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Five Things of the Week | Muddy Trainers and Untidy Desks

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1. Cheat Days…
I’m starting to quite enjoy this 5:2 malarkey because it means that if I find myself eating something like this later in the week I don’t feel nearly as guilty. On Wednesday I headed to Honest Burger In Kings Cross for the first time for a lovely catch up lunch with blogger pals, Danielle, Alex and Cam. One of my favourite things about freelance life is the freedom to fit social occasions such as this in to your diary and not have to panic about what the boss is going to say (she’s totally fine with it as it happens). Yes it meant staying up late to finish my work that evening but was totally worth it to have a long overdue natter with friends. I’ve been seeing and reading a lot about Honest Burger at the moment so was really looking forward to trying it out for myself. As far as burgers go, these ones are up there with the best. Not at all like a fast food burger, the meat is organic and fresh, the relish is homemade and the fries are cooked in rosemary salt (a bit too much after a while but still totally tasty). I ate this on the back of two fast days in a row so I do feel that I perhaps gulped it down a little too quickly to enjoy it to the full potential. I guess that gives me a reason to return, especially as I apparently also missed out on the homemade lemonade. Doh!

UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, Bumpkin Betty, Five Things of the Week

2. Mud Soaked…
These are my running trainers folks, and they are muddy. So you know what means? Yup I’ve been running! Hurrah! Since the new year began I’ve been forcing myself back into the running game and have set myself a little ‘run every other day’ challenge which is working remarkably well. Last year I set myself a 5K a day challenge one month, which although I didn’t entirely succeed at, did make me run more in that month than ever before so I figured that my lazy ass obviously needs a goal to work towards. At the moment I’m running 2.5K every other day which is slightly more manageable but I’m hoping to up it to 5K come February. Someone please remind of this declaration when my motivation has weened next month!

UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, Bumpkin Betty, Five Things of the Week

3. Spring Flowers…
Its been all rain and no shine lately and January has a bad habit of trying to send us all into a state of SAD depression. Why, January, why? So, little things like your boyfriend bringing home some uplifting spring flowers for you when you get yourself a new freelance job can make all the difference!

UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, Bumpkin Betty, Five Things of the Week

4. Operation desk clear out…
As I mentioned in my 2014 to-do list yesterday, top of my bill right now is trying to create an inviting work space for myself. This is the current situation of my desk, un-styled and un-edited (how very un-blogger of me) but as it happens this is a huge improvement on what it looked like last week. I can now see underneath it for starters and the hoard of belongings that had made a home for themselves under there are now making me a penny or two on eBay so its all progress people. Check back in another week and we may have something much more blog worthy.

Bumpkin Betty, Uk Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, Five Things of the Week

5. Those boots were made for walking…
I just had to show you a little teeny sneak peek from one of next week’s blog posts because these boots deserve more than post dedicated to them. Loyal readers may remember a post back in December dedicated to my search for the perfect Over the knee boots? You may also remember me mentioning a certain River Island pair that I’d seen on Jessica Stein and couldn’t find for love nor money? Well I found them, and of course I bought them, and I totally love them. I do feel ever so slightly Pretty Woman wearing them (damn you Jessica for making us mere mortals forget that we don’t have legs up to our armpits like you do) so I have to be careful about what I team them with, and they may take a little getting used to in the walking without pain department, but I took them for a spin during that catch up I mentioned earlier and the consensus from my fellow blogging team mates was a resounding thumbs up. I think a little bravo is all that’s needed.

Hope you all had a fab week? Only one more week of January left, say whaaaat? This year is already flying in!



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