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Birthday Wishlist Part 1| A Fashionable Backpack

Images from Stockholm Street Style, Cosmo.co.uk, Elle.com and Vanessa Jackson

In nineteen days I shall be celebrating my Twenty Seventh birthday… I can’t exactly say I’m over the moon about this prospect, if truth be told it’s a little depressing. I mean Twenty Seven! TWENTY SEVEN!! (sorry I felt that needed a little more drama than one exclamation mark allowed) I am definitely on the wrong side of Twenty Five now… granted at Twenty Six I was also on the wrong side but only just… I teetered if you like on the wrong side but when I wanted to could quite easily hop back over to the right side. At Twenty Seven however this is not so easy… it would be less of a hop and more of a giant great big leap.

At Twenty Seven I am only three years away from Thirty and at Thirty surely I am supposed to be a responsible adult with some sort solid grounding within the world, some foundations to fall back on, some responsibilities to keep me awake at night and a clear idea of the future. At Twenty Six you need none of these, but at Twenty Seven I feel I should at least be on a path which is taking me towards one or more of these… mind you the thought of this alone is keeping me awake at night so I guess in some sort of backwards way I am on the right track.

In a typically childish ‘maybe if I don’t think about it, it will go away’ way, (and in order to avoid a mini meltdown about the above) I am burying my head in the sand and trying desperately not to think about my birthday in the ‘getting a year older’ sense and just think of it in the ‘an excuse to go shopping and get drunk’ sense.

As with a birthday comes a few rather exciting prospects – people buy you pretty things, you can buy yourself pretty things and not feel guilty, and you have a reason to wear all of those pretty things in one go just to show off. All of these prospects are making me particularly giddy this year as I haven’t treated myself or bought myself any pretty things in sooo long! I am in dire need of a haircut, dying to wear a overly girly summer dress, lusting after too much expensive jewellery and generally hyperventilating every time I see anyone wearing Mary Kantrantzou for Topshop!

So because there are so many pretty things I am falling in love with at the moment (and because GB might need some not so subtle hints) I have decided to blog my virtual wishlist up until the day itself, which will also in turn hopefully occupy me enough to forget the fact that I am soon to be one year closer to the big three – o!

Part 1 of my wishlist and I’m looking for the perfect backpack… a strange thing to be lusting after you may say but ah-ha in case you haven’t noticed backpacks are making a comeback for Spring Summer and no longer look like the ones you used to have at school. Chic, fashionable, leather and metallic versions are popping up everywhere and are very much the bag of choice for anyone taking inspiration from the sports luxe trend for Summer. Also I think it would be rather wonderful to be able to carry a fashionable bag while cycling… as carrying a handbag on a bike is not the easiest thing in the world and throwing everything in my basket poses two problems. 1. I might get a bit wobbly going down a hill and everything falls out and bounces down the hill with me and 2. it’s a little too easy for someone to nab something while I am vulnerable at traffic lights. So yes I would like a rucksack that I can put on my back and cycle with… but one that still ticks all the right Spring style boxes…

Here are my top picks!

1. Multi-coloured from Pierre Hardy £1,074
Yes ever so slightly out of budget, for the record GB if you are reading this, this is not a hint I actually want you to pick up on, it’s purely for inspiration!

2. Pink metallic from Topshop £38
Gorgeous… yes it’s from Topshop and yes probably in a weeks time every soul in London will have the same one but I can’t help it – I LOVE IT!

3. Mint Green from ASOS £35
I recently saw the lovely Lucy from Shiny Thoughts styling this number up and fell in love with it… I fear it may now be out of stock on the site but fingers crossed it comes back soon! I love the perforated pattern!

4. Black buckle rucksack from Sophie Hulme £500
Now that I am aware of Sophie Hulme’s amazing bags I couldnt not include one -this classic black buckle style is uber – sophisticated.

5. Vintage Chanel – price varies
The ultimate choice and the one that started this wishlist off for me – there is no better bag than a Chanel!

6. Raspberry from Topshop £30
The perfect colour for summer and a great size!

7. Rabbit backpack from Peter Jensen £108
Again clearly out of budget but also very cute.

8. White Marc by Marc Jacobs £395
Ok granted nearly all of these are out of budget but it’s all about inspiration! This chic white style is making me lust for summer nights and cycling in the park!


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