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Five Things of the Week | Family, Spa Days and Hen Do Prep

Quill LOndon courses, Bumpkin BettyHappy Friday! I hope you’re all well? This post is actually coming to you in a scheduled format as I’m currently enjoying a weekend with some of my favourite people for my beautiful friends Hen do! Or ‘Henival’ as we’re calling it seeing as we’re heading to a little festival down in Dorset for the weekend. I’ve been busy all week making decorations for the converted barn we’re staying in, and creating glitter-tastic accessories for us all to wear (the festival’s theme is silver – could it get any better?), so much so that this week has whizzed by in a sea of glitter, baking and organising!

Here’s a little of what I’ve been getting up to since we last spoke!

1. Practice makes perfect

At the end of last week I attended a modern calligraphy class with Quill London and it was super fun. It’s something I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time, especially with the wedding coming up and invites, name tags and such like soon to be addressed. Modern calligraphy is different from the traditional style of calligraphy (the type you might have learnt at school – all gothic and precised) and is much more about the fluidity of your lines, and ultimately playing around with structure and size in order to create your own freehand style of writing – all of which appeals to me much more. The class was great fun and I ended up on what I coined ‘wedding table’ with two wedding planners on one side and two fellow bride-to-be’s on the other. Learning the art was much more difficult than I imagined and I think I’ll need to put a lot more practice in before I’m ready to address any envelopes but it was great to make a start anyway, and our lovely teacher Imogen was great (and annoyingly talented – everytime I thought I’d cracked it, I’d look at hers and then want to cry!). I’ll be doing a full review of the class soon (as I’d definitely recommend it to other wedding peeps) but for now above is a sneaky peek of my attempts!

Aperol spritz, Bumpkin Betty
2. Family time

Last weekend was a truly lovely one as my parents were down visiting and we all got to spend some proper family time together. The visit was actually part of my Mum’s 60th birthday present as me and my bro had treated her to a spa day at The St Pancras Renaissance (which I joined in of course!). While my brother was still at work on Friday I took my Mum and Dad out for a day to Epsom (I had a wedding dress fitting – eek) and the sun was beating down on us all day, so much so that after an alfresco lunch, aperol spritz in the sunshine, walks by the river and lounging in the beer garden we pretty much felt like we were on holiday abroad somewhere. We then headed through to Guilford for the evening to meet my bro after work, had a lovely meal out before heading back to his flat and getting taught ju jitsu (he’s started learning the martial art) and having a good giggle at how bad we all were.

Guildford, Bumpkin Betty
3. Green

Talking of Guilford, how beautiful is this setting? Sometimes it’s so nice to get out of London even if it is just 30 mins away on the train. I snapped this first thing in the morning as we departed on route to our spa day and totally mistook it for a lush tropical oasis when I re-looked at it on the train. I love it when a place you know well can keep surprising you.

How to make glitter dipped feathers, Bumpkin Betty
4. Glitter mania

As I mentioned I’ve been drowning in a sea of glitter ahead of the Hen do this weekend and this is why. With it being a silver theme, and us opting for the boho festival fairy looks (hopefully we’ll be too bust getting my friend drunk when this goes live so it won’t spoil the surprise) we’re going feather headresses, wings and LOTS of silver glitter – eyes, body, the works. I’ve been meaning to try making glitter dipped feathers for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. They were surprisingly easier than I thought – I bought the white feathers and silver glitter from Ebay and simply painted the ends with PVA glue before dusting them in glitter (and myself, and the couch and everything around me). I then tied jewellery wire around them to make them into hair pieces that we can (hopefully) tie into braids in our hair!

Easy Cupcake recipe, Bumpkin Betty
5. Easy peasy cupcakes

I also whipped up a batch of cupcakes ahead of my train on Thursday evening and this was the result. It’s been an age since I did any baking and this failsafe recipe was quick easy and actually enjoyable. I won’t win any awards for decoration (I was in a rush and sprinkles solve everything) but I did make some super cute silver cake toppers to add on so I’ll share the result of it all after the weekend. Remind me to bake and blog about said baking again soon right?

Anyway I better sign off as I simply can’t wait to start the weekend celebrations and I’m convinced I’ve forgotten something so I better go to one last check of the suitcase. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll catch you all next week (probably still trying to get the glitter out of my hair/ off my face! EEK!)




Those cupcakes look delish! And the silver feathers are fab, I sort of want to stick a bunch in my hair… 🙂


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