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Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Fudge Brownies

3rd October 2018

First things first. If you’re on any sort of health kick/ sugar free diet/ trying to be good, then sorry but it might just be best to back away from the screen slowly and forget you ever saw these brownies. Because yes, they taste UNBELIEVABLY good, but also yes, there is no part of them […]

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What to do with homegrown pears, Bumpkin Betty

Homegrown | Pear and Bramble Crumble

6th September 2017

I have a feeling if ever there was a definition of ‘becoming an adult’ it would more than likely read something along the lines of ‘grows their own XYZ’. And while moving into a house with a pear tree in the back garden and a sprawling bramble bush overgrown from next door creeping into our […]

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Raspberry and white chocolate muffins, Bumpkin Betty

White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins

12th June 2017

It has been FAR too long since I indulged my love of baking. It’s true when they say that becoming a parent means a lot of prioritising of tasks, and acceptance that you’ll probably only have time for the most important of them. I guess for the last three months I’ve been prioritising having a shower […]

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Cherry bakewell tarts recipe, Bumpkin betty

Mini Cherry Bakewell Tarts

21st February 2017

I’m finally starting to recover from an almighty flu bug which saw me bedridden for the last week (hence the lack of posts on here – sorry) and am well and truly at boredom stage on the pregnancy front (yup still no baby!) so this last week or so has seen me pretty miserable to […]

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Sweet potato pie recipe, Jaclyn Ruth

A Trio of Autumn Tarts

1st November 2016

When it comes to baking, nothing says autumn to me more than a tasty pie. The flaky crust and piping hot filling served straight from the oven with a dollop of ice cream before cosying up in front of a warm fire after a cold day outdoors – what a treat right? With things getting decidedly […]

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Mini Australian Lamingtons

26th August 2016

I’ve got a sweet Friday treat for you today in the form of these delicious Lamington’s! But first, I feel like I can’t possibly start a baking related post this week without mentioning the show we’re all dying to talk about (or at least I am!) – The Great British Bake Off – which returned […]

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Two Refreshing Summer Drinks to Help You Keep your Cool

13th August 2016

It’s hot in London right now. H.O.T hot. Now I’m not complaining of course. A bit of sunshine is always welcomed and floating around the park in a maxi dress during my regular lunchtime jaunt is much more pleasurable than wearing jumpers and carrying an umbrella. But being stuck indoors working, or equally commuting on […]

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