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Five Things of The Week | Burgers, Birthdays and Babies

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I can’t believe it’s the end of the week again and I haven’t posted anything since my last five things – where has the time gone? It’s been a busy yet exciting old seven days since we last spoke but here’s a little peek into what’s been making me smile along the way…

1. Shiny New Loafers… 

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I have a feeling that my five things of the week may always begin with a pair of shoes but that’s purely because shoes always make me smile! This week I’m celebrating the latest addition to my silver shoe fetish – these snazzy loafers from ASOS. They are kind of replacing these block heel flats which I’ve loved and worn to death over the past year, so I know they will be worth the money! I debuted them at Fashion Week where they went down a storm and I haven’t taken them off since. Although I feel a little like Wacko Jacko when I wear them (especially when teamed with black skinny jeans) they do cheer me up no end on a rainy day!

2. Giant Burgers and Playing Barmaid…

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On Saturday we were celebrating a friends 30th birthday and visited The Thirsty Bear near Waterloo. Its a good old fashioned pub which serves a variety of whopper sized burgers, steaks and general meat eater delicacies. I went for the BBQ bear burger which was HUGE and came accompanied by just as huge wedges all served on a american style wooden chopping board to make a mess on. As far as burgers go, it was pretty delish and not at all expensive for the size. The place also has a novel concept of allowing you to pour your own drinks through the built in bar on every table, allowing me to find my inner barmaid again and practice my pint pouring skills, which FYI were pretty terrible. Luckily you only get charged for what you pour so even if you end up with only half a pint of beer and equal measure of a head, you still only get charged for half a pint and your skills should get better as you go.

3. Cuddles, Sing Songs and Too Much Cake! 

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On Sunday we were up bright and early and off to a quaint little church in Moor Park for the christening of GB’s new godson. It was such a lovely day and I felt so honoured to be a part of it. I’ve been to a few christenings before but this was by far the most relaxed and informal of them all. The Church was reserved just for us and as the organ player was otherwise occupied, instead we all joined in sing songs while the vicar played guitar and the kids banged on drums and shook tamborines (much more enjoyable if you ask me!). James is a lovely little lad and one of the smiliest babies I’ve known, he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the whole experience, even squeeling with laughter when the water was poured on his head. He fell asleep promptly after while we all enjoyed a scrumptious buffet and more cake than my stomach could handle! This is me and my crazy eyebrows having a cuddle once he woke up to join in the party!

4. New Hair…

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I finally took the plunge this week and decided to redye my hair myself. I’ve been putting off going back to hairdresser as the £150 price tag attached to a cut, colour and blow dry was sending shivers down my newly freelance spine, but seeing as my roots were nearly down to my elbows and the rest of my hair was beginning to resemble a dried mango I decided something had to be done. Although I love my red hair, it does take a lot of work and fades extremely fast so if you are thinking of going from brunette to red head be warned that the upkeep may drive you mad. I went for Loreal Sublime Mousse in colour 740 (Flaming Copper) and despite my initial fear surrounding the ‘don’t shake, only turn’ instruction on the mousse and the worry surrounding the changing colour of said mousse as I applied, I was pretty happy with the result. However I can report that writing this three washes later it has already faded significantly and my roots are still showing so if anyone has any tips on how make the colour stay on dark hair throw them my way please!

5. All the Hard Work Paid Off…

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This week also saw the official launch event of one of the projects I’ve been working on recently, a global platform dedicated to female self perception called The What I See Project. After three months of hard work and one of the biggest outreach campaigns I’ve ever embarked on, we celebrated with an event at The Science Museum in London and the premiere of a short film about the project. It was both an exhausting and rewarding evening but brilliant to see it all come together and have so many wonderful women in the same room for our cause. There are lots more exciting developments to come for the project so take a look and get involved on the website.

What did you get up to this week?


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