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Getting Dressed with a GIF… The LFW Edition

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Wearing vintage blouse from eBay, Skirt, jumper, jacket, bag and necklace all H&M, Trainers Ash.

You won’t see me do many outfit posts… Not because I’m some disapproving, up on my high horse kind of blogger who thinks its all posing and pouting and no integrity… On the contrary actually, I’d love to be able to do more. Some of my favourite blogs feature amazing photography and amazing style and gorgeous souls such as Sandra, Jen, Charlie and Shini, not forgetting Leandra of course are my constant source of inspiration.

But it’s just not me… I’m no style blogger and I’m definitely no model. I hate being in front of the camera and as a result of my dislike for it, it hates me just as much.

I blame my parents. They have passed on the unphotogenic gene to me (sorry Ma and Pa but it’s true) my Mum refuses to even look at a camera and my Dad insists on making a funny face… I guess I’ve learned the art of somewhere in between…

Of course like everyone I’ve tried to perfect my camera look, I’ve posed in front of the mirror and analysed my face, I’ve found my good side, I know what angle I need to be at and how my hair needs to sit, I know I need to not smile and look piercingly from one eye into the camera lens to avoid blinking… I know all of this but yet it doesn’t seem to help. Instead I just avoid the camera until a suitable hour when I can get drunk, made stupid faces and hope for the best. Overall my inabiity to take a good photo doesn’t impact on my day to day life that much.

Until it comes to blogging that is… When I was anonymous I had an excuse, I could hide behind my persona and let the writing do the talking. But now it’s different, people want to see as well as read… And I want to show as well as tell.

Sometimes I have an idea that I want to share, sometimes I stumble across something great, sometimes I’m unsure whether something really works on me and sometimes my shoes are just totally rad!

And in my head it looks good, in my head it looks Sandra good, all gorgeous backgrounds and flowing hair, up close details and mid motion shots.

But let’s face it I’m never going to be a Sandra, or a Jen, Charlie, Shini or Leandra… And sometimes you just got to work with what you got…

You may have seen a few outfit snaps on my Fashion Week posts (it’s the first time I’ve ever put my outfits on the blog before and I cringe just thinking about it so please be kind) because I think what I wore during Fashion Week is an important part of documenting my days and what I look for when I read other people’s blogs… But it also didn’t come easy.

You may have noticed that I adopted the classic blogger pose of looking at my feet and acting like I really need to pee… and I hope that you also noticed that I’m not being entirely serious when doing so.

So in light of my recent daliance with style blogging I have decided that from time to time I may document my outfit and because I’m never going to achieve the Sandra look, I’m going to do so with a tongue and cheek approach and use a Gif…

I’m fairly new to the Gif party and I realise other people have been doing it for ages but it really is a clever tool… It only rests on a photo for a brief second meaning I can pull as many silly faces as I like and don’t have to worry about getting the right angle as it’ll be gone in a flash anyway! Genius!

As my Fashion Week outfits all tended to follow the same basic theme I decided to start with that…
1. Take 1 colourful blouse
2. Wear over a short skirt of varying type
3. Add a slouchy jumper over the blouse
4. Accessorise with jewellery, most importantly neck candy

I’ve picked my favourite outfit of the week (Day 2) and for your viewing delight here is my first getting dressed Gif!

Be kind…


P.S I realise LFW was like forever ago now… but while the taking photos for the Gif took place during LFW, the actual making of the Gif got relegated to the ‘will do when I get back from holiday’ pile…

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