A Brunch Date at Cafe Miami, London

Best pancakes in London, Bumpkin Betty

Best pancakes in London, Bumpkin BettyIt’s no secret that I love a good brunch. And if I can combine that good brunch with my love of pastel coloured crockery and pretty interiors then I’m a happy gal.

There’s no shortage of brunch joints in London of course, with the Australian craze of heading out for Avo on toast mid morning of a weekend truly being adopted to the British lifestyle. But, more and more I’m finding that rather than the large chains or the cafes at the top of a google search, it’s the little hidden gems popping up around the city that offer the best experience when it comes to this weekend pursuit. These days, I’ll turn to Instagram more often than not to find the latest hip coffee abode and so far, those recommendations haven’t disappointed.

Cafe Miami Clapton, Bumpkin BettyVisiting Cafe Miami London, Bumpkin BettyInstagrammable cafe's in london, Bumpkin BettyCafe Miami london, Bumpkin BettyCafe Miami interior, Bumpkin BettyMy latest find is Cafe Miami, another new East London hotspot that’s following in the footsteps of the likes of Palm Vaults and which, the Instagram generation has most definitely taken under it’s wing. After spotting the pretty pastel colours and rather delicious looking scran on the likes of Liv’s and Hannah and Alice’s feed, I was pretty darn keen to pay a visit and so on our last trip through to London, I persuaded GB to take a detour via Clapton with the promise of a flat white and a tasty brunch as reward.

Top coffee spots in london, Bumpkin BettyCafe Miami menu, Bumpkin BettyCoffee shops to visit in east London, Bumpkin BettyLondon's most instagrammable cafes, Bumpkin BettyWhere to find best pancakes in London, Bumpkin BettyFirst things first, if you’re not local to the Hackney/Clapton area then this cafe is a bit of a trek out of town. It’s not somewhere you’re likely to stumble into during the usual tourist route of London, but then aren’t the best places usually the ones that need seeking out? And the location doesn’t seem to have stopped many, as you only have to look at the geo-tag on Instagram to know how popular this place is fast becoming. Upon meeting the owner of the pastel filled haven during my trip, she admitted she ‘hadn’t quite got to grips with Instagram yet’ which just shows to power of social media, as Instagram definitely got to grips with this cafe, and fast. Those seeking out that perfect 4 x 4 image have been lured by the combination of pastel pink and blue interiors, cloud shaped sugar cubes and a retro coffee machine, and I have to admit it was those pale blue table tops that saw me flocking there too.

Is it silly to base a decision about where to eat on whether you can also get the sought after snap for your Instagram feed? Probably… Most Certainly… well Yes is the answer. BUT the great thing about Cafe Miami is that it’s not just style and no substance, like some of the other pop up Insta friendly abodes tend to be, and for me a great interior and creative details are just as important factors in any cafe review as the food is. Cafe Miami combined it all – the service was friendly, warm and attentive, the menu was not only quirky and creative (hello homemade pop tarts!) but also downright delicious, and the setting made me feel like I’d stepped out of rainy East London and into sunny Florida. The fact that every corner of the place was also just extremely photogenic, was a welcome bonus, rather than the sole reason to visit.

Retro cafes in london, Bumpkin Bettyreview of Cafe Miami London, Bumpkin BettyCool cafes in London, Bumpkin BettyTop Uk lifestyle blogs, Bumpkin BettyTop Uk food and lifestyle bloggers, Bumpkin BettyAnd it seems the ‘instagrammable’ part, was by all accounts a happy accident anyway, pink and blue simply being the founders favourite colours and a blue wall already in place when the premises was found. But accident or not, the creative flair used to bring those colours together and add retro pink trays, pastel crockery and low hanging lighting has meant that this cafe, just works.

Cafe Miami East london, Bumpkin BettyNutella pancakes london, Bumpkin BettyTop cafes in East london, Bumpkin BettyCafes to visit in East London, Bumpkin BettyTop Uk food and lifestyle bloggers, Bumpkin BettyCafes to visit in East London, Bumpkin BettyI tried my best to dress bump for the occasion, and matched the interior with a pair of dungarees and pastel pink shirt, and felt entirely at home in this cute and casual cafe. Although it looks like I dined on my own, I promise I did have my Husband as a date (he just chowed down his food so fast I couldn’t get a photo of it – you’d think he’d have learned by now!) but luckily my stack of Nutella filled pancakes topped with maple syrup, blueberries and bananas were more than able to steal the show on their own. Seriously – they were every bit as good as they look and with pancake day coming up, I know where my vote is going.

As our last London date together before the baby comes along, it was pretty great and provided the perfect antidote to an otherwise grey and rainy day. We sat in this laid back spot for most of the afternoon, ordering more coffees and sampling the many cakes on offer, me snapping away at yet another cute discovery, while the rain fell outside.

Pastel themed cafes in london, Bumpkin BettyWhere to eat pancakes this shrove tuesday in london, Bumpkin BettyCafe Miami London, Bumpkin BettyIf you’re looking for somewhere a bit different for your weekend (or any day of the week) brunch, I can’t recommend Cafe Miami enough and if you love Nutella as much as me then this is the place you’ll want to visit on Shrove Tuesday!

Cafe Miami

24 Lower Clapton Road, London

E5 0PD

Tuesday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday, Sunday 10am – 5pm

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