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Bjorn Borg Turn The Lights Off

Up until recently I didn’t know a great deal about the Swedish quirky underwear brand Bjorn Borg but in the last few weeks they have been championing some great fun campaigns and have definitely been on my radar…

They make underwear for men and women… But not just any underwear- fun, inventive and sometimes ridiculous underwear… Take this season’s latest range of glow in the dark numbers! Their ad campaigns are cheeky and a little raunchy and they fare well with the gay magazines… But while it might not exactly be my usual style, I do love a brand that is creative and recently they have really made me sit up and take note!

This weekend I was invited to the first part of their β€œBjΓΆrn Borg says JA! To turning the lights Off” campaign which involved a takeover of the whole floor of Selfridges underwear department. I couldn’t go unfortunately as I was at my friends for the weekend but it did sound mighty fun! Guests were armed with pieces from the new glow in the dark range and encouraged to recreate the ad campaigns in an old school photobooth. (I do LOVE a photobooth)
Part two of the campaign I can and most definitely will be attending! An exclusive event is to be held at Battersea Power Station on Thursday night this week, on the eve of London Fashion week to celebrate and showcase their new collection. Apparently we can expect a Scandinavian wonderland with hot tubs, saunas, snow covered forests, and butlers in the buff (ok maybe that last bit is just my wishful thinking) and performances from Stockholm-born electro pop icon Robyn and Coco Sumner. At 9pm the lights will be ‘turned off’ in time for a Spring Fashion show which will reveal the new glow in the dark masterpieces and the world premiere of a 4D fashion film directed by Paris Kain projected on 25 x 50 metre spray screen technology on the River Thames.

As if that wasnt enough already, the whole thing is going to be live streamed on MTV.com and the Bjorn Borg Facebook where it will be presented by T4 stylista Alexis Knox!

Got you interested yet? Yup I told you this brand is far from mainstream…

So I’ll be attending the event and tweeting like a mad woman about naked men in glow in the dark pants (David Beckham who?)

Here for your viewing delight is a little taster of what’s to come on Thursday and make sure you tune into MTV at 9pm to see the full extravaganza or if you want to experience the film for yourself being projected around London then get a prime viewing point from the following locations – Battersea Bridge (South bank), Vauxhall Bridge (South bank), the South bank of the Thames outside Battersea Power Station.

I can’t wait!


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