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Current Jewellery Favourites, Bumpkin BettySometimes I feel as if this year is just teasing me. So many wonderful things have happened in the last five months (!) but because they’ve gone by in such a flurry of activity and excitement, I feel as if I’ve not had time to truly appreciate them. To savour the moments and make a mental note to remember that feeling, or sunset or conversation.

But I guess one thing we can’t stop is the passing of time and whether I’ve savoured the moments or not, here we are in June. Looking out my window to grey skies, rain and gale force winds as I write this, it could of course easily be January which is perhaps why I’m struggling to come to terms with the fact that the first half of the year is almost up.

In a bid to recap on things at the end of each/start of a new month, I thought I’d start a monthly round up of anything I’ve been loving, doing, and using. Kind of like a monthly favourites (favoured by beauty bloggers and youtubers all over the land) but because it won’t always be purely about ‘things’ I’ve decided to title it simply ‘current’. This month I’m kicking things off by sharing some of my current jewellery loves, firstly because I’ve added a few new pieces to my collection recently that I wanted to share, and secondly because as I get older it’s an area of my style that I’m more and more conscious of.

I guess now that I have such a special little ring on my finger, I’ve become more aware of the importance of other jewels which can only compliment that one. I’m slowly starting to move away from so much fashion jewellery (the odd piece here and there for a night out of course) and invest in more forever items. These are just a few of the favourites that are making up my current collection.

Favourite Necklaces, Bumpkin betty

Astrid and Miyu Wishbone Necklace, Bumpkin BettyWishbone Necklaces at Jewel Street, Bumpkin BettyWhere to shop for jewellery online, Bumpkin BettyTop Uk Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, Bumpkin Betty
Astrid and Miyu Wishbone Necklace – c/o Jewel Street | Marc by Marc Jacobs Don’t Panic Necklace – c/o Shopstyle | Opal Necklace – gift from a friend

I used to prefer a mix of either long and layered necklaces or bold stand out statement styles, but lately I’ve been favouring a dantier chain with a simple charm. I started re-wearing my Alex Monroe bee necklace after a brief hiatus but once I had my rose gold ring, I was seeking something equally pretty and romantic in rose gold to accompany it. I found just that in this delightfully dainty wishbone necklace by Astrid and Miyu and it’s been my go-to daily wear ever since. I discovered the designer through the online jewellery website Jewel Street, who had got in touch to introduce themselves and invite me to give my thoughts on their shopping experience. I’ve long been a fan of online shopping (sitting on the sofa with a cuppa perusing my iPad gives me just as much, if not more, pleasure than traipsing through the shops) but often with jewellery it can be tricky to find just what you’re looking for or know where to shop. That’s why a site like Jewel Street really appeals to me, as they’re a mecca of a number of unique jewellery designers and stock everything from fine to fashion. Seeing as I was purposely seeking rose gold and a necklace, my search was made even easier as I could quickly narrow down the designers that stocked rose gold items and the range of necklaces that were on offer. As soon as I saw this wishbone chain, I was hooked. It’s simple yet classic and the wishbone is said to bring good luck which in the year of a wedding isn’t to be sniffed at.

When I do want something a little more stand out, I’ve been wearing My Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Don’t Panic’ necklace, which was a gift from Shopstyle at a recent workshop I attended. It’s bold, fun and always garners a few comments. And finally for those days when a little colour is needed, the opal necklace my friend bought me for my birthday is perfect, I just adore hose pinky tones.

Favourite Watches, Bumpkin Betty

Larsson and Jennings Watch, Bumpkin BettyWhere to buy Fashionable Watches, Bumpkin Betty
Larsson & Jennings Black Lader Watch | Storm Multizan Watch | Shore Projects Poole Watch

Up until about a year ago, I never wore a watch. I found they didn’t suit my slim wrists and could never find anything that either wasn’t terribly uncomfortable to wear (when you spend your days typing, wrist candy can be quite annoying) or didn’t look ridiculous on me. In the space of that year however I’ve become a watch convert and now switch daily between three favourites.

My top choice has to be my Larsson and Jennings watch which was a 30th birthday gift from GB and I’m still bowled over by how well he did without any prompting from me! You’ve seen this number before in it’s original gold chain look but I recently added another of their straps to my collection for a more subtle day look in this black suede number. I think the black and gold make quite a pairing and it’s statement without being too dressy. I switch back to the gold when I fancy a little more bling.

Because I think it’s important to have an option in gold, rose gold and silver depending on what jewellery you’re wearing at the time, I alternate between two other styles; My Storm London rose gold chain watch (which currently needs a new battery hence why the time is wrong) and my Shore Projects silver Poole watch which is great for more casual looks and any time I’m travelling. I have a few straps for this one too but always revert back to the pale blue as it just reminds me of the seaside (something the Shore brand is all about no less).

Current Jewellery Loves, Bumpkin Betty Style Blog

Stephen Einhorn Engagement Ring, Bumpkin BettyStephen Einhorn Phoenix Ring, Bumpkin Betty
Stephen Einhorn Bespoke Engagement Ring | Stephen Einhorn Phoenix Ring | Love Ring (bought at a market in NYC) | MFP Stud Ring (old season)

Something I’ve found incredibly difficult to wear ever since getting my engagement diamonds, my collection of – rings I actually wear day to day – has been reduced significantly. So much so that there’s now only really four key styles I ever choose. Of course the first is that very engagement piece which, after a bit of a wait, now sits happily on my finger daily. At first wearing something every day was so alien to me, but now I find myself checking my left finger every so often just to make sure it’s still there as it feels so natural. It’s still proving difficult to get a good shot of it for the blog as it’s so intricately detailed so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s a beaut.

If I can’t coordinate with the same style then at least I coordinate with the same jeweller. Both my engagement ring and this beautiful Phoenix ring (which I received last year) are made by Stephen Einhorn and it’s easy to see why he’s one of my favourite designers. Whenever I’m in a silver mood, or simply need a little boost I throw on my Phoenix ring, it’s a true statement piece, but so beautifully delicate at the same time. And I have to admit that I love the connotations of a Phoenix sitting on my finger.

The only others which now grace my fingers are my rose gold Love ring which was a New York present, and although a little worse for wear holds such happy memories for me, and my Maria Francesca Pepe gold stud ring, which makes me feel kinda fierce when I wear it.

That’s pretty much the extent of my jewellery collection at the moment, bar a few more fashion pieces which get thrown on now and again. Of course I’ll be adding another special ring before the year is out and so my hunt for more forever jewels continues. If you have any jewellery stores/designers you love or recommend I’d love to know!


Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

Your jewellery collection is so lovely! That wishbone necklace is absolutely darling – I love it! I have also been feeling this way lately – like the first half of the year of gone and I hardly had a moment to appreciate all the wonderful things that came with it. Let’s hope the second half of the year allows us to reflect and appreciate more! xx


Thanks Carly, the wishbone necklace is a definite favourite at the moment. I know how you feel, I think it has something to do with an impending wedding? It’s like everything is building up to that one date and because of that everything else rushes by? Hope we can both relax a little though x


I love your jewellery, I have quite a collection but rarely wear it, I think I need to go shopping in my wardrobe!

Maria xxx


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