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I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with knitwear. Big, massive, wooly, fluffy, cover your whole body types float my boat. Growing up in Scotland they were a vital ingredient to my wardrobe all year round so it was hard not be obsessed with them.

Up until recently I was of the opinion that a cheaper alternative could always be found on the highstreet. I bought wooly cable knits from Primark, I’d buy the same £14.99 H&M jumper in three different colours to see me through and I’d adopt GB’s Uniqlo V necks as my own oversized friends.

I still do all of those things of course but it took the arrival of one very special piece of knitwear this season to change my opinion on wooly matters completely. This winter I got my very first cashmere jumper, courtesy of the gorgeous ethical knitwear label Muriée… and it may just have changed my life.

So here in the second of my Getting Dressed series is my journey in knitwear through my current wooly wardrobe staples.


1. The cheap and cheerful one- Primark
I really wanted a red jumper this winter, maybe subconsciously I wanted to look like Santa on Christmas day, I’m not sure, but either way it was incredibly difficult to find. Burgundy was everywhere but bright jolly red, nowhere to be seen. This oversized one looks great over shirts, is big enough to cover my derrière and has a very subtle dip dye effect. It was only £14.99 and I’ve worn it lots already so if I was counting cost per wear I’d already have my money back.

2. The ‘looks more expensive than it is’ one- H&M
When I was looking for something that was luxe yet would also keep me cosy for my press days last month this fluffy jumper was an easy buy. First up the colour really jumped out at me, it a gorgeous rich teal. Secondly it feels glorius, people couldn’t stop touching me, I was like a real life teddy bear. It also has a great neckline for showing off statement jewels, has a stretchy lycra feel to it which means I can easily wear it cropped with skirts (like in the gif) or pull it down long over jeans. It gets the classic ‘Oh Really?’ reaction every time I tell people it’s H&M!

3. The Middle of the range one – Monsoon (similar one here)
I hardly ever shop in Monsoon but I have a friend who works there, and sometimes it pays to have friends in fashionable places as they can introduce you to things you wouldn’t have otherwise considered. This came through the genius that is my friends staff discount card and has been a surprising hit. It’s a good shape, a colour I wouldn’t have chosen but seems to go with everything and I’ve been really impressed with the quality. Monsoon might not be your first choice on the high street but their knitwear is one of their best attributes.

4. The stolen from your boyfriend one- Uniqlo
Uniqlo merino wool v neck jumpers are really good. I would be quite happy to own one in every shade. But I didn’t discover this fact until after I had bought GB one in an attempt to smarten him up a bit. I much prefer the oversized look that a men’s style offers on me. So much so that it’s now a fight most days over who can wear it and some mornings I hear GB cursing me when he finds it in my wash pile. Share and share alike hey?

5. The vintage one
This was a crimbo present from GB a couple of years ago and remains a favourite for me come every winter. I simply love penguins… More so than any other animal they just make me happy! I blame Happy Feet. It may make me look like a child from the 80’s (which I am) but as soon as I put this jolly fellow on I feel like smiling!

6. And finally the game changer- the luxury one- Muriée
And here it is, last but by no means least, the beautiful cashmere that is most certainly the biggest piece of luxury I own.

Before this knit I never really saw the attraction off spending a lot of money on only one item. Surely spending the same amount and getting five items made more logical sense? Yet perhaps there are certain pieces in life which do deserve to be the only one of their kind in your wardrobe. Maybe they deserve to be special… And if so, this jumper would be one of them, it has made me realise why people covet a true piece of cashmere. In the same way as once you’ve eaten a burger from Burger and Lobster you can’t ever see yourself visiting Mcdonalds again, once you’ve tried cashmere there is no going back.

I mean it’s soft. Like really really soft, so soft in fact that when I put it on I never want to take it off. It immediately becomes like an incredibly luxe second skin.

It’s become my go to Monday jumper as on those dark depressing mornings when all you want to do is pull the duvet in closer, it wraps me in a protective cocoon ready to take on whatever the day may throw at me. In a similar logic it’s also become my go to Friday jumper when after a week of dressing up I no longer have energy for anything other than comfort. It also serves as a great weekend jumper when I’m lounging around the house but don’t want to put on the heating. And that only leaves three days and I’m pretty sure it could also quite easily become my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday jumper if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m too scared to wash it and risk losing it’s incredible softness.

It’s not only the softness though (if that didn’t convince you enough) its also just beautiful. It’s a lovely oatmeal colour with little pink dipped sleeves. (I mean could it be any more up my street?) and a perfect shape that doesn’t cling anywhere and falls at the perfect length.

And that’s not even all (I know!) this jumper also has a heart. If there was any guilt at all attached to it’s price tag, that is immediately disregarded as simply by wearing it I am automatically a better person! The brand is totally ethical, meaning that these pieces are all dyed from natural ingredients such as berries and tea leaves, manufactured in the most eco friendly ways and made from the finest natural materials (helped along the way with some Shetland water).

What’s not to love seriously? So the lovely people behind Muriee have opened my eyes and taught me that sometimes quality comes above quantity and in some cases it pays to pay a bit more…


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