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Five Things of the Week | Roses, Macarons and Smoothies

Debenhams Orange Roses, Bumpkin BettyHello there Friday my old friend. You’re not quite as sweet this week as you usually are as I’m facing a working weekend for one of my clients, but I’ll welcome you and your heatwave with open arms all the same.

Yup here we are at Friday again, aren’t the weeks just flying in? Just me? Ok then. I hope all of my fellow London dwellers have been soaking up the sun today, I made sure I got at least an hour away from my desk to enjoy it, especially seeing as I’ll miss most of the heatwave that’s set to engulf us over the next two days, while stuck inside an office. This week’s been another busy one and I’m still a little baffled that my iPhone calendar is telling me it’s June but here’s a little of what’s been happening.

Ginger Roses

I popped along to the Debenhams Autumn Winter press day last week, which was a gorgeously edited collection set amongst to-die-for Autumn details. I don’t know whether I was more excited about all the wedding styling inspo I was getting or the clothes themselves but either way it had me coveting cold crisp days crunching through the leaves on the ground. As a little gift the press team treated us all to a bunch of flowers from their flower market while there and I immediately gravitated towards these ginger stems. You see, I’ve rather reluctantly agreed to orange being one of the colours in our wedding colour scheme. It’s GB’s favourite shade (well he isn’t called Ginger Boy for nothing) and subjecting him to an entirely pink theme didn’t seem quite right, so from the off orange and pink were our crowning colours (we’ve since thrown others into the mix to keep things from looking too comedy don’t worry). As I’ve been on my confetti making mission the last couple of months however I have searched high and low for roses which could give us a hint of orange petals and constantly been left disappointed. Our current confetti mix is most definitely wrongly proportioned on the pink/orange scale. So upon spotting these beauties at Debenhams I was on it. So much so that I ended up excitedly telling the poor florist all about my plight, even though I’m sure she just wanted to pack them and see me off. So here they are, the first orange addition to a very pink wedding confetti collection.

Coast Red Jumpsuit, Bumpkin Betty
Changing room selfies

I’m sometimes sad that changing room selfies (or any type of mirror selfie for that matter) aren’t really a thing anymore as I kind of love them. Not the posing in the changing room part but the – to buy or not to buy – feedback part. I posted this pic while trying on this red jumpsuit in Coast to get a little advice about how and when I could wear it (I was considering wearing it to a family wedding and worrying it might be too much) and you guys were brilliant!! You came to my rescue quicker than I could have ever hoped for and I think it’s been one of my most commented on pics for a long time. Suffice to say, you were all mega enablers and I left the shop with the jumpsuit in tow, but it was super helpful to get a bit of extra advice. Sometimes you just need a second opinion right? Or the opinions of half your Instagram following (all of whom say nice things and give you a changing room confidence boost). Bring back changing room selfie’s I say!

Savse Smoothies
Savse Smoothies

I’ve been trying out these smoothies from Savse this week, and as someone who is not a huge smoothie fan (shocker I know but they’re sometimes just too much for me – all that pulp and thickness and creaminess) I’ve been really pleasantly surprised. Turns out these aren’t really like other smoothies, as they use nothing but pure fruit and vegetables and are 100% natural. At first this might baffle you, it did me, and raise the question – aren’t all smoothies 100% natural? Well Savse deliberately add nothing to their blends, not even water, so you get all the goodness of your five a day (one of these counts for one y’know!). If you’re a fan of Nutri Bullet et al then these will be for you. After my recent juicing experience, I wasn’t sure I’d like all the flavours as I had an aversion to anything with beetroot in during that challenge and celery tended to overpower most juices, but the Savse smoothies definitely didn’t have that pungent celery taste. My favourite was without a doubt the Super orange with mango, apple and passionfruit thrown in, and I have to admit I still wasn’t keen on the Super Purple or Blue due to the beetroot, but actually the combinations of fruit and veg made them all really easy to drink. I also love their branding, and I’m a sucker for a good bit of branding. P.S if you’re wondering about the name. It’s pronounced Sav-say and it means cold pressed, clever huh?

M&S jewellery, Bumpkin Betty
Thumbs Up

After talking about my jewellery collection only a few days ago, here I am adding another new piece to it already. This little thumbs up necklace was a little treat at the M&S press days a few weeks back and I couldn’t help but fall for the cute slogan of it. It’s slightly longer than most of my other current necklaces so sits alongside them for a double layered look. What do you think? Do you give it the thumbs up? ho ho ho!

Laduree Macarons London
Blogger cliche’s

And finally, I’ve rounded off today with the biggest blogger cliche around – a box of Laduree Macarons. I ended this Friday afternoon with a meeting at the Covent Garden tea room and gratefully took a box of the beauties home with me, even after scoffing on a few over a Camomile tea during the chat. I always think they don’t have quite the same appeal over here as they do in Paris but still, they really are scrumptious. Plus I can’t deny that those pretty colours make the best Instagram snap. I guess they’re a cliche for a reason.

I hope you’ve all had a great week, and do think of me stuck indoors while you enjoy this weekend’s heatwave!


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