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Fruity flapjacks recipe, Bumpkin Betty baking clubImage by Ginevrella Blog

February is here, and the promise of spring, lighter evenings, warmer weather, oh and a BABY is edging ever closer. Like most, January is never my favourite month of the year but while I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s dragged, I feel as if it’s actually gone super fast in a flurry of decorating, work, visitors, pre baby activities and whole new levels of ‘getting organised’.

As such I found myself at the end of the month having not had any time to take part in the first baking challenge of the year for the BB Baking Club (sad face!). But I’m hoping the group can let me off a bit over these next few months as I inevitably might need to take a step back to concentrate on such important matters as nappy changing! Although you never know, maybe we’llΒ be blessed with a brilliant baby who sleeps all day and I’ll have plenty of time for baking – wishful thinking?

Anyway as it was January, and most of us were at least attempting to undo some of the heroic acts of chocolate consumption we took on in December, we opted for nutritious bakes as our theme. Once again this talented group of bakers rose to the challenge beautifully, and even though you may have long since given up your resolutions/healthy eating regime, you’ll want to give some of these tasty (and healthy) treats a go. Keep reading for the run down of recipes, and our new theme for February…

P.S If you’re looking for a new group to join this year and enjoy a bit of baking, why not come and be a part of our baking club – we bake to a different theme every month and share our recipes and disasters with each other! Sign up by popping your email in the box at the top of the page and then meet the group over on Facebook and Instagram.

Raw caramel slice recipe, Bumpkin Betty Baking Club

Raw Caramel Slice By Joyce

Recipe by The Healthy Hour | Follow JoyceΒ on her blog Happiness is Handmade

Ok let’s ease ourselves into this healthy malarkey gently shall we? How about this raw caramel slice? I can see chocolate, I can see caramel, I can see biscuit. It’s ticking ALL the boxes, but nutritious too? Well the lovely Joyce adapted the usual sweet millionaire bar for this raw version which is actually a ‘no bake required’ recipe and is vegan, butter free, refined sugar free and gluten free. It’s made using medjool dates and almond butter instead! My kind of healthy snack for sure.

Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bites by Alice

Recipe by Gimme Some Oven

When the idea for Nutritious bakes came up, my first thought was some sort of energy boosting recipe – something that you could eat on the go for a healthy snack (I’m forever carrying cereal bars in my handbag but I’m sure they contain shed loads of sugar). Our newest member Alice tried her hand at these cranberry and pistachio energy bites, which again are one of those easy no bake recipes where you combine all of your ingredients to create 20 balls of tasty energy boosting bites. They look great don’t they?

Homemade banana granola, Bumpkin Betty Baking Club

Homemade Banana Granola by Betty

Recipe on The Betty Stamp | Follow Betty on Instagram

Start the day with something nutritious and maybe we’ll be able to avoid the sweet treats later in the day? A good healthy breakfast is exactly what Betty tackled this month, with her homemade Banana Granola, which as she puts it, features zero baddies! We all know that shop bought granola, although delicious, is full of sugar and with Betty facing a nut allergy she decided to start making her own. This one features no refined sugar and plenty of fruit and seeds so you can fill that bowl high without feeling guilty.

Top Uk baking blogs, Bumpkin Betty

Carrot and Cranberry Muffins by Jennie

Recipe by Joe Wicks | Follow Jennie on her blog Scarlet Scorchdroppers

If I had found time to bake this month, healthy muffins were top of my list so I’m glad the group handled this for me. Jennie tried these Carrot muffins by The Body Coach, Joe Wicks and adapted the recipe to include cranberries and avoid the cream cheese topping. By using ground almonds instead of flour, they’re a slightly lighter version but the verdict was they came out a little stodgy. Why not try them yourself and let us know what you think?

Maple baked pears, Bumpkin Betty Baking Club

Maple Baked Pears by Chloe

Recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction

Even during those health kicks, we still need something sweet to end a meal, and these maple baked pears are a slightly healthier alternative to a big bowl of sticky toffee pudding. Ice cream optional of course! Simply whisk maple syrup and vanilla together, drizzle and bake – wah-la!

Fruity flapjacks recipe, Bumpkin Betty baking club

Fruity Banana Flapjacks by Jennifer

Recipe by Ginevrella | Follow Jennifer on Instagram

Avoid the sweet snacks by baking up a batch of Jennifer’s fruity flapjacks instead, featuring oats, banana, honey and dried fruit. And the verdict? ‘Sweet, squidgy and utterly delicious’.

Sugar and fat free carrot cake, Bumpkin Betty Baking Club

Sugar and Fat Free Carrot Cakes by Alice

Similar recipe at Slimming Eats | Follow Alice on Instagram

If you’re following a new slimming regime, these might just be for you. Alice is doing Slimming World right now and these tasty carrot cakes avoid the sins being sugar and fat free and super low calorie. The verdict was that they’re still super tasty despite the lack of nasties, so thumbs up for natural vegetable cakes when trying to lose weight!

Apricot baked oats, Bumpkin betty baking club

Apricot, Blueberry and Coconut Baked Oats by Sharon

Recipe by Lily and Bloom | Follow Sharon on Instagram

Porridge lover? You’ll love Sharon’s recipe for making your own baked oats! Perfect for cooking in batches and then diving into every morning for a healthy start to the day. This clever concoction features plenty of fruit, and some coconut for that sweetness but of course you can improvise with whatever you have available/what your favourite additions are. When it’s cold outside, this could be the ultimate comfort food.

Healthy Blueberry Muffins, Bumpkin Betty Baking club

Healthy Blueberry Muffins by Linda

Similar recipe on Running with Spoons

Another healthy muffin recipe, and I’m starting to think I might just eat muffins for the rest of my days if these can ease my sweet cravings. This recipe involves using natural yoghurt and then simply refilling your empty yoghurt pot with olive oil, eggs and fruit. You can dial down the flour and sugar, or use a sugar alternative to make them even healthier if you wish. Really easy to make, and again got the thumbs up in the taste test!

Chocolate orange protein balls, Bumpkin betty Baking Club

Chocolate Orange Protein Energy Balls by Chantal

Recipe by The Healthy Chef

Chantal is a fitness instructor, so we can always rely on her expertise when it comes to energy boosting hacks. With a 6.30AM class booked in at the gym (oh my!!!) I can see why these high energy protein balls would come in handy. Using dark chocolate or raw cacoa and a hint of orange makes sure they still have a sweet taste and they’re packed full of dates and nuts!

Well even with January over, I’m feeling pretty inspired to try some of these healthy alternatives and definitely want to give some muffins and flapjacks a go! Let us know if you try any of these recipes yourself, you can tag #BBbakingclub on Instagram to get featured!

February Theme

Bumpkin Betty Baking Club february themeMiniature Bakes

Seeing as our baby is due this month, I knew I could have to duck out from all things blogging and baking at any given moment, so I handed the choosing of this month’s theme over to the group and let them take the reigns. They came up wit the idea of mini bakes, in celebration of the arrival of a new mini to the group – how sweet! With the preggo hormones raging, I admit even the idea of mini cakes and bakes had me feeling all mushy inside (what an idiot!).

Anyway this month it’s all about everything miniature and bite size, whether that means trying your hand at petit fours or adapting a classic large pudding or cake into a smaller version. Seeing as I love baking things inΒ tiny sizes, IΒ can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Here’s hoping my own mini stays put for another week or so, so that I too can join in!


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