Personal musings from my everyday life, in this section you can expect a huge dose of honesty and probably a tad too much oversharing. From weddings to pregnancy, beauty chat to days out, follow along with the highs and the lows.

How to style a sweet charcuterie board, Jaclyn Ruth lifestyle blogger

Easter Treat Board

29th March 2021

Seriously you guys, I had SO MUCH FUN putting this together. I’m beginning to think that board styling might become my thing and I’ll be creating a new version every month! I stumbled across this trend on Pinterest after seeking out some Easter inspiration, and oh my, I knew immediately I needed to attempt one. […]

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Lilac season photography, Jaclyn Ruth

Lilac Season

17th August 2020

Every year I always remark on how I must photograph the beautiful lilac when it’s out and then every year I seem to miss it as its time to bloom is so fleeting. One day the flowers are just peeking out, the next they’re turning brown. I started to spot some lovely lilac bushes in […]

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Peony Season

29th June 2020

Since around summer last year I’ve been embarking on a seasonal photography journey, attempting to document the seasons through beautiful floral photography and self portraits. What started on a bit of a whim, has become a truly unexpected joy of mine and now probably my main pursuit both in the form of my own personal […]

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Goals for 2020

18th February 2020

Well we’re off to a good start aren’t we? My first post of the new year (first post since Oct last year if we’re counting) talking about goals for 2020 and it’s coming to you on the er… 18th February. Am I still allowed to talk about new year goals this late in? The Christmas […]

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Summer Beauty with Boots

2nd July 2019

Well, after a month of moaning about the rainy weather, Summer arrived this weekend and of course we all reverted to moaning about the heat instead! Usually when a heatwave hits, you can find me frantically panicking about my pasty white skin, non pedicured feet and general – not summer ready – demeanour, but luckily […]

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A Vision List for Summer (if it ever appears)

21st June 2019

A friend recently told me how she’d abandoned to-do lists in favour of vision lists. Instead of writing a huge list Β -comprising of both those mundane ‘tasks’ which always need to be completed in an unrealistic time frame and all of the more creative and interesting wishes we have for our free time – and […]

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*That* Zara Dress (and a Natter)

10th May 2019

Hello, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I mean, yes it’s been a while since I last blogged, but it’s been forever since I did this. Just sat down and nattered away with a big ol’ catch up style post. I keep saying that these spontaneous chatty posts are what I want to do more […]

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2019 Goals

13th January 2019

I tried really hard to think of an alternative title for this post because, 1. it’s the 13th January and you’re probably past the stage of wanting to read about people’s ‘goals for the year ahead’, 2. blog posts like this are two a penny in the first couple of weeks of January and I […]

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Welcome to my New Internet Home

31st August 2018

Well hello there! And welcome to – my brand new (internet) home. If you’re reading this then thanks very much for sticking by me this last month or so while my blog took a break and went into re-development mode, and I probably bored your socks off with talk of the new website #comingsoon. […]

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