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Birthday Wishlist 2013… A New Superbike!

Birthday Wishlist A New Bike Bicycle Bumpkin Betty UK Fashion Blog

You may remember this post a few months ago where I said a sad farewell to my beloved pink superbike. Well now I have decided that the time has come for the gap that this has left in my life to be filled and for me to find a new Superbike! Yes it has taken me an extremely long time to fill said gap and yes the fat on my ass needs someone to blame, but it was Winter and no-one buys a bike in Winter and no one sells a bike in Winter.

People do buy and sell bikes in Spring however and I’ve been getting extremely excited recently at the prospect of purchasing a new one. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or because I have bikes on the brain but ever since that little bit of sun hit last weekend I feel as the streets have once again been lined with keen cyclers and I’m itching to get back on the saddle and join them.

I’m pretty particular about the type of bicycle I want to purchase this time. (I’ve had my top three listed ever since my last superbike conked out) I’m not adverse to buying second hand at all but I want something in good condition that can last me a few years and not need many repairs. I’m sticking to a town bike because their pretty and I love them but this time I am putting ‘must have gears’ as a requirement so as to handle those pesky hills. I’ve been scouring the world wide web and am pleased to say that there seems to be quite a few on sale at the moment so I’m just keeping my eyes peeled for a bargain and hopefully before long I’ll be riding around with a new partner in crime, the wind blowing in my hair and the fat on my ass slowly disappearing.

Here’s my top four…

The Dream – Pashley Poppy £450 Evans

Birthday Wishlist A New Bike Bumpkin Betty Fashion Blog
In a dream world, if money were no object I’d be taking myself off to the nearest Cycle shop and coming home with the ultimate in town bikes, The Pashley. The Poppy comes in blush pink and pwder blue and is simply adorable. I check gumtree on a daily basis in the hopes that some poor schmuck won’t know their value and accidentally sell one for £100… it hasn’t happened yet but you never know!

The Likely Suspect – Bronx Metropole in Red £290 Velo Vitality

Birthday Wishlist A New Bike Bumpkin Betty Fashion Blog
This is most probably the bike I’m going to realistically come home with should I decide to buy new. I love the red colour and the trendy basketed style is fab. Bronx are good bikes and ride well so I shouldn’t have too many problems and it can take on those hills easily.

The Vintage Style – Dawes Duchess Plum £249 Bikes Direct

Birthday Wishlist A New Bike Bumpkin Betty Fashion Blog
If you are looking for a vintage looking town bike but don’t want one that’s going to fall apart immediately then the Dawes could be for you. It looks real classic, especially in this plum colour, and isn’t crazy expensive. I’ve seen a few of these on eBay and Gumtree so if I can’t find a Poppy or a Metropole I’d happily settle for one of these.

The Surprise hit – Bobbin Brownie Blue £365 Evans

Birthday Wishlist A New Bike Bumpkin Betty Fashion Blog
I wasn’t too aware of this model until I saw one listed on eBay and looked into it. I’m surprisingly taken by the design and love the preppy blue colour. It’s pretty pricey so I wouldn’t choose it brand new but having seen one go for a manageable sum on eBay it’s now been added to my search list. Should one come along again at a good price I might be tempted.

If you know anything about bicycles and want to throw some advice my way on other styles i should be choosing/ avoiding please feel free to do so… any help is much appreciated!

I’ll be sure to post about superbike numero duo when he joins the family!


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