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So here we are in April! March whizzed by don’t you think? Our baking club theme for the month was a really fun one though as we set ourselves the challenge of baking with vegetables. It’s something I’ve been keen to try for a while, from Deliciously Ella championing sweet potato brownies to courgettes and avocados apparently making a more moist cake, veggies in baking are all the rage right now!

So before I announce the April theme, let’s take a look at some of the deliciousness the BB Baking Club came up with this month, along with links to the bakers posts and recipes.

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In case you missed my vegetable bake this month, I had a go at making sweet potato and avocado brownies (Gluten and sugar free!) and then went one step further in the veggie madness by making an avocado icing! They were delish! But enough about me, let’s take a look at what the rest of the group came up with on this theme shall we?


Carrot cake recipes, Bumpkin BettyCarrot cake recipes, Bumpkin BettyThe first thing you might think of when imagining cakes with vegetables, is of course the classic carrot cake and we had a couple of wonderfully appetising looking carrot cakes this month from Virginia (top image) who followed this BBC Good Food recipe and Emma Louise (second image) who followed this recipe! Can you believe this was Emma Louise’s first time baking… Ever!! I’m impressed! You can see more about her attempt on her blog. Also follow Virginia on Instagram here.

Zucchini banana cake, Bumpkin BettyCourgette brownies, Bumpkin BettyCourgette sponge cake, Bumpkin BettyCourgette (or zucchini) isn’t something I’d automatically consider when it comes to cakes but these bakes prove that it can be a welcome addition. From sponge cakes with courgette to more raw cacoa brownies, our bakers showed just how versatile this vegetable really is.  Baking club member Chloe created a zucchini and banana cake (top) using this recipe from I am Baker which was her first attempt at a double layer cake (success!), Natalie made courgette and raw cacoa brownies (middle) which she said she loved even more than her sweet potato counterparts, and (another) Natalie commented on how moist her courgette and lemon cake was (last image).

sweet potato and pecan cake, Bumpkin Bettymashed potato sponge, Bumpkin BettyMashed potato has been a secret cake ingredient by those in the know for a while now, and cleverly used in place of flour for gluten free cakes and a spongier rise. Sophie, who bakes regularly and shares the most adorable treats on her Instagram, created the amazing sweet potato and pecan cake you see in the top image (major drooling going on over here!) which was a recipe from the Clandestine Cake Club (baking club goals looking at that website!) while Gluten free baker Linda opted for a simple mashed potato sponge drizzled in vanilla icing.

Parsnip and maple syrup cake, Bumpkin BettyFinally a parsnip and maple syrup cake from baking club member Sarah Leigh – again two ingredients I never would have thought of putting together but doesn’t it look incredible?

The one cake I was hoping someone would attempt was a beetroot cake as selfishly I really wanted to see how it turned out, so I guess I’ll need to add that to my own list for a bake soon.

pistachio cupcakes, Bumpkin BettyCreme Egg cake, Bumpkin BettyTahini cupcakes, Bumpkin Betty Baking Club

Also a couple of extras from the baking team which weren’t strictly on theme but oh so pretty and worth sharing anyway! A second bake from Sophie with these Pistachio cupcakes from The Little Loaf, Virginia’s awesome Creme egg Easter cake (wowza) from the Taming Twins and Hannah’s Tahini cupcakes!

Lot’s of delicious inspiration right there I think you’ll agree? Once again a big thanks to everyone who joined in this month. 34 members and counting!


So what’s in store for April? Well I put a shout out on our Facebook group for suggestions and got a good few ideas for the future (including boozy bakes – how great does that sound?) but in the end I chose something a little different for this month because I don’t know about everyone else, but for me as soon as Spring hits I get the travel bug and immediately want to start thinking about where I can holiday over the next few months.

So with travel on the brain this month’s theme is…

Travel Delicacies

I thought it would be fun to attempt some traditional delicacies from around the world this month and get inspired by baking cultures other than our own British sweet tooth! So think of your favourite country/city to visit and then imagine the cake/sweet treat which is synonymous with a visit there. In Paris it’s all about the Macaron, Belgium love a sweet crepe or waffle, Italian’s favour a Tiramisu, Scotland has tablet and so on.

Only one condition – you can’t bake a British recipe this month! OOH – tricky right?

If you’re new to the club or need some inspiration for this month’s theme keep an eye on your inbox for the newsletter coming this week packed full of ideas!


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  • Virginia says:

    Love seeing the round up of bakes from March – they all look great! Really looking forward to seeing the bakes for April too, what a fantastic theme – already have a couple of ideas I’m thinking about! Xx
    Also…..super sorry to be *that* person but its Virginia not Victoria 🙂

    • Jaclyn says:

      OH MY GOD Virginia I’m so sorry – I knew that!! I have no idea why I called you Victoria, I was writing the post on the sly while at work last night and clearly was a little bleary eyed! Huge apologies, all changed now! xx

  • Linda says:

    Excited! Off to look up some ideas -something light and easy I think! Spring is here!

  • I love this, vegetables are so so so good for adding moisture into cakes. I remember when I was a kid my mum always used to make beetroot brownies!