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Postcards from Copenhagen | Day 1 (and a Video)

Top uk fashion bloggers, Bumpkin BettyHello there! I’m back online and you’ll notice things are looking a little different around here – thanks for bearing with me over the last few days while I took some time out to work on a mini re-design. My last blog design overhaul was now two years ago so it was high time for a refresh and a few tweaks of the features that were becoming dated.

I won’t go into too much detail about it all now, as I’m planning a seperate post to give you the low down on my lovely new logo (designed by Megan Riera) and the features that I hope will make the blog a little easier to navigate. For now, feel free to explore, bear with me if things aren’t working 100% and let me know what you think!

I knew I wanted to come back online with a great post, and I’ve been really excited to share this particular one with you as I finally finished editing our travel video from Copenhagen (seriously I don’t envy full time vloggers, editing is such a time consuming and frustrating task, hopefully I’ll get better at it in time)! I’m never going to be much of a vlogger as I hate talking on camera (and writing is my love) but short creative videos like this are definitely an area I’d love to pursue more as part of this blog and so I hope this will be the first of many.

So, before I launch into a photo diary of our first day in Copenhagen, I’d love it if you gave the video a watch, and better yet subscribe to my Youtube channel and give it the thumbs up there. It took me forever and a day to choose a song to edit the video to, but I’m so glad I went with this one by Jose Gonzalez in the end as I think it’s perfect for the scenes, even if I do hear it everywhere I go now! Also if you’re looking for more info on this beautiful city don’t forget to check out my previous post on how to tackle Copenhagen on a budget.

Day 1 in Copenhagen

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Our Airbnb

We stayed in a lovely Airbnb in the Norrebro area, which was the perfect base for us – easy to get into central, not as expensive as the centre of town and full of quirky shops, cool bars and restaurants. After a bit of a mix up with our first booking we really lucked out with Sara and Klaus’ place. It was beautifully furnished, really comfortable and they were easy to deal with and very friendly. They even left us out a bottle of Henricks gin and two gorgeous glasses when we arrived!

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Cycling into town

Our first port of call in the morning was renting bikes and setting about finding our way into town for some food. What we didn’t realise was that the Copenhagen Marathon was on that day, and so our route was diverted on various occasions and saw us navigating the streets and traffic lights more than we’d planned. It was probably the best way to get used to cycling in the city though, and meant we accidentally got to see a lot of places which we might not otherwise have ventured to. After a diversion took us off the road and through a park we found ourselves cycling along the river and stopping to cheer on the runners along the way. The weather was incredible this first day (so much so that I had to quickly swap my cashmere jumper – the forecast had said cold and rainy – for a T-shirt instead which is why you may notice some outfit irregularity in the video;-)) and wandering under the cherry blossom trees, looking out to the colourful buildings, and soaking up the sun bouncing off the bright blue water, was simply beautiful.

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Brunch at Kalaset

Food was one of the first things on the agenda, and having researched a couple of a good breakfast/ brunch places we sought out Kalaset in Vesterbro for our first pitstop. It proved not too difficult to find and was in a great part of town, just on the other side of the river and not too far from the other locations we wanted to visit. I’d definitely recommend this spot if you’re looking for somewhere to brunch. Not only is the interior an Instagrammers dream – colourful bunting, old vintage props, radios strung to the wall, paint crumbling chairs and colourful tables – but the food was delicious – a mixture of Danish breakfast classics, pancakes, sandwiches and organic produce all homemade – and the atmosphere was really relaxed and enjoyable.

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It’s undoubtadely the most touristy location in Copenhagen but I’d still say it’s a must for any visit. The area is busy, and bustling but it’s also beautiful. The rows of coloured buildings are lined with restaurants and bars and the harbour full of brightly coloured boats. An amble down the cobbled streets and a little too much love for a pastel pink wall ensued, but who can blame me?

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As we reached the bottom of the pier at Nyhavn, we decided to hop on the boat over to Papiroen or Paper Island as it’s sometimes called. We’d planned to hit the famous Copenhagen Street Food Market but seeing as our massive brunch hadn’t yet worn off, we made the most of the sunshine and took an amble around Christianshavn first. If I thought Nyhavn was beautiful, Christianshavn might just have pipped it. This is where you’ll find all of those gorgeous yellowy terracotta sunkissed walls, the cobbled streets and the tiny shops and cafes. We walked towards the Spiral Church in the hope of climbing one of the tallest buildings in the city and getting to take in those magnificent views on a clear sunny day, but unfortunately the winds had picked up and the tower wasn’t allowing guests up that day. It was a shame, but gave us more time to take in the area, and we found a bar, got some drinks and sat outside in the sunshine until hunger once again came a calling.

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The Copenhagen Street Food Market

If I had to recommend one place to eat in Copenhagen, the Street Food Market would be it. It’s definitely one of the coolest areas in the city, and on a sunny day is the only place you want to be. Think a cooler and hipper version of Borough Market, which is on water and encourages outdoor lounging, eating and partying. The dock is home to a few vintage shops and  bargain bins too which I was very tempted to start rummaging in but the look on GB’s face told me food was more important on this occasion. The large industrial space gets the best part of the sun all day, has a view out to the Opera House and has over 35 different food and drink stalls to choose from. Just like Borough Market I found myself crippled with indecision over what to eat, and forced myself to do an entire loop of the stalls to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

The fresh fish and chips looked incredible, the deli wraps delicious, the noodles and curry house inviting, but in the end I opted for the greasiest thing I could find (sometimes it’s what you want right?) in a pulled duck brioche burger and duck fat cooked chips. It was epic.

A couple of drinks and a ginormous slice of cheesecake from the dessert stalls, ate while sitting outside watching the boats go by concluded our day nicely.

Copenhagen sunset, Bumpkin BettySunset in Nyhavn Copenhagen, Bumpkin bettyTop uk lifestyle bloggers, Bumpkin BettyWhat to wear in Copenhagen, Bumpkin Betty
Dinner and Drinks

As sunset fell, we hopped back on the short boat across the water, wandered back through Nyhavn to pick up our bikes and headed back to our apartment for a quick change before going out. Again we weren’t really hungry after such a big feed so we dressed up and took ourselves to the Meatpacking District for cocktails. Despite it being a Sunday evening, the restaurants seemed to stay open and we were able to grab a few nibbles at a fish bar later on when we got peckish again.

Pink skirt and silver boots, Bumpkin BettyFrom the blue skies to the colourful exteriors and the beauty on every corner, Copenhagen had easily won my heart within minutes of that first day. It’s a truly special city.

I’ll be back with some snapshots from day two in a few days!



I’m really glad you enjoyed Copenhagen! The photos look ace and I look forward to seeing what else you got up to 🙂


Thanks Hannah! Yes it was such a great trip, can’t wait to explore more cities on weekend trips, they are so fun!


Love the video, especially GB spinning around in the park haha! I’ve been to Copenhagen before but just for a quick day trip – it made a good impression though, especially as we were staying in Malmo where it was constant horizontal rain / sleet, but in Copenhagen it was t-shirt weather! I’d love to go back and explore some more.


Haha thanks Emma, I’ll tell him that as he wasn’t keen on being in it at all! It’s such a beautiful place isn’t it? I think the sunshine makes it extra pretty x


Oh you must go Louise – it’s an incredible place!! I really really loved it, it’s definitely become one of my favourite European cities xx


Great photos! (I want that flat!) it’s a lovely city in a beautiful country glad you enjoyed it.
Loving the new logo!


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