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Currently Coveting… OTK Boots

Top UK Fashion Blogs, Over the Knee Boots, Street StyleTop UK Fashion Blogs, Over the Knee Boots, Street StyleTop UK Fashion Blogs, Over the Knee Boots, Street StyleTop UK Fashion Blogs, Over the Knee Boots, Street StyleTop UK Fashion Blogs, Over the Knee Boots, Street Style

You can see where I’m going with this can’t you? Obsession. Absolute obsession.

I think I might just have spent every spare second I have had in the last two months looking at boots just like the above, or looking at street style pics of girls wearing boots just like the above or scouring eBay and Vestiaire in the hope of finding boots just like the above at reduced prices… or (oh you get my drift).

OTK boots (that’s over the knee to you and I, not to be confused with OTT, although they may often be called that too) have been having a serious moment of late, in fact it’s been a long moment, you might even call it an hour, and it’s in much part due to those Givenchy boots everyone except me had last winter (and those Zara ones which were an exceptional high street alternative). The Givenchy version featured that coveted hidden wedge and baggy demeanour but this has now been replaced ever so slightly by a more fitted (but not too fitted) silhouette this season and a block heel. Thigh highs are coming through in suede fabrics courtesy of Stuart Weitzman and Sam Edelman which look gorgeous on the model like figures that frequent my street style Pinterest boards but I’m not sure I’m entirely brave enough to go full on ‘Pretty Women’ with this trend.

I adore the Givenchy ones of last season and almost thought I’d got my hands on those Zara ones through Vestiaire Collective but was thwarted by a trickster seller at the last minute. Instead I’m now coveting the likes of those worn by Jessica Stein and Taylor Tomasi Hill above. Classic black leather boot with a slight over the knee flap and some detailing. The designer version comes in the form of 3.1 Philip Lim but the H&M Paris Collection from earlier this year was a good alternative (shame those are now sold out too). The pair Jessica wears above are actually River Island but I can’t find them online for love nor money – maybe they are yet to come out?

I’m taken with this Dune pair and even considered these, but I’ve yet to find that exact pair that do it for me. I’m scouring eBay daily in the hope of a bargainous find but as yet haven’t been so lucky.

Let me know if you have come across any good finds in the OTK dept, in the meantime I’ll continue coveting from afar (Pinterest).

P.S how adorable are those first two pics? That is what I imagine my ideal winter season to be like…



Maria Fallon

I really want some over the knee boots, my ideal would be flat, black and suede!

Maria xxx


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