Chocolate tray bake recipe ideas, Bumpkin Betty

Easy and Indulgent Chocolate Tiffin

22nd July 2016

Join the BB Baking Club   This month’s baking club theme is ‘Family favourites’ and it was inspired by one of the members who last month chose to bake her Mum’s pavlova recipe – a recipe that had been taught to her as a child and which she knew inside out. This struck a chord […]

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Free From Chocolate Berry Tart

12th June 2016

The theme for my baking club (yes I have a baking club – please do join if you want to be part of a fun cake community) this month is ‘Free From’. It was picked by the group and despite some initial ‘what on earth am I going to bake?’ worries, I’m happy to say […]

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Mini lemon meringue pies, Bumpkin betty

Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts

8th May 2016

What is it about cakes in miniature that are just so appealing? Honestly give me any dessert or cake and my first idea is always to create mini individual versions of it. But to me, there’s something so delightful about a tasty little morsel of a cake, something that you can eat 5 of rather than […]

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Sweet brunch pizza recipe, Bumpkin Betty

Sweet Brunch Pizza

22nd April 2016

It’s no secret to you all by now that I have an extremely sweet tooth. Sometimes I forget that not everyone else in the world is the same way and suddenly my love of all things sugar laced becomes a bit awkward (like on a recent press trip when I was the only one in […]

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Sweet Potato Brownies with Chocolate Avocado Icing

13th March 2016

We’re now in month two of the baking club (have you signed up yet?) and this month’s theme was – baking with vegetables. This is something I’ve been keen to try for a while, especially since reading that often vegetables can be used in place of flour, or even sugar, in bakes making them lighter […]

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Hidden heart loaf cake, Jaclyn Ruth

Red Velvet Loaf Cake (With a Difference)

14th February 2016

Join the BB Baking Club Happy Valentines Day! What better way to celebrate all things romance than by bringing you a delicious love themed bake! If your reading this post and thinking that the ‘difference’ in this red velvet cake might be that it’s not actually all that red, then no that’s not it, that’s […]

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Totally Indulgent Chocolate Cherry Pots

2nd January 2016

The words ‘totally indulgent’ just wash right over us during the holiday season don’t they? I mean, everything is totally indulgent and we’re all of the opinion that the more indulgent the better. Like we’re aiming to get as many extra calories in as possible before the holidays are over, as if we’re about to […]

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Christmas cocktail recipes, Bumpkin Betty

Two Delicious Holiday Cocktail Recipes

27th December 2015

Anyone else singing ‘Holiday! Holiday!’ right now? No, just me then. Isn’t the time in between Christmas and Hogmanay the best? The very BEST? It’s basically an excuse to do absolutely nothing. The pre-Christmas panic present buying and Christmas lunch stress is out of the way, you’ve entertained your loved ones, you’ve given and received, […]

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