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Cheerz photo review, Bumpkin Betty

Can I say it? I don’t want to jinx it but… I’m going to say it anyway… I *think* spring might be here! I know, exciting right? Why this realisation? Well it was my birthday at the weekend and I kind of always associate my birthday with the start of spring. Not to mention the fact that it’s been nothing but beautiful sunshine since that day, and even though we’re only half way through, my week has already been filled with friends, good food, sunny days, new wardrobe additions and fresh daffodils. Which basically means I’m loving life right now. And I usually only love life this much when it’s spring so… yeah I reckon it’s here. Hurrah!

March is definitely my favourite month of the year, and not just because I get to turn a year older. It’s usually the time I finally get my butt in gear, start getting myself organised and put some sort of plan in place for the remainder of the year. January’s always a slog, February’s over before you know it, but March heralds a fresh start. A time to spring clean everything in my life from my wardrobe to my home to myself.

I’ll admit that the start of 2016 has been more of a slog than usual for me, and I haven’t exactly been a happy bunny over the last couple of months, but I finally feel like I’m turning a corner and I just know it’s because of all that vitamin D that’s waiting on the other side.

So here are just a few of the things that have been keeping me on the up lately…

Cheerz photo printing, Bumpkin BettyWhere to print your wedding photos, Bumpkin Betty
Finally printing some of our wedding photos (Box and Frame c/o Cheerz)

We’re a little bit obsessed with polaroids in this household. We have a collection of vintage polaroid camera’s which are displayed on every spare shelf in the flat, and we had polaroids everywhere at our wedding, as well as a couple of Instax mini’s to that guests could help us make even more on the day. So when it came to the point of sending out thank you cards, we knew it had to be a polaroid snapshot. There are lots of websites and apps now which will turn your photos into polaroid pictures for you, and it’s a great idea for cards, Christmas gift tags or just as a fun way to display photos in your home or at an event. Most of them involve printing from your Facebook or Instagram account but we found Cheerz, a service that allows you to print any photos you like, not just the ones you’ve shared on social. we simply uploaded a bunch of our favourite wedding snaps onto a dropbox folder and went from there. At Cheerz you can choose to print in the traditional polaroid shape or just as a simple square. And there’s so many fun things to do with your photos – from framed collages, to posters to magnets and even double sided invitations (life saver). They also have special boxes for occasions such as a Mother’s Day box, Valentines box or wedding decor box. We opted for a Big Fat Box which allowed us to print 200 of our favourite snapshots (ideal for our thank you cards), and then also got a Big Square frame, which gave us nine shots all nicely laid out and framed in a swish black frame.

We were really impressed with the quality of the prints and they arrived super fast. Also everything from the packaging to the editorial to the emails with Cheerz is just FUN. They even include a couple of extra cheeky snaps in your delivery of the team who printed them – genius.

As nice as it is to look through an online gallery or blog post of your wedding photos, there’s something pretty special about just seeing them in print and on the wall.

Ivy Nixon jewellery, Bumpkin bettystacking rings, Bumpkin Betty
Wearing endless stacking rings

Rings, rings, rings. I can’t get enough of rings at the moment. Definitely my favourite form of jewellery right now, especially now that I have two permanently attached to my finger. I’m really into stacking lots on every finger – midi, mini, pinky and the rest. Two of my favourites at the moment are my opal and diamond rose gold ring by Ivy Nixon (which I had made custom for my wedding) and a gold and emerald rectangular shaped style from Gemporio (c/o) which sits perfectly on my index finger.

Kikki K stationery, Bumpkin BettyKikki K quote cards, Bumpkin Betty
Giving my desk and stationery collection an overhaul

Have you all visited Kikki K stationery yet? I’m getting a little obsessed. The stuff is just. so. cute!! I made my first visit when I was looking for a birthday present for a friend, and suddenly I was finding myself in the shop almost weekly – I want it all! I also just discovered this week that there are actually two stores in Covent Garden, a permanent one and a pop up – mind blown! I’m giving my home office a bit of a revamp at the moment, after finally getting myself a new desk and proper office chair this year (exciting!) so that working from home can hopefully be a bit more organised and productive from now on. Of course this has given me the perfect excuse to up my stationery game and I couldn’t resist these gold quote cards. They come with a little wooden stand which means you can choose your motivational phrase for the day and prop it up next to you! I can’t wait to get my desk all set up and start decorating.

