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Denim Dungarees and Fur Scarves | ASOS As Seen On Me

ASOS As seen on Me, Bumpkin BettyHello, hello, HELLO! Firstly before I launch into the ins and outs of wearing a fur scarf in the middle of June, I just wanted to take a moment to apologise that posting hasn’t been as frequent as normal on this here blog lately. I’m a bit of a blog addict so I really hate it when I let this happen and go a few weeks with as little as four posts, but (very) occasionally real life takes over online life and the last few weeks has been a classic case of this. I’ve just not had the energy, motivation or time to actually sit down after a long day of work to write. It might sound silly considering a big part of my job is writing and creating content but sometimes doing so for yourself, with real, thoughtful and true words, rather than just words for a brand or website or a press release is so much more difficult. I won’t lie, I’ve been juggling a LOT this year, and there are times when it’s got the better of me. I don’t write this blog full time, and while I do work for myself and am in charge of my own workload, sometimes there are big projects and difficult clients and as much as I hate it to be so, this blog can often slip to the bottom of my to-do list.

BUT what I’ve realised is that I really cannot let this happen, as I love to write this blog. In fact writing on this space is sometimes my only true therapy to a hectic lifestyle (as ironic as that is, considering running a blog most definitely adds to the hectic-ness of life) and when life gets so busy that you no longer have time for things that you enjoy the most, something’s going wrong.

So, although you might not even have noticed my absence, here I am to say that I’m going to make a conscious effort to keep the posts regular from now on no matter how busy things get (even when I go away for a month long honeymoon – yup not entirely sure how I’m going to manage that one!).

How to wear denim dungarees, Bumpkin BettyFestival Fashion Ideas, Bumpkin BettyAsos fur scarf and silver hair crown, Bumpkin Betty
Denim Dungarees | Fur Scarf | Silver hair crown | Wayfarer sunglasses – (all c/o ASOS) | Leather jacket – Gestuz (old but similar here) | Sequin sandals – ASOS (old but similar here)

Anyway considering I started this week with a post on all things shopping and wishlisting (did you catch it), I thought today I’d talk about where us shopping and fashion addicts can share those buys with one another and generally provide each other with inspo – so say hello to ASOS’s newest community platform, As Seen on Me! Chances are you’ve all been using it a fair bit already without even realising it, as last year ASOS coined the now ever popular hashtag #asseenonme for Twitter and Instagram as a way of sharing your ASOS buys with friends and fans. They’ve now taken this one step further and created a hub on their website where you can upload your looks (via your mobile, desktop or Facebook), tag the pieces you’re wearing and share it with the world. And by the world I really do mean the world as you’re little pics will then appear on the product pages of the items you’re wearing to give fellow shoppers inspo on how to wear the pieces and how they look on real folks as opposed to models (which is something I can never get enough off frankly, seeing something on a fellow blogger is always what makes me buy in the end!).

For those of us who were long time users of the ASOS Fashion Finder site (a little community hub where you shared looks with one another and generally fashion stalked your friends), this has now been replaced (sob! sob!) and morphed into ASOS As Seen on Me so I’m pretty excited to get started.

To celebrate the launch ASOS asked me to style up a look using one of their ‘key pieces’ as the starting point and when this multi coloured fur scarf came through the post, I instantly came over with a desire to channel my inner boho princess and go a little seventies, not a trend I turn to often I must admit, but with a few Summer occasions and festivals ahead, it felt like a look I could wear again and again.

Asos Dungarees and leather jacket, Bumpkin BettyAsos Denim Jumpsuit and Fur Scarf, Bumpkin Betty Style BlogWhat to wear to a festival, Bumpkin Betty Style BlogFirst off, let’s be honest here. We all LOVE ASOS right? I mean I don’t even need to go into detail about the brand, tell you anything about them or even persuade you why it’s worth a look, because everyone shops there. Even the most designer dahlings or vintage mavens I know will still mix and match the odd piece from ASOS into their wardrobes. It’s like a mecca, I mean if it was an actual shop it would be the biggest shop on the high street as they have SO much products. Which, if I’m honest sometimes makes shopping there an extremely time consuming task for me – I’m one of those people who has to browse the whole shop to see what’s out there before I can make a decision on what to buy, which in the case of ASOS can take a very long time – I can spend hours going round in circles adding pieces to my basket only to get to the checkout and wonder whether I actually need any of it?

