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Betty Bakes… Again!

It’s December! that means it’s almost Christmas! and that means BB is feeling all festive!

By the way I’m not even going to mention the fact that this is the first post I have done in 2 whole months and I probably have sooo many things which I could have told you about… and haven’t told you about… and now its too late… and how I have been sooo busy… and I could go back and try and recap but that would take too long and no longer be relevant… and so on and so on… I’m just skimming right past that… here we go… skim….

Yes So… back to the here and now… It is December and for once I am not moaning about Christmas lights being put on too early by some X factor reject, shops playing Christmas songs since November so we are all sick to death of them by the time the big day comes and Oxford street being so packed to the brim every bloody time I try to attempt a peek in Topshop that the chances of getting any Christmas shopping done in London are slim to none…. no this year (mainly because I have been so snowed under at work, excuse the pun, that I haven’t actually noticed any of this happening) it doesn’t seem to be bothering me too much and as December has just appeared out of nowhere I am suddenly a little bit excited…

Especially as my Betty Bakes venture is going global this season! Well when I say global what I really mean is that it is moving out of the comfort of my flat and being offered to real life people of the public as opposed to ginger boy and my flatmates! I have been asked to sell my goodies at a fabulous Christmas Market in Bloomsbury and I cannot wait!

It might be for one night only and it was very last minute which did mean a frantic baking until midnight sesh lastnight and another of the same tonight…

I have decided to make a range of festive shortbread and gingerbread shapes and apart from the slight panic last night when I traipsed up and down every pound shop and supermarket in London looking for a gingerbread cutter for my Mr & Mrs Gingers and couldn’t find one ANYWHERE, it all went quite well! Luckily Mr & Mrs Ginger shall be reunited after all as I managed to find a cutter on my way to work this morning (in the first shop I went into no less – very annoying) but it does mean that tonight could be an all night affair with gingerbread to make and then all 200 cookies to be iced, decorated, packaged and labelled… yes that’s right I even made labels!!! If all goes well on friday this is so going to be my new business!

Anyway at the risk of ruining my anonymity I have decided to tell you all about it… so you can come along and see the official launch of Betty Bakes! But just in case…. it might not be me behind the counter so who knows if you will meet the real Bumpkin haha!

So Betty Bakes is the latest addition to join the list of cool stalls at The Orange Dot Gallery Christmas market! The launch party is this Friday and everyone is welcome to come along and join us for a glass of mulled wine, a mince pie and a gingerbread couple of course!

As well as me, there will be clothes from one of my favourite brands Brat & Suzie, and I’m happy to say that the brains behind the label Polly Vickery is just as lovely as her clothes are! There is also lovely hand designed stationary from new label Biba’s Tea Party plus jewellery from Luladot, Tallulah Rose and lots more…

So if you need somewhere to shelter from the cold and snow on Friday before you brave the journey home then pop by after work and visit us!

The Orange Dot Christmas Market
Official Launch Party Friday 3rd December
5.30 – 8.30

54 Tavistock Place

Also here is a sneak peak of the labels I have made… eek!

P.S I do apologise if my gingerbread doesn’t taste that good… It will be made with weary eyes at about 2am tonight… but I do feel that the most important part about a gingerbread man is how it looks and presentation is my forte… expect choc covered trousers and pink dresses with sprinkles on!

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