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Five Things of the Week | Easter, Sunshine and Time

Get up Dress up Show Up, Bumpkin Betty
Get up, Dress up, Show Up…

It feels like forever since I did a Five Things of the Week post, sometimes Fridays just run away from me and before I know it I’ve hit 7pm and am more than ready to down tools and enjoy the weekend without having to write any more words on the internet, but there’s also part of me that never quite feels the week is complete without this little round up so I’m happy to be back today.

I have a feeling that I’ve not picked the best week to re-ignite this series however, as my previous three were probably full of much more exciting aspects than this one, but ironically the most exciting weeks are always the ones with the least amount of time for recapping on said excitement. As it stands, I’d say this week has been rather challenging (or at least the latter part of it has) and work especially has been playing on my mind. We all have those weeks and it’s not a big deal, but I guess I’ve been experiencing more lows than highs in the last few days and it’s taken a bit more energy than usual to move past them. However move past them I have, and as I hate to dwell on negativity on this blog (forever my happy place), I’ll say that today has been a good day. I’ve always loved that saying ‘Get up, dress up, show up’ because for me it really is the best way to renew my self confidence. With a few meetings and press days to attend in town today, I got up early, put a nice outfit on, did my hair and make up, got out of the house and into the sunshine, spoke to people and had some fun. A few hours away from my desk enjoying London’s sunshine was all I needed to get me back on track. Each day is a new chapter, todays mountains are tomorrows mole hills, things can only get better and all that jazz! Happy weekend!

Happy Easter, Bumpkin Betty
Easter Fun…

Hotfooting it back to the last weekend for a minute, can we just discuss how lovely the bank holiday weekend was? When I worked full time, the start of bank holiday season was literally the best time – so many four day weeks!! Since being freelance I have to admit that I rarely still get that – four days off – feeling, but sometimes those little unexpected breaks creep up on me and end up being ruddy lovely, a bit like this one. After speeding through my work on Friday morning, I let myself take the afternoon off and we scooted through to Guilford for the evening to see my Bro. A few vino’s and a tasty Thai later and we were having quite the fun night out, ending in lots of crazy dancing in a deserted club and a serious hangover to follow. Something I haven’t done for an age, something that’s totally great when it’s unexpected. We ended up staying in Guilford practically the whole weekend, ordering food in, taking photos in the sunshine, listening to music and starting to design our wedding invites (my bro’s main task). It was exactly what we all needed, lots of fun and just how bank holidays should be.

Five things of the week april, Bumpkin Betty
My Lovette Debut…

Talking of weddings (I know shut up about it already!) this week also saw me taking some time to write up my first blog post for Love my Dress as an introduction to myself and GB and our story. It’s not live on the site yet, but hopefully will be in the next couple of weeks. Writing it was strangely emotional as I began recalling all of our adventures together as a couple. I’m equal parts excited and nervous for it to be published, especially on such a public forum (that blog has crazy readership), as it’s all kinds of personal. More personal than I’ve delved on here, which is saying something! Eek!

Mom Jeans and Boden Alice Heels, Bumpkin betty
Spring sunshine…

I know I always revert back to talking about the weather in these posts, how very British of me, but seeing the sun out and being able to walk around town in T-shirt and a leather jacket really has been something this week. I shan’t take it for granted as no doubt the sun will disappear almost as quickly as it came, but for now it’s been hugely mood altering to be able to attend meetings with bare ankles and polkadot heels, and spend the weekend sans tights. Spring really is my favourite season.

Timex Varsity Range, Bumpkin Betty
Talking Time…

I guess time has been on my mind a lot this week, both through work issues leaving me with more than anticipated, new routine’s forcing me to evaluate hours more strategically, and of course that extra weekend day throwing us all out of sync. Apt then that I should be invited to attend the launch of new Varsity collection of watches from Timex. I headed along to Cheeky Salon in Holborn this morning and took some time out, to talk about time (pieces) with lots of other time (wasters). It can sometimes feel terribly indulgent to spend the first few hours of a working day chatting to folks over tea and croissants and getting a manicure while eyeing up new products, but it’s also terribly important to do these things face to face every so often. I left with a snazzy berry coloured mani all set for Venice next week, and feeling much better aquainted with the Timex brand and what they’ve got to offer for next season. Stay tuned to hear about their watches soon.

This weekend is set to be a low key one, with a bit of Spring cleaning to be done (sigh) and some errands to be run. Hopefully all pulled together with plenty of good food and a relaxing drink or two. Hope you all have a great one and see you Sunday for a new outfit post!

P.S all pics taken from my Instagram – follow me for daily snapshots that don’t make it onto the blog.


Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Get up, dress up, show up! It actually takes a lot more effort than it sounds 😛 When I’m all comfy in my PJ’s, the last thing I want to do is change out of them, but dressing up really sets me up for the day. // Never feel sorry about talking about something that excites you! Talk about your wedding as much as you want! Your blog is your space, and we love it when you transmit your excitement to us via your blog 🙂 // I’m obsessed with you polk-dot heels! // This reminds me that I haven’t posted Friday Favorites for a looooong time… but I do have a sticky note with an accumulating list of blog post URLs that I’ve been meaning to organize into a Friday Favorites post. I should probably get on that 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Thanks Audrey!! I always worry I’m overloading people with wedding posts so good to hear you don’t mind them. Look forward to reading your Friday posts too! xx


Ooh I can try, although it’s not that difficult and mine are by no means perfect haha, I’ll let you know xx


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