Colourful Cupcakes

I love a bit of cupcake baking…they might be my favourite thing to bake. Perhaps because sponge cakes are such an easy and quick thing to do and I now have my recipe and technique down to a tee that it really doesn’t take me long menaing that I can spend more time being creative with the toppings.

What I have realised recently however is that I must spend a little too much time harking on about my love for cupcake baking as at the moment everyone seems to be buying me baking tools… recipe books, cooking implements, cake stands… not that I am complaining of course, it’s amazing! I’m just now in the situation where I have a million and one recipes I want to try, implements to put to use and not nearly enough time to do it…

So when a party was being planned at work I used this as the excuse I needed to put some of my new products to use and try out my latest toy – the icing syringe…

Inspired by the awful April weather we are experiencing at the moment, I decided to make the cupcakes bright, fun and sunny!

I followed my usual cupcake recipe but this time split the mixture into two and coloured the sponge mixture with food colouring, I chose pink and yellow but the choise is really yours. (Try layering the two colours in the cupcake case for a swirly sponge effect)

Bake them at about 200C for about 20-25 mins until the are springy to touch but you can stick a fork in the middle and it comes back clean. I then left the sponge cakes over night to cool and make them easier to ice and then the following day I decorated them, which is where it really got fun!

Keen to use as many of my new icing nossles as possible, I made a ton of butter icing – almost a whole tub of butter and half a packet of icing sugar to be precise – and split it into three bowls. I made three different pastel colours (as these shades make up our company logo) and started with the biggest nozzle to pipe a layer of blue around the outside of the cakes, then moved to a slighly smaller shape to pipe a layer of pink and finally the star shaped nozzle to pipe the finishing flourish of yellow.

I thought they looked pretty cute when finished, especially all lined up together… the only problem then was transporting them to the office the next morning for the party. One, I didn’t have a box big enough for 24 cakes (a cupcake transportation unit will need to be my next purchase) and two, they were so tall with icing that the tubs I did have were in danger of squashing them to a mushy mess. There were a couple of casualties on route but on the whole I managed to keep them intact (through very slow walking and a bit of pre determination of speed bumps on the bus).

They provided a pretty good hangover cure for the morning after the party too…

See what you think! And if anyone has any other top cupcake tips to share I’d love to hear them!


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