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Double Layering and January Sparkling

January Blues outfit, Bumpkin BettyOh January how we hate on you! Taking the hit and being the first month after all the festive merriment can’t be easy, and hosting cold temperatures and grey skies every day has got to be a tad depressing, not to mention the fact that everyone is so mean about you! So hey, January I’m giving you a bit of a break this year and telling you, you aint all bad! Yes its been a tad grey, and yes going back to work after Christmas is never fun but you do give us a whole extra week and therefore an extra weekend with which to make happy plans. Plus, your cold snap only encourages more creative dressing; such as double layers, furry hats and extra sparkles, all of which only bring smiles to this little face I can tell you.

I’m taking on January how I plan to take on the whole of this year; with excitement, giddiness and motivation. There are, after all, some pretty exciting occasions occurring and January is no exception. I’ve already got plans for every weekend including my first wedding dress shopping date with my best women, a Burns night feast with some top people, Zoo adventures with cute little ones and a family get together for my Dad’s birthday, so frankly it’s all looking rosy right now.

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The weather seems to have finally cottoned on to the fact it’s supposed to be Winter and there’s been a bit of a chill in the air alongside those grey clouds, but as long as I’ve got the appropriate layers on, I’ll quote that not so famous film that no-one at all anywhere is mentioning and say ‘the cold never bothered me anyway’. Although dressing for January can sometimes feel a bit dull, when all we get to do is bundle ourselves up in so many layers we can’t actually stretch our arms out anymore, it also provides the fun of extra accessorising. And on grey days when you have to cover up every inch of your outfit, going to town with quirky accessories is my top piece of advice to retain your sparkle.

Talking of sparkle I can’t help but come first to my footwear fancies in this outfit, for these Boden sparkly flats have certainly been my shoe of choice to ward off those January blues. They’ve been doing the rounds on the old social media of late and you’ve no doubt spotted them on many more stylish souls than me, but my magpie tendencies sought them out and couldn’t possibly resist. The rather exciting news for you is that they’re now on sale, and as someone who thinks sparkles are never just for Christmas, I’m being a cheeky enabler and saying go for it right here.

Duster Coat and Cossack Hat, Bumpkin Betty Fashion BlogEveryday Casuals, Bumpkin Betty UK Fashion BlogTopshop Furry Hat, Bumpkin Betty UK Style BlogNavy and Camel, Bumpkin Betty, UK Style Blogboden sparkly flats, Bumpkin BettyI myself have been resisting the sales as much as I possibly can this season, one because there is nothing particular that I desperately need (apart from a wedding outfit which is of course taking precedence in the finance department) and two because I’m challenging myself a little this year to get more wear out of the pieces I do have. I’m conscious that my wardrobe is ever burgeoning and that old ‘I have nothing to wear’ catchphrase just won’t cut it anymore. Of course being sans Wifi over the holidays helped greatly in this mission and the only things I’ve bought so far are this navy silk duster coat and furry Cossack hat, both purchases I blame entirely on my brother who invited me to Guildford an hour earlier than he finished work and forced me to take refuge amongst the Topshop rails. Considering their price however, I’m letting myself off, as the hat is oh so cosy and hasn’t left my head much since and the jacket offers a great in between layer. It’s silky soft and although you can’t tell in the photos has subtle dark navy panels on the sleeves and pockets, making it somewhat of a luxe evening overcoat rather than a duster.

Warehouse, Topshop and Boden Outfit, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear Mom Jeans, Bumpkin BettyDressing for Winter, Bumpkin BettyCossack Hat and Tartan Scarf, Bumpkin BettyDouble Layers and January Sparkle, Bumpkin BettyThe Mom jeans were a bit of a surprise hit for me at the end of last year. Up until this purchase I’d always shyed away from the style, sure that they’d only accentuate my hips and not in any way flatter my shape. I tried on these Warehouse ones as a little experiment really but the soft denim and nipped in waist laid to rest any reservations and had me sold straight away. They’re incredibly comfy and are now my go to for a casual weekend look, even if they do give way to the breezy ankle problem. A simple camel coloured scallop top was an easy pairing, and I like to think along with the navy and gold I’ve found a winning colour combo.

Of course extra layers were definitely required for a frosty Sunday morning brunch outing to West London’s pretty streets and so I give you the double coat effect, maybe my newest form of layering.

How are you combating January’s grey days? Do you find it hard to stay stylish during the Winter?



Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

When I arrived back on campus after winter break, my dorm room was freezing cold! I spent the whole morning and much of the afternoon just curled up in a ball on my bed doing nothing. I couldn’t even bring myself to mindlessly surf the Internet, procrastinate properly, or catch up with my Bloglovin’ feed! I was wearing tights, two pairs of socks, sweats, a cashmere sweater, my winter coat, two pairs of gloves, and a hat. Indoors! How you manage to stay fashionable AND warm I’ll never know. Well I guess now I do haha. I have since figured out the heating system in my dorm, but if ever I’m caught in a cold situation like that again, you’re my inspiration! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Haha that reminds me so much of my Uni days!! Well I’m not sure I’m much inspiration in that scenario but yes London is surprisingly mild at the moment so I can get away with things like bare ankles and thin coats. Staying cosy is my number one goal at all times though – I feel your pain! x

Jennifer Polly

This outfit is so perfect – I love how simple it looks, then when you look closely there are different textures and those shoes are beeeeautiful! Such a lovely transitional outfit since it’s still chilly out at the moment but isn’t quite as cold as it’s been. x


Loving those shoes, they rock. I am not quite brave enough to do without socks yet! The outfit is perfect for this weather


Thanks Alison, they’re lots of fun! Well I think I learned my lesson after this day not to brave the bare ankle again until it’s a tad warmer lol! x


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