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Five Things of the Week | Stripes, Sailing and Street Art

Boden striped t-shirt, Bumpkin BettyThis week has been so incredibly busy, I feel as if I’ve not even pressed pause for one single second of it. And I fear the next couple of weeks of August are going to be exactly the same as I’m heading off on part 1 of my Hen Do (or #JacDo as we’re calling it) next Friday and Eurostarring it to my favourite city, Paris, before a busy week of work and then a trip back up to Scotland at the end of the month. Whew!

One step at a time as they say, and firstly – it’s Friday, it’s time for a five things post and a little chance for me to reflect on the last week and what I got up to amidst all that busy-ness. I’m thinking back to last weekend (our only free weekend in what has felt like forever and will be forever) where we spent a lovely day celebrating our anniversary and it honestly feels as if it was 6 months ago, not 6 days!

Here’s a few of my favourite moments from the week that was…


Well first things first – let’s all just have a collective HELLO to Friday, and of course to my new, rather adorable if I do say so myself, Breton tee from Boden. I treated myself to this ahead of my Paris trip next weekend as I couldn’t think of anything better to wear as I arrive into Gard Le Nord. It’s been a few years since my last visit to Paris and I simply can’t wait to go back and soak it all up. Sometimes, you just want to say hello right?

Uniqlo summer style, Bumpkin Betty
2. Boat trippin’ down the Thames

Six years in London and we’ve never been on a Thames river boat cruise! Shocking I know, but when you become a Londoner rather than a London visitor, those things are rarely on your agenda anymore. Last Saturday though, we spent the day playing tourist in our own city once again for our anniversary, which was rather fitting considering that we met at The BFI bar on the South Bank and were both fairly new to London at that time. Challenged by Uniqlo to have a mini holiday in our own city, we set about doing a few of the things we’d never done before – one being the Thames tour, the other being visiting the Tower of London and finally ending with a slap up meal at a restaurant we’d never visited. More on our adventure to come next week, and a better look at my Summer in the city outfit. But how chic is this stripy dress?

Gluten free pancakes, Bumpkin Betty
3. Sunday pancakes

Sunday arrived and so did a horrid cold, which lingered for the rest of the week and made a busy week that much more tiring. But luckily Sunday was already scheduled in to be a lazy day (something I wasn’t really sure existed anymore) and with GB out at work, I found my sofa spot, indulged in some pancake making (gluten and lactose free and still delish) and finished off some wedding DIY tasks while watching cheesy movies on Netflix – bliss.

Street Art tour East London, Bumpkin Betty
4. Street Art tour

Tuesday evening saw me partake in a very interesting event with a bunch of other fab lifestyle bloggers and, despite the rain, tour around East London in search of iconic street art. We were challenged with road testing the new Nokia Lumia 930 phone and its camera capabilities (full review post coming soon) and led around the streets of Shoreditch to be introduced to all of the wonderful art (both legal and illegal, commissioned and non commissioned) that we’ve probably all walked past a thousand times and either not noticed or not known enough about. All finished with a FEAST at Pizza East (accidental rhyming).

Victorias Secret bikinis, Bumpkin Betty
5. Honeymoon shopping

Yup shopping for my honeymoon has indeed begun, but in my defence bikinis are currently on sale and will probably be few and far between come December so… Plus it is the ultimate antidote to wedding stresses right? I haven’t been on a sunshine filled holiday in SO long… so long(!!), So my bikini collection was really dire. I decided to treat myself to this set from Victoria’s Secret and then fretted over the sizing conversions the whole time I waited for it to arrive, but luckily it works and I love it. Now just to figure out what to wear on the other 25 days hey?

A working weekend beckons once again and then a few days of Paris prep to fit in around other freelance projects, as well as an invite designing date with my bro and another dress appointment – why are there not more days in the week??

I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead!


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