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My Top 5 Pancake Places in London

best places to eat pancakes in london, Bumpkin BettyPancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) has to be one of my favourite days of the year! I don’t need any excuse to eat pancakes for dinner on a random Tuesday of a random week but hey when that excuse comes along, well it’s darn lovely. It always creeps up out of nowhere when you’re having a substandard week and helps make it that little bit more special, and for me it’s a occasion I never miss out on.

Because I just love a good pancake. It’s as simple as that really. I love all types; the small fat Scottish ones, the large stacked American ones, the thin tasty French ones, the gluten free ones, the healthy ones, the ones packed full of fruit, the ones smothered in chocolate, the ones drizzled in syrup. I’ll take them all.

This time last year I wrote a blog post on my four favourite pancake recipes to try for Pancake Day, and it’s pretty likely that I’ll be cracking out one of those pancake variations tomorrow evening (I’m already excited!). But seeing as living in London has also afforded me the luxury of trying many a pancake at many a pancake establishment, I thought this year I’d share my five favourite pancake choices should you want to venture out of the home for your Shrove Tuesday fix.

It’s been pretty (ok very) difficult to narrow the selection down to just five if I’m honest but I’ve attempted to select something for everyone. If you get a chance I’d recommend any one of these haunts for your Pancake Day treat! And if you have further recommendations please do drop me a comment as I’m always up for finding a new pancake eatery (all in the name of research of course ;-))

Brunch at No 11 Pimlico Road
The Classic British

Where: No. 11 Pimlico Road, London, SW1W 8NA (visit the website here)

Why: If you like your pancakes in a British brunch variety then the best I’ve had are at No.11. They’re fat and fluffy but not too big. They’re less stacked and more best buds on a plate. They’re loaded full of blueberries, dusted with plenty of icing sugar and come with both lemon and a jug of maple for your own preference. Additional blueberries on top make the perfect 11am dish. (To see more about this restaurant you can read my full No.11 Pimlico Road review here)

How much? £7.50 a portion

The Breakfast club pancakes, Bumpkin Betty
The Indulgent American (and some)

Where: The Breakfast Club, locations all over London (find your nearest here)

Why: I know that The Breakfast Club probably isn’t anywhere new on most of your radars, and I also know you might have to queue to get in some weekends which is all kinds of annoying, but, when it comes to those true American style pancakes – loaded with bacon, eggs and syrup – or those overly indulgent sweet stackers – they create new variations every week – there’s no better place to go than The Breakfast Club. I’m getting hungry just looking at them.

How much? £8.50 – £11 a portion

Romeo's bakery London, Bumpkin Betty
The Gluten Free

Where: Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery, 167 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1US (visit the website here)

Why: Gluten free pancake options are becoming more readily available in London, but they can still be tricky to seek out on their own (you’ll usually only come across when dining already in a gluten free restaurant or if you ask especially in some places). Romeo’s in Islington is one of the few places that I know that is actually pretty well known as a pancake stop, even though they happen to be gluten free. They’re an exclusively gluten free bakery, and do everything from cakes, to pies to sandwiches but their pancakes were some of the best I’ve tried and made me forget I was even eating gluten free. They’ll do them sweet or savoury, piled with fruit and with greek yoghurt on the side, or with bacon, maple syrup, spinach and ricotta.

How much? £5.75 a portion (and they’re big too!)

Mushroom savoury pancakes, bumpkin Betty
The Savoury

Where: Boulangerie Bon Matin, 178 Tollington Park, N4 3AJ

Why: It’s a local for me, but well worth a visit even if you’re not nearby as for me these are the best savoury pancakes I’ve had. I’m a huge sweet tooth so it’s not often you’ll find me choosing a mushroom filled savoury crepe over a sweet one, but at the Boulangerie I do. They’re just so tasty!

How much? £7 -£9 a portion

Granger and Co pancakes, Bumpkin Betty
The Alternative option

Where: Granger and Co, Kings Cross, Clerkenwell and Notting Hill branches (find your nearest here)

Why: A new addition to the list for me, I only tried Granger and Co for the first time last week, and to be completely honest I didn’t exactly know what I was in for when ordering their ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. This one’s for those who are seeking something a little different from the everyday pancake, and want to try a new taste. These definitely aren’t the same taste as your traditional sweet cake from the griddle so if you like your pancakes as they are they might not be for you, but I personally really enjoyed the slightly savoury taste from the ricotta mixed with the lightness of the banana and the sweetness of the honeycomb. A must for the risk takers!

How much? £11.80 a portion

Where are your favourite pancake restaurants? I’d love to know!

Image 2 via The Breakfast Club, Image 4 via Emmas Little Kitchen, all the rest my own


Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Ooh I’d really like to try the savoury pancakes! My family and I have a sort of “tradition,” which is that whenever we fly to Seattle over some break, the first place we go to is always IHOP, usually because we arrive early in the morning and there isn’t much open and it’s too early to check into our hotel 😛 IHOP isn’t a fancy place at all, but it sure is homely! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Oh that’s such a cute tradition Audrey! I remember going for pancakes the first time I went to New York simply because we arrived in so early in the morning, were jetlagged and a diner was all that was still open – it was great fun! x


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