Because of that I find it best to hit ASOS with a mission, and look specifically in the direction of the item(s) you want to find. Having decided upon a seventies vibe to match this rather furry accessory (styling up a fur number in Summer is definitely one of the trickier challenges I’ve been tasked with) I headed straight for the denim aisles, and remembering a pair of high waisted baggy jeans I’d spotted a few months prior, set about hunting them down. It was only after adding said jeans to my basket that I spotted the same shape in dungaree form in the ‘you might also like’ section of bank balance death. And like all good love stories, the rest, as they say, is history.

Asos denim dungarees, Bumpkin BettyAsos denim dungarees and fur scarf, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear baggy jeans, Bumpkin BettyAsos silver hair crown and aviator sunglasses, Bumpkin BettyAsos sparkly heel shoes, Bumpkin BettyAt first I wasn’t sure the high waist/cropped ankle/attached top combo of these dungarees would work for a long bodied, ample hipped, tall girl like myself and so it was with trepidation that I first slipped them on, upon the delivery arriving. It wasn’t love at first sight I’ll admit (the length of the jeans means a heel is most definitely needed and flat sandals + wonky mirror were doing nothing for my self confidence) but as is always the way with an outfit of mine, accessories became the key. Once put together with a pair of fabulous sparkly heels, my long time friend of a leather jacket, a boho silver hair crown, pair of wayfarer sunglasses and of course that statement scarf it all came together, and me and the denim dungarees were set to be life long partners (or at least season long partners, lets not get carried away!).

Asos As seen on me challenge, Bumpkin Betty Fashion BlogAsos backless denim jumpsuit, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear Double denim, Bumpkin BettyI love the cut out detail to the back, and I adore anything where I can shove my hands into the pockets and look all carefree which these slouchy dungarees allow perfectly. Although the fur scarf might be popped in the wardrobe and only brought out on those murkier Summer days, the colours somehow matched perfectly with my multi-coloured strappy sandals (which you might remember were bought as my holiday heels before Portugal). I’ll be wearing this silver hair crown all Summer long, as long as I can figure out how to get it to stay put in it’s rightful place along the hairline and not fall back to the middle of my head like in all of these photos.

Top Uk Fashion and Lifestyle blogs, Bumpkin BettyBohemian Summer fashion, Bumpkin Betty fashion blogFor someone who rarely ventures into the boho trend, I think I’ve almost been converted. And for someone who never thought she’d wear denim dungarees, this just shows you that sometimes love is blind.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the boho trend? And will you (or have you) tried out As Seen on Me yet? Shop my look and some of my other favourite boho pieces from ASOS below!




Fantastic look! It’s great when you mix items you already have with something new and get a completely different vibe – inspired styling!

Sarah @ Daydreams of Summertime

Love your outfit so much, the dungerees are so cute! I have been having the same problem with my blog lately, what with working full time and doing up our new house blogging seems to have fallen to the bottom of my priorties even though it is one of my favourite things to do! I am hoping over the next week or so I will start to have more time! Have a great weekend lovely! x


Thanks Sarah! Oh I’m glad I’m not alone with that blogging feeling – the guilt is real right? I think you do a stellar job of keeping up with everything so don’t worry at all, your posts always seems so regular! Loving the house updates too x

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Lovee the dungarees! Funnily enough, I’ve been posting more consistently over summer break than I have been during the school year. I mean, I guess it makes sense, but it’s also a little sad, because… shouldn’t I be spending more time outside doing things? Ah well. Anyways, your content is amazing, especially considering that blogging isn’t your sole focus. Don’t spend too much time in front of your computer while you’re on your honeymoon 😛 <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Thanks Audrey, that’s so kind of you to say. I’m so grateful for your reading and commenting all of the time, it is much appreciated!! Do what you love that’s what i always say, even if it is an indoor pursuit lol! xx


Hey, I love the way you accessorize! I’ve been crushing on this jumpsuit for months:) If you don’t mind me asking since you mentioned a few times that you’re tall. How tall? I’m 5’9 and nervous lol


Hey Cam, thanks so much! It’s a great jumpsuit I’d defo say go for it. I’m around 5’7 so not quite as tall as you but there’s a little room in mine so I reckon you’d be ok. Besides free returns at ASOS!! x


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