Five Things of The Week | IT bags, Italian and Joshua Jackson

Five Things of the Week, UK Lifestyle Blogs

1. The IT bag…
I never thought I’d find myself saying that I’d purchased an IT bag from BHS of all places, but there you have it, I’m happily eating my words. After seeing this beauty on both Alex and Kylie I was officially sold, it’s from the new Karren Brady collection at BHS and is the perfect all rounder bag of the season. It has a chain strap if you want to do the cross over look for day, but looks equally chic as a clutch for evening, and it’s surprisingly roomy meaning it’s officially my new work bag (what defines a work bag? Can it fit my iPad and a notebook? check and check!). It also comes in classic black and a gorgeous bright blue, but I couldn’t resist going for the burgundy (one of my favourite autumn colours). Sorry about the messy living room in the background of this photo, it was snapped quickly before I headed out for a friends birthday dinner. On a separate note, I’m wearing my new Zara leather trousers here which in terms of cost per wear have already made me my money back twice over!

Five Things of the Week, UK Lifestyle Blogs

2. Eating out…
Talking of that birthday dinner, here it is. Last weekend we headed around the corner to our local Italian (which I reviewed back here, if you are interested) for what was meant to be a civilised dinner for a celebration of a friends day of birth, but quickly descended into drunken singing of Happy Birthday to the whole restaurant followed by drunken dancing until 5.30am. (I blame the Β£12 carafe’s of wine and complimentary shots of lemoncello). You can’t beat fun times with good friends though, even if you do pay for it the next day.

Five Things of the Week, UK Lifestyle Blogs

3. A trip down memory lane…
Thanks to the wonder that is Netflix (which is slowly stealing my life) I’m getting to indulge my inner teen again by re-watching Dawson’s creek right from that first ever fateful episode. It’s reserved only for evenings (and sometimes early Saturday mornings) when GB isn’t around and I need a welcome distraction from work as it’s over dramatic storylines and word heavy dialogue really is the medicine to life right now. There are so many brilliant details which obviously passed me by as a youngster but are now providing hours of enjoyment. Dawson’s hair and cheesy one liners about romance, Joey’s high waisted shorts and moody bottom lip, Jen’s perfectly coiffed hair and, suspiciously large for a 14 yr old, bosom and Pacey… ah Pacey. If I’m truly honest with myself this is the main reason I have for watching as I can now get a double Joshua Jackson hit with a young Pacey and an older, handsome Peter Bishop in Fringe (another Netflix favourite).

Five Things of the Week, UK Lifestyle Blogs

4. Sparkly nails…
A little self indulgent story of my nails this week, just because, well I thought they looked pretty. I’m digging out some of my winter faves from last years Ciate Advent calendar which are all still going strong. One of the best parts of this was all of the topcoats, as that’s something I’d never normally buy but I’m slowly seeing the potential for greatness with them (in nail terms of course). This week I went dark and sparkly with a midnight blue base coat and bright pink iridescent sparkle on top. Cute right?

Five Things of the Week, UK Lifestyle Blogs

5. Winter walks…
London right now is home to my favourite type of winters day, cold, crisp yet sunny. You can wrap up in coats and cosy knits yet still get a bit of warmth from the sun and not need to dash indoors to soothe your chattering teeth every five minutes. It’s also the perfect type of day for countryside walks and photo- taking, or in our case as close as you can get to countryside in London. This was taken from one of our favourite walks which follows the old railway path from Finsbury Park all the way up to Highgate, perfect as you can run around in the leaves, snap some cool graffiti art just long enough before hitting Highgate’s cosy pubs and quirky tearooms for a pitstop.

I hope you’ve had a great week!


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  • masonshea315 says:

    I love this outfit. christmas jumpers knits are so fashionable over here at the moment, they are everywhere in the shops and I mean everywhere. I see people wearing them in the streets, on the telly, it’s lovely though, as they’re so fun.