From my favourite sweet treats to easy weeknight dinners and ideas for fussy toddlers, this section houses all of my favourite tried and tested recipes, occasional restaurant reviews and, my personal favourite, ideas for stylish table settings.

How to style a sweet charcuterie board, Jaclyn Ruth lifestyle blogger

Easter Treat Board

29th March 2021

Seriously you guys, I had SO MUCH FUN putting this together. I’m beginning to think that board styling might become my thing and I’ll be creating a new version every month! I stumbled across this trend on Pinterest after seeking out some Easter inspiration, and oh my, I knew immediately I needed to attempt one. […]

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3 Mini Egg recipes to try this Easter. Jaclyn Ruth

Three Mini Egg Recipes you NEED to Try This Easter

23rd March 2021

Easter is just around the corner, and seeing as it might well be the last (please please) lockdown celebration, I’m going all out and planning to try and make it an occasion to remember. So over the next couple of weeks you’ll see a few Easter themed blog posts popping up – I’ve got lots […]

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Extra fluffy gluten free and vegan pancakes, Jaclyn Ruth

The Best Gluten-Free and Vegan Pancakes EVER!

16th February 2021

Ok ok, I know that’s a big statement there in that title. But let me tell you, since I found out about my allergies almost two years ago, I have been trying and trying (and trying again) to master a decent pancake recipe and it hasn’t been easy. Dairy free pancakes are fairly simple – […]

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Gluten and dairy free scone recipe, Jaclyn Ruth

Heart Shaped Scones

11th February 2021

With Valentines around the corner, making everything in heart shapes is such a novelty isn’t it? It was actually Evie who pioneered this particular heart shaped move. I was all set to make traditional scones but she pulled out the heart shaped cutter, and started ploughing ahead with the dough. Turns out her creative eye […]

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Lemon Bundt Cake recipe, Jaclyn Ruth

Gluten and Dairy Free Lemon Bundt Cake

1st February 2021

Hello February! Finally January is behind us, the sun is shining brighter, the days are getting longer and Spring really is just around the corner – hurrah! There’s no doubt that January is a tough month, even when a global pandemic and a nationwide lockdown aren’t involved, so cheers to us all making it through […]

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Top Uk Lifestyle and food blogs, Jaclyn Ruth

Gluten and Dairy Free Three Layer Carrot Cake

2nd May 2020

Hands up who wants a slice of this epic carrot cake with their afternoon cuppa? I don’t know about you, but baked goods are one of the few things keeping me going during this lock-down. The level of snacking going on has reached new heights even for me, a snack queen. But really, who cares? […]

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Top Uk lifestyle and food blogs, Jaclyn Ruth

Vegan (4 Ingredient) Chocolate Pancakes

20th March 2019

I realise pancake day was a couple of weeks go now, but pancakes are for life not just for Shrove Tuesday right? Anyone else find that they’re a bit of a weekend ritual? There’s nothing better than starting a lazy Sunday with pancakes in my view. So yeah, when I decided to cut out dairy […]

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Top Uk food and lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn Ruth

Valentines | Raspberry, Chocolate + Chilli Muffins

12th February 2019

Tell me, do you celebrate Valentines? Or do you avoid the celebration entirely? Even as a married couple, we’re normally in the latter camp. With Christmas just past, and my birthday in March, it’s always felt like there’s enough celebration/present buying going on around this time of year and we tend not to bother with […]

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