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Catching the Bouquet

Move aside… Scottish chick coming through… armed, dangerous and ready to catch that bouquet….

This weekend me and ginger boy went to our first wedding together… rather a big deal in my opinion as watching two people join in ‘holy matrimony’ as they say (they did actually say that – it was a church wedding) as a couple – does somewhat make you assess your own relationship and can often cause a little of the old ‘wedding fever’…
As it was I didn’t actually spend any of the day at the side of my date due to the fact that he was the Best Man and off doing Best Man duties for most of the day so instead I had a lot of ‘who’s that random’ looks and ‘Oh are you here with Olly?’ comments… Olly? I don’t even know who Olly is… no I’m with that ginger guy up at the alter… yes the Best Man, yes the one that left the rings in the bar last night (another story) Turns out Olly was the guy who I sat next to in the church… oh yes ok I don’t mind being his date…
Thankfully we were seated at the same table for the reception dinner… although still not actually next to eachother – it seemed the place setting had got mixed up and no-one was next to their spouses. Actually I didn’t really mind as I was seated next to the other Best Man (there were two) who was rather cute so I just pretended I was his date (a little bit of a recurring theme here) On my other side was one of the bridesmaids… who sat down and greeted me with ‘Your names BB… and your scottish right?’ ummm yes…. I didn’t realise being Scottish was some sort of claim to fame these days – I now felt like the random token Scot who had been invited along to ensure diversity… somewhat like ‘other Asian’ in Glee.
Of course now I am kidding… it was very nice of them to invite me along and it was a lovely weekend all round. After all the dress dilemma, I was actually rather chuffed with my outfit choice! It had all come together when I found the correct jewellery and hair accessories which matched my shoes… I always say Accessories are the key! The dress was perhaps a little shorter than most (but I justified this by thinking – I’m young and if you can’t wear short dresses when you are young and still have a half decent figure – when can you?) and I had also failed to realise from trying it on in the comfort of my own bedroom that it was a little see though… especially on a sunny day when the light pretty much rules a thin silky floaty fabric transparent enough to see the contours of your ass from the side! Luckily I had my Bridget Jones pants on underneath and hell I gave the old dears something to talk about… (I justified this by thinking – I’m young, if you cant show off your ass when your young… actually no wait this doesn’t really work in the same way)
So normally at weddings it is the guy who gets ‘the fear’ regarding their girlfriend getting ‘wedding fever’ and dreads those ‘If we got married I’d like it to be this way’ remarks… but as BB is not really the marrying type, it was the other way around… as this was the first of 7 weddings for ginger boy this year (it seems he is at the age where all his friends are starting to give in) I’m more worried that he is going to get the fever than me! Thankfully with one down, he hasn’t gone all soppy on me yet… although there were a few ‘If we got married’ comments but I managed to butt in and make a joke before he got too carried away… whew!
I did still scare him a little when he returned to the garden just in time to see me running to join the bouquet troop on the lawn, elbows at the ready, arms out like a goalie, giving those kids at the front evils… but this was more to do with me thinking it would be rather amusing if the random Scottish chick who no-one really knew who she was or why she was there caught the bouquet… I positioned myself in prime position and I jumped as high as I could jump in a pair of 4 inch heels on grass but it went long… so long in fact that it bypassed the entire troop and landed about a mile away from us all… leaving one of those pesky kids to run after it… still I have 4 more weddings to go to (I managed to escape a couple of them) so surely I can catch it at least once… 9 months woo hoo! that ought to scare him…


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