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Old Favourites, New Tricks…

Pink Coats and Blue Walls, Bumpkin BettyA spot of coloured wall hunting, a game of find the best door in town and a longer than average brunch date – what more could you want for a day out when the sun is shining and you’re hanging with one of your blogger besties?

A couple of weeks ago I’d been asked to do a review of breakfast and brunch hotspot Granger and Co, and having heard such good things about their avocado salsa and ricotta pancakes, I was chomping at the bit (literally) to try the place out and of course said yes quicker than is ever really ‘cool’ in those situations (my full review will be on the blog this Sunday if you’re interested to see how it all went down. Spoiler alert: there was avocado salsa AND ricotta pancakes AND peach Bellini’s – it was epic). Having not seen my good friend Danielle since my wedding back in November and with LOTS of catching up to do, I figured she’d be an awesome date and so we decided to meet up and make a day of it. Or a blogger day of it you might say, brunching at the Notting Hill establishment before some photo taking around those pretty pastel lined streets, followed by a few press days in town and a visit to Kikki K to stock up on Instagram worthy stationery. Yup, how cliché are we?

How to wear a pink coat, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear rollnecks, Bumpkin bettyUk Lifestyle Blogs, Bumpkin Bettyspring outfit posts, Bumpkin BettyI read one of Amber’s posts the other day where she mentioned choosing a red skirt to wear that day purely because she knew how great it would look photographed against the white snow she was experiencing in Scotland, and asked whether fashion bloggers have a habit of picking clothes to match their surroundings. In my case I definitely do, but I’m pretty sure I did this long before I was blogging too, I just like to fit with a theme! I’ll be the first to admit that I primarily chose to wear a statement pink coat on this day out, just because I knew it would look great posing against those pastel coloured walls Notting Hill is so famous for.

I clearly wasn’t alone in my thoughts either, as we stepped out of the tube station at Notting Hill to greet each other, myself and Danielle found we were both in matching pastel coloured coats. Me in pink, Danielle in a blue/green. Perhaps let’s not even mention the fact that those are our respective blog design colours too as then it might all get a bit worrying… ahem.

Top UK Fashion Blogs, Bumpkin BettyNotting Hill blue walls, Bumpkin Bettyspring outfit posts, Bumpkin BettyBoden silver boots, Bumpkin Bettywinter staples, Bumpkin BettyAs I mentioned in my last outfit post, I feel as if I’m still trying to find my style groove this year. Having not come back to the reality of 2016 until almost the end of January I’m still around a month behind everyone else and therefore not quite at the stage of ‘sorting things out’ and ‘starting afresh’. Instead my wardrobe is a disastrous jam packed medley of the honeymoon clothes I haven’t quite found a place for yet and the gigantic winter knits I’m too afraid to pack away in case there’s still snow on the horizon. We’re on a very strict – save, save, save and save some more – agenda this year after that little thing called a wedding and that other little, ok pretty big thing called a honeymoon decided to sneakily steal all of our savings. Which, apart from being incredibly boring, also means that my wardrobe hasn’t had any pretty new additions to it yet this year and I am instead attempting to recycle old favourites and make them do new tricks. Which works in some cases (this pink coat never fails to please me) and doesn’t in others (I’d obviously forgotten how much this leather mini creases when you sit down in it for too long).

boden pink coat and silver boots, Bumpkin BettyBoden pink coat, Bumpkin Bettyleather and knitwear, Bumpkin BettyZara rollneck sweater, Bumpkin BettyI’ve been thinking a lot about my ‘style aesthetic’ lately – not just my outfits but my blog design and look, my social media feeds and my overall ‘brand’ (if I even have one?) – there’s so much buzz around having a recognisable look, style and USP when it comes to blogging nowadays, and while I agree that it’s important in order to be a successful name, I think when you have a personal lifestyle blog such as this one it can be incredibly difficult to stick to one specific aesthetic all of the time. Because life can’t always be moulded into a brand ideal can it? I’m still not fully at a conclusion with these thoughts but a few things I have definitely ascertained about myself and any brand I may or may not want to build further are;

  1. The colour pink makes me happy
  2. Anything metallic gets a thumbs up from me
  3. I really need a hair cut

So, perhaps those were the guiding factors behind this not quite winter, not quite spring get up. And old yet trusty leather mini which always fits no matter how many pancakes I eat, the chunky roll neck that keeps me warm no matter how cold it gets, looks good with minis because of its crop and allows me to hide my messy long hair within its huge enveloping neckline, the silver ankle boots which never fail to please me, remind me of trampling through the woods on our wedding day and are the comfiest heeled boots I own, and the pink coat that was originally meant for spring but is still being worn a whole winter later and looks damn fine against a contrasting blue wall.

rollneck sweaters and leather mini skirts, Bumpkin bettyMake of that what you will, in the meantime I’m going to keep hiding under gigantic knits and pretending I don’t need to sort my hair out.

Coat – Boden (old) | Jumper – Zara | Skirt – H&M (old) | Boots – Boden (old) | Watch – Larsson and Jennings


Thanks to Fashionista Barbie for the pics!


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