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Five Things of the Week | Press Days and Pedicures

Five things of the week - tidy desk, tidy mind, Bumpkin BettyHELLO Friday! As you read this I’m speeding off on a jet plane (disclaimer – it’s Ryanair, let’s not get carried away) and on my way to Venice ready to start a beautiful long weekend in the place I’ve always dreamed of visiting – so exciting! I’ve got a few posts scheduled over the weekend and of course, follow me on Instagram for instant updates!

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

This week has been infinitely better than the last – could it be because the sun has had its hat on for the most part and the whole of London looks and feels like a dream? Maybe, and I’m sure as hell not knocking it. But I reckon it also has something to do with how busy, and how organised, I have been, much due to the fact I spent my Sunday Spring cleaning the bananas out of our flat and finally revamping my desk space for the better (I’d previously had my desk in the corner at the back of the room, facing a wall and with very little light, and I’ve now moved it to the other side of the room, next to a window and in a much brighter space!). Getting up early doors on Monday to attack the week with gusto felt so much easier, and as such I’ve had a really productive week, even if it was only four days long (soz). A tidy desk equals a tidy mind huh?

Adidas Superstar Red and White, Bumpkin Betty
I am a Superstar

In other news I have finally succumbed to the superstar trend, with these deee-lightful red and white babies. I have to admit the Stan Smith furore never really swept me up – they look great on others but on me they felt a little bulky and dare I say it, too white? It was only when they brought out the red version that I was a little tempted, but the superstars quickly took over that temptation when I started spotting them on the street style circuit. The Superstar in red then, may just be my ideal, and even though they are still a bulky look (cue frantic outfit shake ups) I’m pretty excited to don them for the first time. Of course, in the only way I know how I’ll be mixing them with something suitably girly. Are you a fan of the Superstar trend?

Fiorelli Rose Gold Jewellery and Bags, Bumpkin Betty
Rose Pink and Rose Gold

I’ve been busy attending AW15 press days this week and although it’s always tricky adjusting your mind to Winter products when the sun has only just appeared, it’s great to catch up with some of my favourite brands and see what they have in store for the next season. One trend I kept noticing, especially in the jewellery sector, was rose gold which, as you can imagine, has made me very happy indeed seeing as that’s the colour I chose for my engagement ring. Perhaps I’ll finally be able to master a complete look with my jewellery style next season. The above pic is from Fiorelli, who have some beautiful bags, watches and jewels coming for AW, especially loving that pink furry clutch.

Crocs Pedicure and Stripey Bag, Bumpkin Betty
Sandal Selfie

Wednesday was definitely my favourite day this week. Probably the hottest day, and one which I spent out and about from early morning until late afternoon, soaking up the sun, and wandering around London. There is always part of me that gets a little panicky when I take a whole day away from my desk, responding to emails on the go and trying to make sure I don’t get too behind on my writing work, but when it is as beautiful a day as Wednesday was, it’s hard to feel guilty for too long. Besides, with Monday and Tuesday being hugely productive, a day of meetings and al fresco lunching was needed. I spent the day meeting up with freelance clients to talk new projects, visiting press days and brands and catching up with blogger friends. I also popped in to a Crocs beauty event first thing to treat myself to my first pedicure of the season, a gorgeous red shade all ready for Venice this weekend. Let’s hope it’s sunny there too so I can show it off!

The Carnaby Burger Co, Bumpkin Betty
The Carnaby Burger Co.

This week also brought about a new burger find in Central London. The Carnaby Burger Co. is just off Carnaby Street (what a surprise) and we stumbled across it and swiftly dived in when serious hunger pangs and burger cravings came our way after a morning of wedmin at the weekend (amazing how hungry and tired wedding related tasks make you). I was pleasantly surprised to find that they catered to most of my crazy dietary requirements of late (I’m doing an 8 week FODMAP diet to try and figure out what I might be allergic to) with nearly all of their burgers being offered with a gluten free bun if required. I casually ignored the fact that brie is high in lactose because I really really wanted to try the brie and cranberry chicken burger, which was worth the lapse as it was mighty delicious. The service wasn’t great and the prices were a little higher than usual burger fare, but it is Carnaby Street and it was a busy Saturday afternoon so we let them off. Have you tried any good burger joints lately?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned. Check back tomorrow for a new Weekend Reading post, and on Monday I’ll be sharing a very apt Italian themed recipe, seeing as that’s what I’ll be enjoying when it goes live.

All of these pics are from my Instagram, so follow along to keep up with my Venice happenings!



oooo I like ALL these things. ALL of them! I hate crocs but I love that bag – granted, anything with stripes I will drool over so…
But nice finds!
ooo and I’ve just spotted your ‘Going Dotty’ shoes over there >>> *drool*
Betty x
The Betty Stamp


Thanks fellow Betty! I’m not the biggest fan of Crocs either but their bags are surprisingly chic! And yes those dotty heels are amaze! xx


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