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Champagne Thursday’s!!

It’s becoming a bit of a recurring theme for me to have a bottle of champagne sitting on my desk on a Thursday afternoon… today it was the good stuff!!

The EXCITING news, which was worthy of the champagne and mini eggs, was that little old country Bumpkin Betty only went and bloody secured a spanking new brand for my company today!!!! Get me?… you may remember me harping on about something exciting in the pipeline after my trip to Pure? well after my excellent scouting, networking, correspondence, meetings, proposal writing and general persuasion, I, that’s right me, all through my own hard work and perseverence, have signed, sealed and delivered the most wonderful little brand all for myself… and I simply can not wait to start working on it… If I tell you the name I could be at risk of ruining my anonyminity but I am sure you will find out soon enough when I start blogging about how amazing a certain cute as a button brand is… there are so many reasons I am super excited by this brand but the main ones are:

1. It stocks womenswear and menswear!!! You know what that means? ooh the possibility of a freebie for me… and not just ginger boy, and the chance to start speaking to women’s press, and go out for coffees with girls. and organise cute girly events and and and ooooohh!!

2. It is sooooo me – its super cute, kitsch and does lovely unique little designs and illustrative prints…

and 3. Its at the stage where it could be ready to take off… and I get to be the one to ensure that… I’m going to make it THE hottest brand in London… it’s going to be huge!!

As you can probably tell I am just a tiny bit excited… also for the fact that if you have been following you will know that tomorrow my 3 week ginger detox finally comes to an end!!

Tomorrow night I am going to surprise him at the airport with one of those cheesy signs that tour guides from package holidays use to find their party… ‘Ginger Boy – your with me!’ Actually I probably shouldn’t indulge such information – I have a feeling he has rumbled my alter ego and may have had a sneak peak at what I’m writing about him… yesterday’s email asked what type of perfume I would like from duty free as he didn’t want to get me one I didn’t like the smell of… hmmm… anyway hopefully he is already on the plane and nowhere near an internet connection so the surprise should be safe…


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