Zara pink suede clutch, Bumpkin BettyInterior inspiration, Bumpkin Betty
Getting some birthday treats

I’ve been super frugal lately while trying to save so it was so lovely to get a few treats come my birthday. Above were just a couple of the lovely things I got from friends and family including my new ‘I am not a paper cup’ which is the best. In one of the offices of a client there’s a hot water machine and I bring my own tea bags but pay for the paper cup each time. GB thought this was ridiculous so he bought me this cup so I can make a cup of tea on the run – and it’s pink! Perfect! The suede pineapple clutch is from Zara and a little treat to myself. I can barely fit more than a lipstick and my phone in it is bright pink, suede and has a pineapple on it  – adorable! I’ve been getting really into interiors at the moment too – maybe with all the home office ideas I have – and this book by Sara Emslie is brilliant. It’s so hard to do a lot of the DIY ideas I have in a small rented flat but this book specialises in making the most of small spaces, which is definitely what I need. Hopefully I’ll share some of my projects with you all soon.


unique ways to display your wedding photos, Bumpkin Betty
And the rest…

Watching Girls – absolutely my favourite show on TV at the moment. It’s just so funny. Laugh out loud funny you know?

Spending a whole weekend with the hubbie – a whole weekend. Two full days without either of us having to work or jet off somewhere or visit other people. It was awesome!

Chatting with my baking club group – I love my baking club group, it’s so fun talking about cakes with other people who love cake as much as I do. Join in with us here!

Having short hair again – maybe you saw on Instagram at the weekend but I chopped all of my hair off and it feels amazing! I was so ready for a change and I’ve remembered why I love having short hair so much – it’s so easy to style and feels so much thicker and healthier.

Getting my fashion mojo back – sometimes it just takes a few new items in your wardrobe but I’ve totally been getting my style mojo back and am having fun with my outfits again, oh spring I love you!

Welcoming spring – sunshine, warmer weather, lighter evenings – it’s all conducive to a happier me!


So what’s been making you happy lately?



Don’t say the word daffodils in front of me .. they ruined my birthday … don’t ask it’s a long story!) I’m really hoping it is the arrival of Spring, we’re at a wedding in Milton Keynes this weekend and I’d love for my friend to have some sunshine for her big day!

You’ve really tempted me to do a spot of stationery shopping now. My desk is an absolute mess, I’ve somehow let piles of paper and camera equipment pile up all over it … I’m sure new stationery will help?!!

Happy Spring … I’m glad it’s here too 🙂


Daffodills ruined your birthday???? Please do tell? Those cute little yellow flowers seem so innocent haha! My desk is always a mess, I see to have a yearly clear out and I’, just at that stage now, hopefully in a few weeks it will look clear again! x


I love when you get that burst of energy at this time of year -for me it’s all about the garden but I have a few house projects on my mind too! That stationery is beautiful!
Happy styling!


Thank you, yes if I had a garden i’m sure that would be another project for me! Good luck with the house projects xx


I am always glad when it is the end of March. I dont mind January or February but apart from the hubbies birthday right in the middle of March, it is a rubbish month for me (long story). I am however excited about the prospect of Spring and have so much spring cleaning to do. The longer evenings coming in are great and my daughter loves being able to play in the garden when we get home from childcare. I am so looking forward to the clocks going forward this weekend and feeling like I can do things in the evening (although not much when your daughter has to be in bed by 745!). Here is to a bright, sunny and reasonably warm(I do live in Aberdeen so I can’t expect it to be hot!) Spring!


Oh sorry to hear it’s a rubbish month for you Aileen but you’re right, it’s a turning point for us all. Lighter evenings and longer days are coming hurrah! xx


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