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Bumpkin BERTIE!

Arhh so I am very late with this post and the reason is that I seem to have crammed about a years worth of stress and change into my life this month… I will fill you in fully in another blog post but let’s just say changes are a’ comin!

Anyway back to the matter in hand and last week my secret blogging double life suddenly got a bit more interesting when I was invited along to a VERY fun blogger event at the Bertie Store in Covent Garden. Along with fellow blogger Poppy Cleopatra (she’s hot check her out) we found ourselves amidst a seriously trendy crowd including the lovely Abimarvel, Fashionista Barbie and Alex Loves and surrounded by kitsch details such as a popcorn machine, retro pick n mix sweets and sticks of rock, Cider and Crabbie’s Ginger Beer laid out in ice buckets, an abundance of shoes, glorious shoes (of course) and best of all an old school style photo booth! If ever there was a winning combination for a blogger event, this was it!

As an anonymous blogger I don’t get the chance to go to these events very often as obviously it would mean giving away my identity but seeing as I was Poppy’s plus 1 and I had heard rumours of a free pair of shoes in the mix, I decided I could make an exception. Anything for shoes…

I can’t really fault this event as I really did have a blast! The Bertie girls were super friendly and despite running around trying to see everyone were more than up for a little gossip mid haribo munching and cider guzzling, the photo booth was of course fabulous, I personally think these should be everywhere as no matter what type of event you are at they are always a hit (I am now determined to get one for myself whatever the cost as they always make you look good), I met lots of lovely bloggers/ stylish people and yes the rumours were correct… I did indeed get a fabulous new pair of shoes!

If I am being perfectly honest before this event I didn’t shop at Bertie that much – in my head I associated them with stylish brogues and smart wear that was lovely but only really got my attention during the House of Fraser sales when I could afford them… however the problem when I went to their store was not finding a pair that worked for me but in fact deciding which pair to choose from the multitude os gorgeous styles they had on offer! The new range was a feast of rich browns, tans and purples with amazing flats, summer sandals, LOTS of wedges and peep-toe details. Here is a few of the ones which took my fancy…

After wavering between gorgeous black horsehair brogues, peep-toe leather ankle boots and tan brown stack heels, I was sold when I saw these gorgeous numbers!

A to-die for plum colour, bright gold buckle detail for the magpie in me and super comfy wedge, despite the fact that nearly every blogger at the event was going for them and I’m pretty sure at the next event I go to every stylish so and so in there will have the same shoes as me, I just couldn’t resist. I have already worn them twice in one week, they look fab with tights and socks or with skinny jeans, will be my go to summer shoe and best of all give me height without being uncomfortable – I LOVE THEM!

I made myself take them to the till straight away before I changed my mind and right enough, two minutes afterwards I met Amy from Wolfwhistle who was going for a pair of purple brogues with cute tassle detail at the front and was nearly swayed but hey if shoes are free I’m going for the ones I would never normally buy and I really do wear flats too much… When I got my shoes and lovely goodie bag, I had to for the first time say my blog name out loud… however my fears of being outed were diminished when she put me down as Bumpkin Bertie by accident… rather apt I feel!

Before we left we spent far longer than necessary giggling like idiots in the photobooth, complete with minnie mouse ears, retro shades and me trying desperately to disguise myself… I shall leave you with the one which is least revealing! ooh a glimpse of the real BB… lucky you!

So thank you Bertie for a lovely evening, great banter, the most fun photobooth ever and my new favourite shoes! I’ll definitely be back!


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