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Five Things of The Week | Chocolate, Cherry Blossoms and Recharging

Top UK Lifestyle Blogs, Five Things of The Week

1. Designer denim…

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about New Look’s event, I’m pretty much living in the denim stuff right now so when a little parcel from The lovely folks at Atterley Road arrived on my doorstep this week containing my first ever pair of designer dukes, I was overjoyed. After spotting this 7 for all Mankind pair on the lovely Anneli Willis over fashion week and absentmindedly ‘liking’ her post on Instagram, they became mine! (Turns out I’d entered a little comp they were running without even realising – happy days!) I’m looking forward to styling them up with these fab new high heel mary janes I found in the Mango sale, and a new outfit is born!
Top UK Lifestyle Blogs, Five Things of The Week

2. Cherry blossoms…
I love a cherry blossom tree, not only is it super pretty but it’s the backdrop of dreams for fashion blogger outfit shot heaven. As I’m a day late with my five things this week (oopsy) it is now officially the first of March and with the sun shining through my window as I write this, the arrival of spring is making me most happy indeed.
Top UK Lifestyle Blogs, Five Things of The Week

3. A pre-theatre to write home about…
Or blog home about as it were. Last weekend was a big birthday for GB’s Mum and we celebrated with dinner and the theatre (One Man Two Guvnor’s – hilarious). Now normally pre-theatre menu’s are nothing to sing about (excuse the pun) but this one was epic. We visited the Landseer restaurant within the Bloomsbury Hotel and it was bloody lovely. Friendly staff, gorgeous setting and amazing food. I had the lamb steak which was delicious (I’ve never eaten lamb in this way before but I enjoyed it immensely) and the chocolate plate to finish (of course – but just look at it, cmon?).
Top UK Lifestyle Blogs, Five Things of The Week

4. Fajita date night…
There are many perks to working for yourself but the one which still always makes me most happy is the freedom to manage your own time. GB was leaving for Scotland without me on Thursday for a friends stag do and because I knew that I’d spend the majority of the weekend working, I allowed myself to put the laptop away early on Wednesday for an impromptu fajita date night. Work stresses have been getting in the way of proper time together recently and I couldn’t remember the last time we sat down and ate together without me either rushing off after the last mouthful to finish work or us both answering work emails while eating in front of the telly. We cracked open a bottle, left our phones in another room and got a little tipsy on a weeknight, it was muchos fun!
Top UK Lifestyle Blogs, Five Things of The Week

5. Sleepy Saturdays…
As well as the perks (and they still far outweigh the cons believe me) there are however a few downfalls to working for yourself, one of which is that you never really stop, as evidenced by the need for the impromptu work free night above. I’ve definitely been guilty of allowing work to take over everything of late and finished up February feeling frazzled and in need of a holiday. Seeing as the latter won’t be happening anytime soon I settled for an long little lie in and a welcomed hug from the duvet before attacking the first day of the month as I mean to go on. 
And now it’s the first of March, one of my favourite months, and I’m already excitedly counting down to that wonderful day that comes once a year and involves cake and champagne for breakfast and permission to shop for shoes guilt free! Hurrah!

* Fuzzy photos taken on my iPhone – soz!

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