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Birthday Wishlist Part 2… A Killer Dress

If there is one birthday rule I stand by, it’s that you must buy yourself a new dress. And not just any dress… a killer dress! A dress that you wouldn’t buy at any other time because you wouldn’t have the occassion for it, a dress that you may have wanted for ages but told yourself you couldn’t afford, a dress that you could wear out on your birthday celebrations and know that you will look shit hot and a dress that quite simply you love…

This is a rule I have no problem abiding by. Sometimes people find it strange that I buy myself something on my birthday (you buy yourself a present?) well… why yes… I do, otherwise I probably wouldn’t get this wonderful thing that I really want but couldnt possibly ask anyone else to buy me and I would be miserable because it was the thing I really wanted… so yes I buy myself a present and I don’t feel guilty about it.

This year I am channeling the print trend currently engulfing our high street and have my eye on a few…

1. First up is this 50’s style midi length floral dress from ASOS £120

I saw this dress on Grazia’s fashion charts a few weeks back and fell in love with it – its faded pastel pattern nods to the floral print trend without being too garish and the full skirt and demure neckline mean its equally as great for a summer’s day in the park as it is for a night out… I think it could be the perfect number to ensure I’m the belle of the ball at my birthday! I’m thinking about teaming it with my silver bow court shoes and Alexa style tousled hair. The only problem is that although I’ve seen it in every magazine under the sun, it doesnt seem to be online yet? So ASOS I’m praying that you can make me a happy bunny and put this dress online before the 19th March?

2. Printed Skirt and Blouse  Designed By at Miss Selfridge £39 and £40

Ok technically this is not a dress but more of a skirt and top combo but it’s definitely at the top of my birthday wishlist… the ‘Designed By’ range from Miss Selfridge is due to launch in their flagship store on the 29th March… 10 days after my birthday so it won’t be my ‘birthday dress’ as such but I will be running down to Miss Selfridge on my lunchbreak on the 29th so that I can pick up these two gorgeous printed pieces. I just have to make sure I dont spend all of my money before the end of the month…

3. Mary Katrantzou for Topshop Dresses £40 – £350

Well it wouldn’t be a wishlist without including something that is out of my reach and impossible to obtain… my ‘want it so bad but know I won’t get it’ item is a Mary Kantrantzou for Topshop dress. I think Mary Katrantzou is one of the most exciting designers of this decade and I personally love her designs. Her collaboration with Topshop was of course genius and of course predictably a complete sell out within a week… like any of the popular designer/ high street collabs, it proves so successful as it gives the everyday high street customer a chance to have a piece of their favourite designer at a fraction of the price. I, like everyone else, completely fell for the hype and the excitement that filled me with the thought of getting my hands on a Mary Kantrantzou, even if not a ‘real’ Mary Katrantzou, was almost too much to handle… the disappointment when I wasnt able to get one however almost made me wish I’d never set eyes on these beautiful, mad printed wonders. They are now on Ebay for money that could buy me a real designer dress and I’m slowly having to come to terms with the fact that this is one item I will never get my hands on…




Hi! I’m looking for the same dress, omg it is so beautiful. I have not found it yet either:( Like your stile and your blog ;)xoxo


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