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Five Things of the Week | NFL, Postcards and Pink

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1. Autumn florals…
Would you believe me if I told you these two big bunches of flowers cost me only 75p? Well I kid you not, I think Tesco underestimated their staying power as they have been sitting pretty for nearly a week now and still look fab! I decided with November approaching I’d brighten up the flat (and my desk) with some autumn colours and loved the dark red and mustard shades within these bunches- absolute bargain!

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2. Weekend pursuits – NFL, tequila mojitos and American diners…
Don’t you just love the weekends? Last weekend we had some friends staying and we all headed to Wembley for the NFL game. It was such a great experience as I’d never been to either the stadium or a game before. There was an amazing atmosphere and even though I didn’t exactly know how to follow the game we saw some great moments and a few touchdowns from each side. The San Francisco 49ers ended up the winners after about three hours of back and forth. The rest of the weekend was spent with the usual amount of eating and drinking merriment. We headed to Wahaca for dinner on Saturday night as our Manchester based friends had never experienced it before (I always forget they are only in London) and I made the mistake of trying a tequila mojito (for the record nothing like a regular mojito). On Sunday before the game we tried out a new American diner on Stroud Green Road called Rub. It describes itself as a slow food diner and milk bar and is somewhat like the joints Adam from Man vs Food used to frequent – offering such American favourites as pulled pork buns, burnt ends, milkshakes and cheesecakes. Considering the wide variety of restaurants we have near us, strangely no one had yet commandeered the American market so it was about time someone filled that burger, milkshake and pancake shaped gap. It still has a little way to go before being quite up to the standard of your Diner’s and Byron’s but as far as Sunday morning hangover joints go, it’s up there.
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3. Following the pink parade with a little help from Asos…
Question: does blogging make you shop more? Answer: most definitely. The problem with putting virtual shopping lists (like this recent one) together on the blog is that it’s then all too easy to just click and buy. With free next day delivery from Asos this new outfit went from virtual wish list to reality in less than 24 hours! And with free returns all of the other pieces went swiftly back without a second thought (FYI sadly I can report that the pink sequinned skirt is not an affordable alternative to the Topshop Unique one – boo). I was a little dubious about this girly pink leather skirt when on screen but I absolutely love it in person – totally Cher Horowitz inspired – and this red chain handle bag was a squeeze at only £17. I may have missed the pink coat trend but that doesn’t mean I can’t do the colour head to toe anyway! 
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4. Pastel perfect postcards…
I may never have mentioned this before but I love a good postcard. I think there is something so wonderful about the idea of putting a little picture in the post to describe where you are in life. I really don’t send them enough but I do find myself buying them often, especially when I visit new places, exhibitions and art galleries (the cheapest memento to remember the day/ take a piece of the art home). This week I took home a pack of these fab pastel coloured ones from The What I See Project (which I’ve told you about here) and they are so collectible. In all of my favourite colours, they feature some of the memorable quotes from the project so far and seeing as this was one of the first things I embarked on a freelancer they feel especially poignant. I’m now in search of a large frame to house them all so that I can have a framed reminder of what freelance life led to and what I achieved as a result!
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5. Winner sunnies…
I usually buy myself a new pair of sunnies every year as my tastes change all of the time, but seeing as we never took a summer holiday this year, that rule kind of passed me by. This week the folks over at My Optique obviously sensed what I had missed out on and sent me a pair of sunglasses from their new eyewear brand London Retro. I’m going to do a full post featuring the brand and what they offer so I won’t go into it too much here but I will just say that I’m in love with these frames! I’d normally never buy glasses without trying them on first as with my oddly small head only certain styles suit me. I took a risk and chose the design I thought was the most interesting and figured even if they didn’t suit me they would at least look great of the blog. I’m so glad I went with a more way out design and me and Babs are now very happy together.
Other such mundane life happenings which took place this week included carving my first pumpkin, finding my JW Anderson car jumper at the back of the wardrobe after I’d forgotten I had it (result!), reliving my youth and watching Dawson’s Creek from the very beginning again (thank you Netflix), and putting plans in action for a blog re-design (prob not until the new year but… Exciting!). 
Hope you have had a wonderful week, November is here!



You can’t beat supermarket flowers! Yours are so pretty, love the autumn colours. I bet the NFL game was such an experience, I’d have loved to go. I love the leather skirt too, it’s SO lovely xxx


Bumpkin Betty

Thanks Josie! Yeah I was super impressed with the Tesco flowers – they lasted ages! NFL game was fun, even if I didn’t have a clue what was going on haha… x


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