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Exercise is a B**ch!

This weekend was my first cycle post Christmas holiday indulgence and boy was it tough… it’s amazing how unfit I have become after two weeks of sitting on a sofa eating rubbish – I mean who knew? Not that I was particularly fit beforehand mind you… but even a small cycle with only one hill seemed to floor me. To make matters worse I then decided to embark on a run around the park today and so as I write this my butt is feeling the curse of an uncomfortable bike seat and my legs hurt every time I stand up or move in anyway…

But despite the muscle pain I do feel good… I love that post exercise feeling when you have had a hot shower, put your PJ’s on, sat on the sofa and can smell the tasty dinner that awaits you and not feel guilty about the amount you are going to eat, because you deserve it. It’s a wonderful feeling… almost a little smug with yourself at what you’ve achieved but at the same time glad that it is now over and completely unapologetic about the fact you are lounging at 6 o’clock on a Sunday night… aah!

So I guess despite the title of this post I do rather enjoy the odd spot of exercise and I really never thought I would find myself saying that. I’m not a sporty person in the slightest, in fact the idea of me and any sort of sport combined makes me a little nervous. I’m never going to get fit by playing any sort of team games and I get ridiculously bored at the gym if I’m just left to my own devices.

But as I have got older I have realised that unless I want to be one of the next contestants on ‘The Biggest Loser’ it is something that I really must partake in – especially if I want to keep eating cakes and baked goods… so I have found the exercise that works for me and I give myself incentives… for example my pink bike – the pleasure I got buying it was almost as much, if not more than buying a new pair of shoes or a new outfit and now every time I look at it, it makes me smile so therefore it’s really not a chore to go for a cycle on it.

As long as it’s not horrific weather I’m really quite happy when cycling around, not a care in the world. It can help me destress or clear my head and I always feel good afterwards… My pink superbike may only have three gears and make cycling up even the smallest of hills ten times more difficult than it should be but when I reach the top it makes the achievement ten times more amazing and I genuinely love the little old thing!

Right now the reason I’m being energetic is because I want to try out all of the wonderful new kit I now own… I finally, after almost a year of looking, (remember this post?) I have a bike helmet courtesy of Ma and Pa Bumpkin for Christmas and as promised it’s on the blog in all it’s glory – I have gone for a classic Bern number from cyclechic in black with a grey trim and it went for it’s first test drive this weekend (hence the sore butt) I also got to test out my new cycling gloves (I know check me out I’m like a proper athlete) and new light (all Crimbo presents from Ma and Pa Bumpkin).

Today’s run around the park was brought about because I have purchased myself a new pair of real, proper running trainers (courtesy of the JD Sports mega sale), not fashion trainers, not Converse or Reebok high tops, trainers which are specifically designed for sport. Yes this is the first time I have ever owned such a pair of shoes in my adult life and I was surprised to find that my previous view that all sports trainers are ugly has been proved wrong as they are really rather snazzy! They are black Nike Lunarswift’s with a punch of yellow and pink to make them stand out.

And they my friends… are what dragged me out of my flat on a cold Sunday morning to go for a run… because I really really wanted to wear my new trainers! I know it sounds silly but it works… I know that if I had to go running in a pair of old, ugly trainers it wouldnt be nearly as exciting as today was with my fun neon yellow and bright pink feet.

Next weekend I’m trying Zumba for the first time which I’m really hoping lives up to all the hype and is non stop fat burning fun… my trainers can be put to good use for that too and it might even be time to invest in some new gym gear…


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