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Five Things of the Week | Books, Bags and Jam Jar G&T’s

Someone told me the amount of days until Christmas this week, which is usually when I mark the official crossing over to Winter, that and the fact that I spotted mince pies in the supermarket! I love a mince pie but c’mon, too early, we have Halloween first! So in what I’m counting as the first week of winter, these are the five things making me smile…

Searching for the Perfect Party Venue…

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It’s GB’s birthday next month and he will be turning the big 3-0! For the last couple of birthdays we’ve just invited all our friends round to the flat and hosted (if I do say so myself) pretty epic house parties. But seeing as this ones a bit of a milestone (and I couldn’t face cleaning up spew at 5am again) we thought we’d head out this year. And so began a week of relentless venue search. Despite the fact we live in London it was remarkably difficult to find somewhere that could offer us what we wanted – a private room that we could have all night, somewhere that offered food and seats for those who wanted to come earlier but also offered room for dancing and a DJ for those who wanted to stick around and party! After spending all of last Saturday going from pub to bar to pub again trying to find a venue that was both available and accommodating we came home tired and deflated having still not found anywhere… Luckily we have now settled upon a little gem – The Taprooms in Islington – a pop up beer house that has turned permanent. It serves a variety of locally sourced good beers and fine wines, has a live music room downstairs that they hire out and a rustic half done appearance (stripped walls, exposed brick and pipes) that we both loved. I’m trying to persuade them to name a beer after GB for the occasion which would make it! I’ll take my camera on the night so will fill you in with pics and maybe even a review afterwards.

Bringing out the Winter Coat…

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This is a pic from a little outfit post I managed to fit in this week minutes before it started pouring with rain. I find it so difficult to do outfits posts in winter – the windows of opportunity that provide enough light and decent weather become smaller and smaller as the months draw in so I fear they may slow down a bit (and lets face it they aren’t exactly regular as it is).  I salute the style bloggers that manage all year round. Anyway I finally got the Winter coat out this week and came to terms with the fact I wouldn’t see my denim jacket and open toed shoes again for a while. This Marc by Marc Jacobs number was a cheeky eBay purchase last winter and I’m looking forward to getting the wear our of it again as its so cosy.

A Bag to Hold it All…

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I’ve got pretty good at carrying small bags – clutch bags, purses, envelope bags – if I can get away with carrying only my phone and my lippy then I will. However since I’ve been freelance that isn’t a luxury I can afford any more. On any given day I seem to need to leave the house with everything but the kitchen sink. I was given this laptop bag from new online brand Pretty Little Thing and it’s a good compromise by being big enough to fit my laptop and iPad but not so big that I end up filling it with everything I own. I love the bright blue colour too.

New Reading Material…

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It’s always been a huge ambition of mine to write a book so I’m completely in awe of anyone who manages to pull it off. I recently treated myself to some new reading material in the form of The Elites, the debut novel from fantastic writer and fellow blogger Natasha from one of my fave fashion blogs, Girl in the Lens. It arrived this week and I can’t wait to get reading. Will be sure to do a little review on the blog and let you know what I thought.

G&T in jars…

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Our collection of jars to use as glasses is growing bigger and we have discovered the perfect ones for cocktails – the Bonne Maman jam jars are the ideal size, shape and look for a little G&T or mojito! The only problem is waiting until you have finished a whole jar of jam before being able to use them. This week we finally finished our second one which means we have one each hurrah! We had a mid week Geez-Wah- Teez -Wah to celebrate!

Whats made you smile this week?


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