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Finding My Pregnancy Style

Boden denim dungarees, Bumpkin bettyEver since I found out I was expecting, I’ve had this vision of being a total pregnancy cliche and living in a pair of denim dungarees, Reebok high tops and a nineties style ponytail. In fact I think that’s been my vision of pregnancy ever since I was a little girl and probably stems from watching films like Father of the Bride when I was younger. Dreaming of being Annie who spends her pregnant days in leggings and boyfriend shirts, plimsolls and scrunchies.

It’s funny how you imagine yourself as an adult when you’re still a kid isn’t it? And how far off that image ends up being. When I was young, I used to imagine myself at the age of thirty, and to me that was a super grown up age. By then I’d have it all together, and life would be sorted. I’d be super stylish and chic. I’d have some kick ass #girlboss job. I’d probably already have a couple of kids by now and have taken to motherhood like a pro. And I’d be juggling parenthood with my very important career oh so easily, running around New York (it was always New York) in stilettos with a (very chic) briefcase in one hand and a baby in the other.

I think I used to imagine being pregnant quite a bit and in those imaginations, I was always great at it. Going about my regular business with a cute lil’ bump in tow and looking all kinds of effortlessly cool.

As it happens, now that I am in my thirties I really don’t feel that grown up at all, definitely not grown up enough to be a parent. Life is far from ‘sorted’, and pregnancy? Well it took me the first six months to get my head around it, and come to terms with the fact that actually, I wasn’t all that great at it after all. And style wise, I’ve felt huge, frumpy and totally out of the fashion game for the most part (seriously – I can’t wait to be fashionable again!).

Styling up dungarees for pregnancy, Bumpkin BettyBoden stripe spot breton tee and dungarees, Bumpkin BettyTop Uk fashion and lifestyle blogs, Bumpkin Betty

Denim dungarees (sold out, shop similar), Spot stripe breton tee and animal print boots – c/o Boden

Bag – Zara | Hat – Topshop (old, similar here)

Anyway I digress. The point is, I didn’t really have much of a pregnancy style at all for the first two thirds of this adventure and it was getting to me that I couldn’t seem to transition my usual style to fit my new body, my new lifestyle and my new levels of exhaustion.

It wasn’t until about week 24 when I fell prey to the pregnancy cliche and first slipped into these denim dungarees that something just… clicked. And I thought ‘you know what? I might just be able to get on board with this bump after all’. I also thought ‘why on earth didn’t I listen to my inner kid and dress like Annie from Father of the Bride from day one, cos boy are these dungarees comfy’.

Maternity dressing at 24 weeks pregnant, Bumpkin BettyBoden denim dungarees, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear dungarees, Bumpkin Betty
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Comfy. SO DAMN COMFY. Comfort levels that mean even if someone told me I’d have to also don a tracksuit jacket and wear my hair in a side pony with a scrunchie every time I wore them, I’d probably still be on board. Seriously – every pregnant woman needs to get a pair of dungarees pronto, because there’s a reason why they’re a total cliche.

These aren’t maternity dungarees either, I just went up one size from usual at Boden and they’re super stretchy. These photos were taken at 24 weeks (I know I’m not great at the timely blogging – sorry) and they are still easily accommodating my – almost 30 week – bump. I reckon they’ll see me through the entire pregnancy no problem AND if I end up breastfeeding, they’re the ultimate easy access.

Top Uk lifestyle blogger, Bumpkin BettyBoden animal print boots, Bumpkin Bettyautumn pregnancy style, Bumpkin BettyBoden denim dungarees and breton top, Bumpkin BettyIt’s not just the comfort and the practicalities of course (I’m still all about the fashion, even if I’m currently feeling out of the game) and this was the first outfit where I truly felt like myself, as opposed to just my pregnant self. A stripy spotty top, a bright pink bag and a pair of statement shoes and it’s almost business as usual.

So the moral of the story is – follow in the footsteps of your 90’s childhood film icons and you’ll be just fine.

Maternity dungarees, Bumpkin Betty
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So tell me? Pregnant or not, are you on board with the dungaree look or is it just a step too far in the retro direction for you?


Hannah lynam

Dungarees all the way! Post pregnancy I filled my wardrobe with dungarees and jumpsuits because I loved them so much through pregnancy. Positives- definitely useful for breastfeeding however negatives world be slightly more timely for the frequent trips to the loo during pregnancy x


Looking great! You are totally your usual fashionable self – just with a bump attached! Interestingly I was pregnant in the 80s and it was dungarees all the way then too, even wearing them to work.


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