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Five Things of the Week | Home, Holidays and Hydrangeas

Pretty Hydrangeas, Bumpkin BettyHello Friday my old friend. Actually, if I’m honest all of this week has felt like Friday as I’ve been on a wee holiday. Well if you can call going home to Scotland and seeing to lots of wedding tasks a holiday? Yes, I think we can, I’m taking it. Although the week was busy – full to the brim with meeting family, seeing friends, ticking off wedding tasks, meeting with suppliers, raking through charity shops, tackling DIY’s – it also felt like a true break, and I’ve returned to London feeling A LOT better about our wedding to-do list, and rejuvenated in the way only a few good nights of sleep and an unloading of stress can feel.

Time is of course ticking on as quickly as ever (I won’t mention the fact we’ve entered another new month) and things are remaining as busy as ever (I got back to London last night and I’m now re-packing for a weekend away at a family wedding so it’s all go) but today I don’t feel my usual stress or panic or worry. Today I only feel relaxed, happy (if a little tired) and ready to launch into a new week and a new month.

It’s been a little quieter than usual on the blog this week as a break from routine was most welcomed at home, but I’m looking forward to catching up with you all on what I’ve missed, so do leave me a comment and tell me what you’ve been up to while I was away? Here’s a little from my last seven days…

1. Hydrangea Heaven

 Hydangeas have to be one of my favourite flowers – I particularly love that they are available in all seasons and that you can get so many colour variations from one plant. I snapped these pretties in our local florist before we headed off to Glasgow last weekend, and then by total coincidence, when we arrived at my Aunties, where we were staying, and she had filled a vase in our room full of Hydrangeas from her garden especially for us coming. The home grown ones in so many different shades were far more beautiful than the shop bought ones of course and it simply further established that I have to have some of them in my wedding bouquet even if it is Winter!

Five things of the week, Bumpkin Betty
2. Family reunions

 As well as all of our wedding tasks, one of the main reasons we’d ventured up north last weekend was to catch up with my Auntie and Uncle who were on holiday all the way from Texas. It had been ten years since I’d last saw them (when I visited Texas with my friend during a Summer in America at Uni) and they’d never officially met GB, despite hearing lots about him, so it was lovely to see them again and hear all of their news. My family on my Mum’s side is huge, and every time we visit Scotland there seems to be someone new to introduce GB to but at least there will be a few less strange faces on the wedding day now! (P.S how grainy is the iPhone’s front camera?? grr)

Wedding Invites, Bumpkin Betty
3. Invites are a go!

 Getting our wedding invites stamped, addressed and into the post was the BEST feeling, and definitely the biggest and most rewarding tick off the wedding list so far. When they arrived back from the printers last Monday and we were due to depart for Glasgow on Friday, it felt as if such a mammoth task was ahead of us (which it was) and late nights, early mornings and regular bickering occurred in bucket loads over those next few days. But we did it! We made them look exactly how we wanted them to look, we added all our extra creative details, we made the envelope liners, we calligraphy-ed the addresses and we got them in the post. Seeing people’s reactions and getting the first RSVP’s through reminded us how much we love them, after getting sick of looking at them last week, and is making everything very real now! Aah!

Spicers of Hythe, Bumpkin Betty
4. Hampers

 I’m not sure how the weather has been here in London over the last week, but back home in the North of Scotland I could have mistaken the first week of September for the first week of January, it was that cold. I was wrapped up against the elements every time we braved the rain and wind to venture out, and then throwing blankets over myself and tucking into Christmas hampers once I was back in the warmth of the house. I received a giant (and I mean giant) Christmas hamper from Spicers of Hythe for review and was bowled over by the generosity. I think it may take me and GB until next Christmas to get through it all (or maybe just until the next stressful wedding task week).

Top UK Lifestyle blogs, Bumpkin Betty
5. Signing off

 And now I’ll need to sign off again as I still need to sort out my outfit for the wonderful wedding we’re heading off to this weekend, which I’m very excited about. I’m currently in a coat/no coat dilemma – not knowing just how cold or wet it might be and what will be the best option. And of course, as is always my solution for these dilemma’s, I have taken every single coat I own out of the wardrobe/off the coat stand and thrown them all into a pile on the bed so that I can try them all on one at a time. I may end up bringing them all ‘just in case’.

What have you got planned for this weekend? And did you have a nice end to the August month?



Your hydrangeas are so beautiful 🙂
Ours are all going over but, as lovely as they look when the heads are all dry and lacy the, big, bold flowers always looks the most stunning!
Glad you’ve had a lovely restful week of freedom!!
Abel x


Hey Annabel, thanks for stopping by! I’m so impressed that you’re growing your own hydrangeas, I long for the day that I have a garden so I can do the same! Yes it was great getting some time to relax, even though it rained all week it felt like a summer holiday! xx


Thanks Siobhan – it was hard doing over 100 invites so I felt like the writing wasn’t my best by the end but hey ho! xx


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