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Bouncy New Hair…

I finally sorted my mop out this week, it’s been in dire need of a chop for a while now but I’ve been holding off until I knew exactly what I wanted. I’m terrible at growing my hair, every time it gets past my shoulders I start craving shorter styles again. In fairness though, I’m just not sure my hair is meant to be long, the longer it gets the more volume and body it loses. I’d love to be blessed with a thick glossy mane that kept it’s lustre no matter how long it got but alas it just isn’t to be. After seeing Caroline Flack on last week’s X Factor sporting a shoulder length blunt cut with a Bridgette Bardot fringe the decision was made. Back to the shoulders with a long bob and Bardot bangs. You likey?

UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs

New Hair Treats…

Yeah alright, I know, I’ve had hair on the brain this week but I was very kindly sent a few bits and bobs to review from Trevor Sorbie and had to marvel at their amazing timing. After my new blunt cut I was worried about how to get volume into my hair but apparently it’s all in the blow dry. I’ve been using this volume conditioner this week and it’s definitely made a difference, especially when teamed with a heat defence blow dry spray and thickening cream. I invested in a round barrel brush as advised by the hairdresser and I’m giving my colour a boost with Loreal Sublime mousse in Flaming Copper.

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Got it covered…

I bought myself a shiny (literally) new iPhone case this week because I’m quite frankly surprised I’ve lasted this long without one and it was definitely time to get things covered. I picked up this rose gold metallic one from Topshop which allows me to create fun photo reflections like this one…

UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs


Child of the nineties me… well I was born in the eighties but grew up in a sea of Spice girls, Clueless and Saved by the Bell crushing. So you can imagine how excited I was when my gal pals over at Ballad Of told me their new issue was a nineties mash up of everything we once loved! The issue launched this week with a top dollar bash at The Old Blue Last in East London and is now available to buy hurrah! I don’t need to tell you how amazing I think the Ballad Of girls are (I’ve been girl crushing ever since I met them a few years ago and you can read more about their endeavours in this post). So folks, go forth and pick up a copy, you won’t regret it.

UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs

The Princess Skirt…

I’ve been umming and aahing over what to wear to GB’s 30th birthday bash next weekend for a while now. I spent a long time almost buying the pink sequinned skirt from Topshop Unique (which I wrote about here) but eventually decided that yes, £250 for a skirt was too much. I was stumped from then until I stumbled across this Topshop bright pink taffeta number. It was a bit of a mission to find and I eventually managed to buy the last one in London (fate or what) so I think it was meant to be. I can’t wait to rock it for the party!

Hope you had a fab week!


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