Easy and Indulgent Chocolate Tiffin

Chocolate tray bake recipe ideas, Bumpkin Betty

Chocolate tray bake recipe ideas, Bumpkin Betty


This month’s baking club theme is ‘Family favourites’ and it was inspired by one of the members who last month chose to bake her Mum’s pavlova recipe – a recipe that had been taught to her as a child and which she knew inside out.

This struck a chord with me as my love of baking definitely comes from my Mum, and from my Oma before her. I too have my Pavlova recipe down to a tee thanks to baking it every Christmas with my Mum for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I can remember helping my Mum prepare endless amounts of tray bakes and cakes, and then dividing them all up into little bundles and packaging them up ready to sell at the local farmer’s market that Sunday, or take to the village hall coffee morning that month. There was always an occasion to bake, and it became one of my favourite activities (which it still is).

Most of the recipes I now know off by heart and crack out most regularly are ones which were taught to me by my Mum and most likely passed down to her from my Oma and as my Mum always says that I make them better than she did, I like the idea of the recipe changing and adapting as it moves down the generations.

But whether you baked with a parent or grandparent when younger, or whether your love of baking came later in life, the idea of family favourites is one we can all relate to. There’s certain puddings that I know my Dad’s a sucker for when it comes to Sunday dinner, and I have friends who have become a dab hand at certain cakes because their kids love them so much.

A family favourite can be anything from a recipe that’s been in the family for years, to a recipe that you’ve tried for the first time and loved so much you can’t wait to make it a regular. In our family, the favourites were always sweet. We all have a big sweet tooth in my family, and as it happens I’ve only gone and married a sweet tooth too so that tradition doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

How to make chocolate tiffin, Bumpkin BettyEasy and quick tray bake recipes, Bumpkin BettyThe ultimate chocolate treat recipe, Bumpkin BettyChocolate tiffin was always a winner in our household when I was young. I guess partly because it is so easy to make so was something my Bro and I could easily get involved in (bashing digestives with a rolling pin is great when you’re a kid) and they were always the first to sell out at the farmers market. I think my ability to make a tasty slab of chocolate tiffin might also be a big part of the reason why GB married me, as he was sold on this tray bake the very first time I made it for him.

So much so, that now every single time I go to bake and every single time I ask him for a suggestion on what I should bake, he asks ‘Can you make tiffin?’ to which my response is usually no, because firstly it’s not really baking (it’s so easy, takes no time at all, and doesn’t even require an oven) and the baking club would probably be scoffing if I came out with this month after month, and secondly because it’s rather indulgent, and very moreish, so if I made this too regularly we’d quickly be piling on the pounds.

But, it’s the ultimate treat every so often, and this month I couldn’t resist adding it to my baking club roster even if it doesn’t actually require any baking. It’s the epitome of family favourite for me – something I used to bake when I was younger with my Mum, something my whole family loves indulging in, and now my husband’s number one too.

With him filming all weekend last week, and working really long hours, I whipped up a batch of this on Saturday so he’d have a treat waiting for him when he came home on Sunday afternoon, ready to kick back and relax on the sofa. And as per usual it went down a treat (yes I am an awesome wife).

Easy no bake required chocolate tray bake recipes, Bumpkin BettyEasy chocolate tray bake recipes, Bumpkin bettyCoffee and cake recipes, Bumpkin BettySunday treat recipes that are easy to make, Bumpkin BettyNothing better than a lazy Sunday, reading the papers, making fresh coffee, buying fresh flowers and indulging in chocolate treats.

So if you fancy trying this easy-peasy no bake required, super indulgent, tastiest thing you’ll ever eat, tray-bake then the recipe is below. And to join the baking club fun, just sign up here and meet the team on Facebook. Stay tuned for a full round up of what everyone in the group baked for this month’s theme in a couple of weeks.

Chocolate tiffin recipe, Bumpkin bettyTop UK food and lifestyle bloggers, Bumpkin Betty

What you’ll need

1 Packet of digestive biscuits (about 20 needed)

1oz cocoa

2 tbsp sugar

4oz Raisins

4oz Butter(melted)

2 tbsp Syrup

8oz Chocolate (I like a mix of dark and milk but whichever you prefer)

Quick and easy chocolate recipes, Bumpkin BettyNo bake chocolate tiffin recipe, Bumpkin Betty

How it’s done

1. Count out 20 digestives and throw them into a seal-able  food bag (or just a large bowl) and using a rolling pin, smash them up into crumbs… Bang out all of your aggression on the poor things.

“BB’s top tip… Got a ceoliac guest? You can easily make these gluten free with free from biscuits!”

2. Melt the butter, sugar and syrup in a bowl

3. Mix crushed digestives, raisins and cocoa into the butter mixture and bring together into a sticky chocolatey mess

“BB’s top tip… like a rocky road? Add marshmallows in too!”

4. Spread the mixture evenly in a deep baking tray, pressing it down in order to flatten and bind (this will avoid a crumbly base) and place in the fridge to cool for around ten minutes

5. Once the biscuit base feels hard and no longer crumbly, melt your chocolate over a pan or in the microwave and pour evenly over the top of your biscuit base.

6. Place back in the fridge to harden and leave for around an hour

7. Once set cut into squares and serve…

Easy and indulgent chocolate recipes, Bumpkin Betty

What are your family favourite recipes? If you do give this one a go, be sure to tag #BakewithBB so I can see how  they turned out and search the #BBbakingclub tag for more inspo! And, I’d love you all to join the baking club – we just hit 50 members this month but there’s always room for more!!

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  • You really can’t beat Tiffin, can you! Its always one of the favourite treats in my house too, whenever we hold a party a slab of tiffin will always get made to join the dessert offerings, and you can guarantee it will always be one of the first things to go. I love the look of that lovely thick layer of chocolate on top of yours! xx

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  • Esthet says:

    Hello. What size tin did you use for the Tiffin?
    Many thanks

    • Jaclyn says:

      Hi Esther, I used a deep baking tray but you can really use anything – I’ve also used a standard baking tray before and that also works, just makes a thinner slice which is quite nice! or i’ve used a glass lasange tin once too – anything will do! Good luck xx

  • Patty says:

    Hello~ I live in the states (hi!) and just learned of tiffin today. I’m quite eager to make them; your recipe looks delicious!
    May I ask what the ingredient called ‘syrup’ is? I’m guessing it’s simple syrup, but do not wish to attempt before I become educated.
    Thank you for your assistance and lovely recipes.
    Happy Christmas!

  • Patty says:

    Oh! I think I’ve possibly answered my own question!
    Is it Golden Syrup? 😀
    Thank you again,

    • Jaclyn says:

      Hi Patty!! Lovely to have you here and thanks for stopping by! It is indeed golden syrup – not sure what you call that in the states but any sticky treacle will do really, as it’s just to bind the ingredients together! Tiffin is a great tray bake to make and really easy I promise. It’s VERY more-ish though so word of warning- once you’ve made it once you’ll be wanting to make it again and again! Good luck xx

      • Patty says:

        Thank you so much for such a speedy response!
        I’m looking forward to my new Tiffan addiction.
        Here in the states the equivalent to Golden Syrup is corn syrup (light & dark). Thanks to Amazon, I have 6 lovely cans of Golden Syrup & Dark Treacle! 😀
        Thank you again &
        Happy Baking!