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Redcurrant loaf cake, Bumpkin Betty

Redcurrant loaf cake, Bumpkin Betty

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BB Baking Club – February Round Up

It’s the first of March!! I’m hoping this fact makes the rest of you just as happy as it makes me – January and February were such a long slog weren’t they? But now Spring is here, cherry blossoms are blooming and we can all start going out without tights and having some fun right? Anyway, one happy thing throughout Feb was my baking club which I started at the beginning of the month and has already got off to a roaring start! Didn’t know I had a baking club? Well where have you been my friend??? You can read all about it right here and sign up by adding your email address at the top of the page and joining the Facebook group. We’d love to have you!

There’s already 29 of us and the idea is that each month the baking club has a different theme and we all get stuck in and share ideas, recipes and funny stories. February’s theme was LOVE (but, of course!) and I wanted to round off this month and announce the new theme by sharing a few of the fabulous creations the club made over the last 29 days!

I kicked things off with my attempt at a hidden heart cake, and within the club we had everything from cupcakes to loafs to doughnuts to chocolate orange masterpieces. Below are a few of my faves with links to the recipes and/or the bakers themselves, and scroll to the bottom to find out the March theme – hoping you all join in!

Chocolate Oreo Cake, Bumpkin Betty Baking Club

I simply had to start with this epic creation! I mean what says LOVE more than a giant chocolate Oreo Cake? This bake by baking club member Sophie was done following Chetna’s (from GBBO) Youtube channel and raised plenty of ‘OMG’ comments in the Facebook group. You can find the recipe here. Sophie never seems to stop baking and her cakes all look amazing, follow her on Instagram here for more inspiration.

Coconut Cake, Bumpkin Betty Baking ClubThe lovely Jennie from the blog Scarlett Scorchdroppers joined in with this glorius Coconut cake. Not only does it have yummy berries and whipped coconut cream on top but it’s also dairy free! Amazing, what’s not to love? Find the recipe on her blog here and follow her on Instagram here.

Bumpkin Betty Baking ClubThe great thing about the LOVE theme was that it could be interpreted any way you liked! These talented so-and-so’s all picked a recipe they truly love making with baking club members Helen cooking up Mary Berry’s chocolate orange cake, Anne Marie baking Peggy Porschen’s vanilla and chocolate cupcakes (aren’t they the cutest) and Linda (who’s our GF baker!) making gluten free rock cakes (although she also made Nigella’s satsuma cake – two bakes in one month, wow!)

Bumpkin Betty Baking Club ideas

Who doesn’t love a Victoria sponge? Make it heart shaped and smother it with cream and fruit and you’ve got a cake everyone can fall in love with. This pretty creation was made by Natalie, who you can find on Instagram here and follow more of her bakes.

Loaf Cake recipes, Bumpkin Betty Baking ClubLoaf cakes were a popular choice this month with Victoria making her favourite – a lemon drizzle – and taking it into the office for opinions afterwards (all good by the way!). Follow Victoria on Instagram here. Susan also chose a loaf cake using her Mum’s recipe for banana loaf, and getting her own two year old to help (aww!). She served this straight from the oven to a group of friends who all gave it the thumbs up (we can see why!).

Bumpkin Betty Baking ClubLast but not least, Ria, treated us all to this adorable picture of her strawberry cupcakes with buttercream icing, again making me realise that a taste off is most certainly in order very soon! Don’t these look delicious?

A huge thank you to everyone who joined in this month – it’s been lots of fun and here’s hoping there’s even more of us in March!!

Macaroon recipe, Bumpkin Betty

March Theme

So, what’s the new theme? Well I kept things quite broad for our first month to give everyone a chance to create something they loved but for March I thought we’d tackle a baking trend which might push us all a little. Seeing as it’s the first month of Spring and all things fresh, healthy and clean are probably on our minds, this month the theme is…

Baking With Vegetables

Now before you run off thinking ‘What on earth??’, it’s actually a pretty common occurrence for bakers to use vegetables in their sweet creations to either add moisture or as an alternative to something else. Think sweet potato brownies or avocado chocolate cake (both added for that gooey texture) or sponge cakes made with mashed potato (common in gluten free cakes as an alternative to flour). I once made Scottish Macaroon bars using mashed potato, and although strange at the time, they tasted as delicious as ever without even the faintest hint of tattie!

I’ve chosen this theme because I myself am keen to try cakes with this magic ingredient (something I’ve heard a lot about but never actually tried) and am interested to find out from the group whether vegetables add anything to a bake (or in fact take away from the preferred taste), how easy we all find using vegetables in a baking recipe and whether it’s a method we’d continue to use.

Keep an eye on your inbox for the monthly newsletter with some inspiration and ideas, and once again I really look forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Ready, set, BAKE!!!

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