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Fellow Betty’s… Cake Cake Cake!

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As my job continues to take me further and further down the digital rabbit hole that is today’s form of communication, I find myself needing to constantly keep up to date with the ever growing blogging community. As a result I’m forever researching and updating my blogger lists and relish the chance to discover a new and exciting read. Nowadays for me it’s not all about fashion, which say five years ago it would have been. As blogging becomes a larger phenomenon the clear dividing lines of interest become more blurred. You may focus on fashion but still talk about food, what was born as purely a style blog may now also take in travel and beauty, and I want to know about them all!

So I’m starting a new feature to highlight some of my favourite reads and discoveries from all spectrums of the blogging world. Some I’ve loved since my blogging adventure began, some I’ve only just discovered, but all are worth a moment of your time.

First up I’m indulging myself with new baking portals and foodie diaries to keep my ideas ticking along while the time needed for such luxuries in my own life seems harder and harder to find.


1. What Katie Ate…
When I first discovered this glorious frenzy of food and photography, I thought perhaps it was from the same Katie of  ‘What Katie wore’ fame, now swapping her love of vintage clothes to a love of cakes and bakes. But as it turns out there is more than one Katie in the world and this particular Katie (Katie Quinn Davies), who hails from Sydney Australia, is not only a great cook but a professional photographer and her blog is something to behold.

2. Pastry Affair…
I heart the idea behind this blog. A girl who was studying to become an astroparticle physicist and found herself embroiled in an affair with pastry making just to keep her sanity during such a serious career path. Again the photography is mouthwatering and the recipes include everything from breakfast breads and poached eggs to the sweet S’more cupcakes and Harry Potter Cockroach clusters. (yes really!)

3. The Boy who Bakes…
Written by previous ‘The Great British Bake Off’ winner Edd Kimber, this blog is both endearing and interesting. It would be easy for someone of his now success to end up with an overly corporate website full of press photographs and recipes written by others which are too difficult to attempt, however Edd’s blog still reads like a personal diary of what he loves – macarons, brownies and tarts. He has two books out which document some of his favourite recipes, ‘The Boy who Bakes’ and ‘Say it with Cake’ but the blog remains a great pitstop for a quick sweet treat.

4. Sweetapolita…
Expect an overload of sugary pastel colours and too pretty for words three tiered cakes the minute you fall upon this site. If you are more a traditional baker this one might not be for you, but seeing as I marvel at anything that can look that pretty and still be edible, I’m addicted. As well as recipes, the author Rosie offers tips and tricks for the perfect icing (or frosting as the Canadian calls it), how to’s on those tricky professional details I always wondered how to do and tutorials on pretty much everything you ever needed to know about baking.

5. American Cupcake Abroad…
Exactly what the title suggests… an American girl who has found herself in London working as an accountant and bakes cupcakes in her spare time. If you are more into your Hummingbird’s and your Lola’s then this blog is a must… every possible type of topping for a cupcake can be found here.

6. Nosh with me…
Love the American style candy treats? This blog is full of them from doughnuts to s’more cakes to salted caramel and is written in a friendly and unpretentious way.

7. Cream Puffs In Venice…
If anyone knows their good indulgent food, it’s the Italians. This blog is written by a girl who comes from a large Italian family and has grown up watching her relatives create wonderful homecooked meals. It must have rubbed off as now Ivonne, despite living in Canada, continues to indulge her love of Italian food. Both sweet and savoury, the recipe list reads like the best Italian restaurant you could imagine.

8. Joy The Baker…
She is Joy and she is a self taught baker, simple as that. Everything from bread (gluten free included) to breakfasts to cookies to cakes to chocolate… need I say more.

Now just to find the time to make all of these delicious things…




Oh man don’t get me started! I can spend hours upon HOURS reading blogs. Just when i think I have final list of all my faves, I find more.

It’s so exciting and inspiring to read about things and look at pictures from distant places. I get so homesick looking at all the NY blogs.

You’ve put together a great list there. All look soooo yummy and just before lunchtime (THANKS!) I’ve been following Joy The Baker for a while now. Isn’t she just so awesome?

Man…. Now I want some cake…


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