxicating is the flavour. I was so taken by the idea, I didn’t even go back to answer that email before repeating the whole process again.

A good cup of tea, Bumpkin BettyHome brewed tea, Top Lifestyle Blog, Bumpkin BettyIt’s really easy to let time pass you by without really appreciating the value of taking some of it to yourself, and that’s something I’m definitely guilty of. My Jing tea set will be the reminder I need to take a breather every once in a while.

So why not give someone the gift of time this Christmas, whether it’s time to themselves or time with you, those moments spent away from the hustle and bustle of life to simply be, are precious to everyone. And all that’s needed to find them is a good cuppa!

How about you? Are you guilty of not taking time out to yourself?

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